Bellafricana turns Four Years | Unveiling something new

Official Launch

6 days Creative challengeOfficial Launch

On the 30th of April, our darling Bellafricana turned Four (4) years! Whoop! Whoop!

Bellafricana turns 4!

4 years of promoting the beauty of Africa not just to Africa, but to the world. 4 years or redefining the creative entrepreneurs story to the world, a story of quality, of sustainability, and of growth.

I recently just joined the Bellafricana family, but if being a part of this family could have such tremendous impact on my life in such a short while, then I can only begin to imagine how much Bellafricana has done for Members who have been around much longer.

On April 30th, when we posted this picture, it garnered 77 comments, and going through them brought so much joy.

One of the comments read :”Congratulations Bellafricana! It feels longer than 4 years considering how much you’ve grown and the amazing impact you have made”

And I couldn’t agree more! I was having a chat with my boss (and the founder of Bellafricana) Bukky Asehinde and she said to me: “I have never had small dreams for Bellafricana”.

And the manifestation of that statement is evident. In 4 years, we have become a game changer in the creative space. We have brought creative business owners from different parts of Nigeria, and Africa together, and our dreams are ever expanding.

Which brings me to the big news: On our anniversary date, we announced that we will be unveiling something really BIG on the 11th of May.

How big? Super super Big!

This unveiling will be ground-shaking! And you do not want to miss the big announcement.

Should I give you a clue? Nah, I won’t but starting tomorrow, we will be dropping teasers and hints up until the Launch date. So, if you’re not following us on Instagram, do that right away. Infact click on this link to do so.

Also, April 30th marked the end of the 30-day Bellafricana creatives challenge.



If you participated in the challenge (as much as you could), bravo to you. The feedback we got from participants were so encouraging. Some got an upsurge of profile visits, others were able to connect with their customers, while some made lots of sales!

We are super happy to have championed a cause that changed the lives of many business owners for good.

If you participated, I would love to hear from you. Kindly leave me a shout-out.



In 6 days, we will be unveiling something exciting!  Make sure to follow us on social so you can see LIVE updates! Countdown to May 11!


Incase you missed it, Bellafricana will be having a two-fold celebration on MAY 11. Two-fold? Yes! We are Launching a new platform that will be beneficial to ALL creative business owners across Africa! (more details at the unveiling).

That’s not all! We will also be celebrating the 4th Year Anniversary of our great community.

Guess what? We’ll be partying on Zoom! DJ confirmed as you can see on the flyer. We will also be entertaining Industry experts as well.

So here’s the thing: We are limited to a certain number of participants (100) and slots are filling up. I would very much want you to be part of that experience. So that’s why I’m bringing the Invite to your Inbox. Register here, so that we can reserve your slot:

I’ll love to attend!


Follow us Here!





Looking for a natural baby skincare brand? Amal Botanicals is your go to

Amal Botanicals is the next best thing to happen in the baby skincare industry. Read on to find out why we love this brand so much.

The following are some things that should be safe to assume:

  • Roses are red
  • The sky is blue
  • Baby skin care products are safe for babies’ skin


Unfortunately, only two of these statements are accurate – and the last time we checked, the sky was still blue and roses remain red (at least most of them).

As far as baby skin care products are concerned, safety is uncertain and this is due to the fact that many of these products are jam packed with potentially harmful ingredients.

Recent studies have found out that a little over 60 percent of the tested children’s bath soaps, lotions, shampoos, and other skin care products contained carcinogenic substances.

In Nigeria, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) reports that chemicals still run rampant in many mainstream baby products. The organization notes that several baby product categories are of particular concern; these include baby soaps, shampoos and conditioners, lotions and oils.

To make matters worse, there is very little regulation of these products once they are on the market.

How babies’ skin differs from Adults’

Everyone knows babies have the softest skin, but what you may not know is that they have the most delicate skin.

