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The BA Creative Family

The Bellafricana Family, gives you FREE access to a thriving and vibrant community where you can share your business related concerns, foster strategic partnerships, get access to mentors, advisors, resources and lots more.

The BA Marketplace Pop-up Store

The Bellafriana Marketplace pop-up store gives your creative brand a flexible, cost-effective and sustainable way to book a shelf space and sell to a wider audience. Located in the heart of Lagos at the Good Beach, Victoria Island Lagos. 

Bellafricana Marketplace pop-up store
Bellafricana members meet up

The Open Day

A bi-monthly event, where non-members get to experience what it feels like to be a Bellafricana member. They will also see how our members have leveraged on several opportunities provided to them, and grown their businesses.

Bellafricana members meet up

The Online Learning Platform

We launched a packed online resource centre complete with masterclass recordings, guides and templates, checklists, case studies, courses and lots more to help our members build the business of their dreams.

The Creatives Challenge

The Creatives’ challenge kicked off in April 2020, as a way to help business owners stay positive during the trying times that COVID-19 put us in. This challenge went on from April 1-30. We got so much positive feedback from this event, that we have decided to make it a yearly tradition.

Discounts & Perks

Because we understand how reduced business costs impact a business’s well-being, we have partnered with organizations in the supply chain to offer their services (branding, packaging, logistics, legal, accounting, branding and lots more). Now, you can save more and make more with these curated perks & discounts for your sales, marketing, production and operations.

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Real Testimonials

Bukola Adenuga CEO, Proverbs Creations

This is the best community for creative businesses, without a doubt. You get access to a wonderful team with so much energy and an unimaginable heart that gives value. I appreciate EVERYTHING.

Amara Njoku Ola House of Accessories

It has been such an amazing journey being a member of this creative family and making progress in my business. Thank you to the entire bellafricana team, for your constant nudge! Keeps me so accountable.

Eyiyemi Olivia Founder, EONL

Thank you Bukola and the team. I can only imagine