The following are noteworthy differences between a Baby’s skin and an Adult’s:

  • Baby skin is more permeable than an adult’s because they have fewer elastic fibers.
  • Additionally, infants have more fat under their skin allowing some fatty substances – like steroids – to sink in more readily than they would with adults. Babies get sunburned more easily.
  • Melanin protects our skin against damage from ultraviolet rays. Babies make less melanin and are therefore more susceptible to sun damage
  • Babies can’t regulate their own temperature as well. As adults, the blood vessels in our dermis widen or narrow to help regulate our temperature. Since babies can’t do this, it is important that you help to heat and cool your baby yourself. This is especially important when your baby is suffering from a rash that may be triggered by heat.
  • Healing: As babies grow, their skin grows. So, it’s no surprise that a baby’s skin grows faster than adults, but it may surprise you to learn that as a result – baby skin can heal better than adult skin. This does not mean that you should let a wound go untreated. Babies do not have a fully developed immune system.
How to avoid Toxins in baby skin care products
  • Read labels Closely
  • Utilize an app or a guide
  • Reduce the number of skin care products that you use
  • Use natural skin care products
  • When you do purchase baby products, shop from brands you can trust
The baby care Brand you can Trust

Not sure where to look for safer baby skin care? Check out AMAL BOTANICALS natural and organic baby care collection which is explicitly designed with babies’ sensitive skin in mind.

You will never find any harmful, impossible-to-pronounce ingredients in our products. Instead you will find a commitment to safe, gentle, and natural ingredients that keep your baby’s skin healthy without risking their overall health. These products are perfect for newborns, and kids of all ages.

They also have a product range for Expectant and Nursing mothers to ease the motherhood journey.

Let’s Explore some of their products below: (click on the pictures to shop for them directly)

Amal Botanicals New born essentials


Amal Botanicals Baby bottom rcream

This comprises of;

1 Miracle Moisturising Cream, day time Moisturiser

1 Baby Bottom Cream for diaper rash

1 Nourishing & Moisturizing Shea Bar Soap

1 Talc-Free Powder

1 Soothing Shea Oil for skin, hair & massage, a night time nourishing oil which also helps promotes restful sleep. Also great for hair growth.

Amal Botanicals Balms for Expectant and Nursing Mothers

Amal Botanicals Baby set

Amal Botanicals Baby bottom rcream

 Nipple Balm :

Helps to Soothe & Nourish Tender and Sore nipples.

100% Natural, Safe for Baby and no need to wipe breast before breastfeeding

Belly Balm:

Suitable for expectant and nursing moms as preventive treatment against stretchmarks. It also serves as a good massage

Check out Amal Botanicals Soaps below:

Check out their other products on their Website

Connect with Amal Botanicals on :






4 Bag Care sins you need to repent from🤣

bags by Ethnik Africa Utu on Bellafricana marketplace
Detail Africa Briefcase
Detail Africa Briefcase

Hi! Do you know that a lot of us have been doing some things wrong when it comes to caring for our handbags? I was guilty of some of these “Bag care Sins” but now I know better. I will be sharing them with you soon, but while I am doing that, feel free to browse through some beautiful handbags by Bellafricana Members. Are you ready? Let’s get started:


oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

View More by Oba  Couture here

Sin #1. Keeping your Bag in the Box:

I know you love staring at your bags in their little boxes, sitting pretty. But leather cracks when there is no air. Imagine sitting in a choked up place without ventilation. That’s exactly how your bag feels. What you can do instead is to put them in drawstring bags to avoid dust settling on them, as well as preserve the fabric.




miraoma Luxury Bellafricana member

View More bags by MiraOma here

Sin #2. Using your blow-dryer to air out a wet bag:

If you notice a water spill, using a blow-dryer, or any other form of heat that isn’t natural, can cause serious damage to your bag. So, why not allow it air out naturally? Remember not to also put it out in direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place.



Morin O casual bags
Morin O casual bags

View More bags by Morin-O here

Sin #3. Not Stuffing the bag when not in use:

Bags tend to lose their form or shape when empty. This period when most of your bags will not be in much use, you can stuff them with a mass of clean clothes, or throwpillows to help retain the shape.


View More bags by Oeclat here

Sin #4. Hanging your bags: 

How many of us are guilty of this? Putting a bag up by the handles can cause the handles to lose shape, or even crack. If your bags have been out-living their handles, this may be a reason why.

Ethnik Utu bag Bellafricana member
Ethnik Utu bag

View More bags from Ethnik here

So, there you have it! I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this, and trust you will repent from your “Bag Care sins” (if guilty)🤣

Chioma Ogbudimkpa knocks our socks off at this amazing webinar session

Bellafricana x Chioma Ogbudimkpa Webinar


Bellafricana x Chioma Ogbudimkpa Webinar

Whoop! Whoop!! Last week Thursday, we held a mind-blowing power session with the PITCH QUEEN herself. Chioma Ogbudimkpa.

Can you sense the excitement in my tone? That’s because that session knocked my socks off. Literally!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me give you a little back story, and why I was excited.

This covid-19 period, Bellafricana is not slacking at all. We’re organizing webinar sessions with Industry experts, as well as intra-community webinars as well. These webinar arose as a result of a need to gain some insight into areas that would be of immense benefit to our members post covid-19.

One of such areas is funding. There are lots of events, funding opportunities, and so on to take advantage of. But one hindrance is usually when it’s time to PITCH your product, or idea. We realized that this is a big issue for a lot of business owners, and that was why we invited Chioma Ogbudimkpa.

 Why was Chioma Ogbudimkpa just totally perfect?

For a start, Chioma owns the famous ‘REDBUTTON’ fashion label with a strong focus on sustainability. She has won notable grants from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, She Leads Africa Accelerator and the recent ‘Friends of the Vice President’ award.

Chioma has been featured on CNN Africa, The United Nations Sustainability & Innovation Expo, Spice TV Africa and the Young African Leaders’ Initiative.

It is also noteworthy to mention that she is a winner of the African Prize of the Global Creative Business Cup and Nigeria Creative Enterprise (NICE) program 2019 -powered by the British Council.

She has showcased her fashion pieces at many international and continental fashion engagements.

Can you see why she was the right person to shower us with this knowledge?

Anyway, the D-day came, and so many participants signed up and the session kicked off. I learnt so much, but I will share just a little of these with you:

  1. Research

One word that resonated throughout that webinar was Research like never before. Research your Industry. Whilst you’re doing that, ensure that your research isn’t restricted. You want your brand to be seen on a global scale, then you broaden your research. Find out what is been done (or not ) and see how you can use that do develop a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Research the organisation you want to pitch to. Research, Research, Research!


2. Articulate your Brand story Properly

Story telling and Pitching are two peas in a pod. To give a successful pitch, you must be a great story teller. That means you have to be able to tell your brands story as flawlessly as possible. You may ask:”What if I don’t have a Brand Story?” Well you HAVE TO HAVE one. Whether you started because you were passionate about your craft, because you needed to make money, or because you needed to do something to pass the time, you have to reach deep and think about the “WHY”. There will definitely be a story hidden there somewhere. That story is one thing your potential investor looks forward to hearing. S, you have to work on it.

3. Pitch From a Place of Value

This point can never be overemphasized. You can’t tell your audience that you’re pitching because you need money (even though in reality, that’s what you need). But let them know what your product or idea will solve, and how you’re helping them. Sustainability is the new gold, so find a way to attach your brand to one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It gives your brand more credibility.


I could keep writing, but I’ll Just stop here. How were the responses we got from the webinar?

I’ll let you see for yourself :



Comments like these give us the needed encouragement to stop at nothing to bring our audience more than their money’s worth of membership. That’s exactly what we do at Bellafricana. To enjoy more these and many more benefits that come with being a member of our amazing community, click on this link 

You can connect with Chioma here.

That’s a wrap on the amazing webinar series we had. Say tuned for more gist. Bye!

How your Business can stay relevant during the Corona Virus Pandemic

The widespread impact of the Corona Virus on the world has been nothing short of utterly devastating. The planetary scale pandemic since its outbreak about a few weeks ago, has caused an unprecedented plummeting of business and economic activities.

Due to the alarming spread-rate, a lot of countries have been forced to shut down all non-essential business exchanges and this has left a lot of business owners reeling in uncertainty as to how to mitigate risk, protect employees and still retain the customers’ attention.

If you are a business owner in this class and you have really not planned out ways you can mitigate risks, cut down on losses and get your business to stay relevant amidst the lock-downs and curfews, here are a few things you can implement right away:

  1. Go Remote
Go remote 1

You should really comply with any physical business activity restrictions placed by the government and shift your work base to the safety of your houses.

If you have several employees working under you then you want to avoid organizational loopholes by ensuring that there is an optimal (digital) means of communication set up so as to enforce cooperation and also monitor progress on all fronts as you would on a normal business-on-site day.

2. Shift all Marketing Strategies Online

The goal is to ensure that your business makes it through the pandemic without suffering any long-term damage to your brand or your customer base. If you have paid little or no attention to online marketing strategies for your business before now, then now is the time you really want to leverage on digital platforms to break through the noise, keep brand to consumer engagement, increase your online customer base and even pool in profit.

Anything from hosting online events and webinars to email marketing could prove to be the most effective way to make the most out of the situation and give your brand a popularity boost.

3. Communicate transparently with your Audience

It is really important to recognize that your clients understand that you are also affected by the Corona Virus situation. Hence, you should be open and transparent about what your business is facing at the moment.


Now is the time you want to let them know what you are doing about it, steps you are taking to mitigate risk and how you are involved with helping the community. This act alone is sure to bring a more favorable perception about your brand and distinguish you as an industry leader.

4. Drive Social Media Engagement

It is a fact that at this time, the bulk of the world populace (somewhere between 65% – 70%) turn to social media in order to have access to trending news and fresh content. It then becomes extremely important that you reach out to your audience regularly by creating content pieces around the situation. But be careful here, you want to make sure you don’t come off as “Unempathic” to your clients by being so aggressive with marketing your products, they are also as badly hit as you are. It’s a delicate balance you want to keep.


Bellafricana creatives challenge

That’s why Bellafricana came up with a 30-day Challenge for Creative Business owners. This Challenge has presented the perfect solution to tactical marketing and a deeper sense of connection with the audience as a way of saying:” Take that Corona Virus! You’ve got nothing on us!”  Read more about the Bellafricana Creatives challenge here

Which of these Tactics will you try? I can’t wait to hear from you.

Bellafricana challenges creative Business owners during the COVID-19 season

The world is slowing to a stop. There’s so much panic in the air. Business owners are scared, worried, frustrated. They are beginning to feel the effect of this global pandemic on their businesses. Organizations are shutting down or have had to resort to working remotely.

Some countries have even implemented periodic long lockdowns. Now more than ever, creative business owners will have to fight for online visibility. They will have to get more personal with their audiences should they want to make sales. They have to get more creative with marketing lest the competition swallow them up. Businesses will have to sell more tactically or risk being labelled insensitive.

Sometimes last week, the Bellafricana team had one of the usual strategy sessions to brainstorm ways which we can help our creative members thrive this period. As you know, Bellafricana is very passionate about helping, supporting, and empowering creative business owners in whatever way we can. So we kept thinking: “How can we eliminate these problems business owners will face?, or atleast reduce it and keep their minds positive”

Then the Light bulb moment struck and the Idea was born. Now, don’t get too impatient. Everything will start to make sense now.

We came up with a challenge to all creative business owners out there. Will they give in to the fear this season brings? Or will they fight the negativity?

Known as the Bellafricana Creative’s Challenge, it is a 30-day challenge containing daily tasks that participants (business owners especially) are expected to take part in.

Bellafricana creatives challenge

Where is this challenge taking place?

It is held primarily on Instagram. However, business owners are allowed to do the challenge on other platforms as well.

What will this Bellafricana Creatives Challenge do for you?

It will help you:

  1. connect with your customers on a personal level.
  2. have massive sales on standby the moment the restrictions are lifted.
  3. get to rediscover more about your business and gather more creative connections.
  4. Stay relevant and at the top of your customers’ minds, seeing that majority will be online this period.
  5.  Have lots of fun while maintaining a positive mindset.

Check out some samples of the daily challenges below:

Day 1: Bellafricana creatives challenge

Day 1: Bellafricana creatives challenge

Isn’t it so amazing the great works Bellafricana is doing for the creative community? If I can say so myself.

If we can each be a positive voice in our community then we stand a better chance of spreading more encouragement.

Connect with Bellafricana here: @bell_africana, a community platform enabling creative indigenous businesses thrive. To become a member, click here

If you are a creative entrepreneur, you can also take part in the Bellafricana Creatives Challenge? Click on this link to get your your own calendar: 

What do you think about this challenge, would be lovely to hear from you? Let me know in the comments.

Lessons learned from Mrs Achenyo Idachaba, founder Mitimeth Nigeria

Achenyo Idachaba

It is interesting to note that businesses exist, who have managed to sprout amidst the creativity drought in today’s African business space. One of such businesses is Mitimeth (a Bellafricana member), founded by Mrs Achenyo Idachaba.

Thanks to her initiative, an invasive water weed (known as the Water Hyacinth) which obstructed water ways, depleted water nutrients, thereby reducing the population of fish (and by extension, the livelihood of fishermen) found use in a much more sustainable, eco-friendly way.

This “Eco-preneur” (Achenyo) has been featured on CNN, and her TED talk has garnered over a million views.

After reading the full story here, I thought of so many lessons and I wanted to share some of them with you:


1. Perspective is Everything

After reading her story, one word came to mind: Perspective.Thanks to my Boss, this one word is something I doubt I’ll ever forget.Where others saw a menace, Achenyo saw a business opportunity. This reminds me of a quote by Alphonse Karr :“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”

Sometimes, a positive outlook on a seemingly threatening problem is all the boost we need to turn things around for the better.

2. Passion first, reward later.

I’m quite certain that we’ve reached that point in our careers/ businesses/ lives that the only thing stopping us from just packing up and leaving, is that 7-letter word.

Passion is that burning fire that should never be extinguished.This is because, when all else fails, it is the one thing that stands the test of time.

This makes me want to go back and do a thorough self assessment. What made me start this in the first place? If the monetary reward were eliminated, would I still be motivated to do it?

3. Add Value

Today, Mitimeth has empowered over 400 people with skills to provide them with daily sustenance, and hopes to do more.

While we might not be in the position to achieve similar feats, we can apply this in our business dealings with our customers (both prospective and current). John C Maxwell says : “Adding Value to others is the best way to add value to yourself”.

4. Enjoy the Process

These days, people appear to be focused on the end result, and rightly so. I mean, why start up anything if you don’t have the end goal in mind. Right?

However, understanding that the journey is a very integral part of the destination will help us live in the moment, thereby refueling that zest that will take us to the end.

I hope to let these four points be my guiding principles henceforth. Will you do the same?

Does your Business have a workflow?


Everything called “business” existing today still has its crux hinged around the exchanging of goods(products) or services for paymnt, and no matter how small or big these products and services to be offered are, there is a process which involves several techniques, rules and procedures that simply cannot be overlooked that goes behind.

For example: Have you noticed how your tailor converts those yards of uncut fabric into beautifully crafted dress designs? And to your specifications too?

The whole transformation process starts from obtaining your body measurements and desired style. She then carefully cuts the fabric into different shaped pieces before she then starts sewing it together to form your dress.

Another designer goes behind to work on the embellishments and finishing touches, putting careful detail into every flow of tasks that’s needed to make a perfect dress.

What do these processes indicate? A system. Workflow, if you will.

What really is a workflow?

A workflow refers to any action or series of actions which are automated by other means e.g. tools, digital methods that can be triggered to occur by human actions. Thus, making all the tasks, information and data (carried out by staff and employees) streamlined to the achievement of the business/company’s goals.

Workflows essentially help reduce the stress of dealing with each step of the process manually and also cuts down precious time being wasted in achieving set targets and ultimately business goals.

Does your business need a workflow? Absolutely! Working hard is great, but working smart helps you get the job done quickly while you still retain your edge in the game.

Why your Business Should Have a workflow

Adopting a well-tailored workflow in your business can bring about a very sporadic change to your business management methods, optimize your business processes and ultimately its overall growth-rate.
Below are some noteworthy reasons why you should consider creating a workflow for your business today.

1. Improved Time Management


Time #management Almost all businesses are deadline driven and most of the time, they all usually end up wasting so much precious time getting manually involved with every stage of the process.

They eventually do not have time to bring in more creativity and by so doing jeopardizing quality. With the help of a good process automation software, you can automate several tasks such as project reminders, sending company mails out, setting up meetings, document reviews etc, and cut down on some wasted time.

2. Enhanced means of Communication


Poor communication between employer and employees and also amidst employees too is one of the biggest hinderance to business growth. This causes a general misunderstanding of company goals and objectives which may lead to poor and inaccurate decisions on anyone’s part.

Having a uniform automated communication channel eliminates the possibilities of human error.It will be ultimately pivotal to the overall team morale.

3. Designation of responsibilities

workflow responsibilities

As a business owner, you want to make sure that responsibilities are properly assigned to all of your employees with regards to the skill and capacity they each possess. This is to ensure that hands and brains are maximized to the fullest towards achieving set business objectives.

Each stage of the workflow helps define the specific responsibilities to be carried by each person more efficiently.

4. Enhanced Creativity & Productivity

The use of workflows overtime enhances creativity and ultimately productivity.

This is due to the fact that the bulk of the time-consuming processes are out of the way and there is now enough room for fresh views, ideas, reviews, criticisms, etc. amongst employees. The business’s growth is hinged to the employees’ creativity while the employee’s career growth is hinged to the company’s overall success.
Workflows make it easier for everyone.

Will you be willing to try this? I would love to hear from you.


Last minute Mother’s Day Gift package on a budget

An important day every month of March yearly holds a significance not because of a serendipitous cosmic event or some famous historical birth but because it is the day the world agrees that mothers should be acknowledged and motherhood, celebrated.

On this special day, not only mothers but mentors, Godmothers, teachers, and absolutely every person that represents a mother figure are brought to the very forefront by their offspring and loved ones in recognition of the courage and selflessness that they embody through the rigor of child bearing and motherhood.

Well I’m sure you have realized that the D-day is here and if you still have not found the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift item for her, this list is just perfect for you!

Let’s help you get your “mamushka” the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift on a budget shall we?

1. Handprinted fabrics

Hardly will you find an African mother who does not treasure the looks of a beautifully designed fabric on her. These fabric are handprinted with love and care, and it is a certainty that she will love them.

a. Get handprinted fabric like this from Mimiremi Textiles here

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric


b. Patterned hand-dyed adire fabric says will make your mom’s day. Trust us when we say so. Get beautiful adire fabric from Adire lounge here.

Adire lounge fabric 1
Adire lounge fabric
Adire fabric 2
Adire lounge fabric

c. Asologe Fashion House is another store to find unique and versatile Adire prints. You can get Adire on Lace, fused with Aso-oke, and lots more. Your mom will sure love them. You can place your order here

Asologe 3

Asologe 3
Asologe 3


2. Skincare products

Another gift idea for your Mom would be a skincare set. Treat her skin to luxury skincare products that she’ll cherish for a long time.

See skincare products here:

modara naturals Mom's day set
modara naturals Mom’s day set

a. Get this special mother’s day skincare giftbox from Modara Naturals here:

Haske Body Butter
Sha Face Oil
Brilho Body Oil
Sinmi Foot Scrub
Ori Body Butter
Laushi Coffee Scrub
Safi Coconut Oil
Asakwa Black Soap

Plus a customized Modara towel.

Price- ₦20,000

organic life plus mom's day set
organic life plus mom’s day set

b.  This set of body oils and facial cleansers from Organic Life Plus will do wonders to your Mom’s skin. They also come with a customized box. Order yours here

rb organics face set
rb organics face set

c. You can also order a full face set from RB organics

This set contains:

Wash ₦2,500
Cream ₦4,000
Toner ₦2,500
Mask ₦4,000
Vitamin C Serum ₦8,500
Discount price ₦20,000

You get to save ₦1,500 from ordering the full set too😍. Amazing isn’t it? Order them here

3. Bags

If you have a budget planned and you desire to bring a wide and genuine smile to her face then you should go for a very classy and fashionable handbag. Guess what? You can never go wrong with bags!

When donned properly, they bring the perfect embellishment to any outfit and make her ooze style. Where can you get them? See a list of bags from Bellafricana verified brands that you can get gorgeous bags from:

a. Morin O bags are made from original, leather and would definitely put a wide grin on your Mom’s face.


Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag


Order bags from Morin O here

b.  Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi is another brand that serves trendy, African-Inspired, and irresistible bags. Mom will be so pleased with these:

Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Naserian bag
Ethnik Naserian bag

Order them here

c. O’Eclat bags are your go-to if you need bags that never go out of style, and will keep Mom trendy and Chic. Shop them here

oeclat bags

oeclat bags

d. Think Oba couture if you’re opting for Embossed animal leather bags that are spacious!

Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

e. Mira Oma Luxury is another brand that we trust for quality handmade bags that you can gift your mom. Order for them here

Miraoma bag set
Miraoma bag set
mira oma laptop bag
mira oma laptop bag

4. Shoes

It’s Mother’s Day and You really want to make sure you tell your mum how beautiful she is, truth is, every mother wants to know that they are still looking young and beautiful and there’s no better way to tell her than getting her a pair of nicely crafted shoes.

Boxing up anything from flat soles to sneakers (for the funky mum) delivers the message beautifully well.

Check out these beautiful shoes below:


Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik Eyo sneakers
Ethnik Eyo sneakers

Get them Here

b. If your mom would rather be comfortable with flats, Here are some sandals from Oba couture she would absolutely love. Shop them here

Oba couture pam slippers

Oba Couture flat sandals
Oba Couture flat sandals

Which of these would you get for your mom? Tell me in the comments.

The AMVCAs: Creative styles by Made-in-Africa Brands

Yesterday was the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), an award show dedicated to rewarding hard work and talent in the movie industry.

I watched some part of the show, at least long enough to see jaw-dropping red carpet looks by celebrities.

Most interesting is the fact that a lot of them were styled by Nigerian fashion designers, and as Bellafricana is a  lover of the creative and African, I couldn’t help but share some looks wit you.

Here’s bringing you some of the most creative looks on the red carpet, all styled by Nigerian Fashion designers.

1. Talk show host and actress, Nancy Isime in an Xtrabrideslagos (XBL) masterpiece

Nancy Isime by Medlin Boss

2. Actress, film maker and Entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe in a stunning gown by Luminee

Mercy Aigbe in Luminee

 3. Actress, Venita Akpofure in Trishocouture

4. Actress, Sharon Ooja in Gorgeous piece by Somobysomo

5. Actress and Filmmaker, Adunni Ade in Luminee

6. Actress, Idinma Okojie in breathtaking piece by Mazelle studios

7. Actor, Elozonam in T.I Nathan


8. Content creator and Infuencer  Denola Grey in Mazelle studios
Denola Grey in Mazelle studios
9. Influencer and Entrepreneur Mike Edwards in David Wej

There you have it. What other creative style by Indigenous brands did we miss out? Kindly leave a comment below!


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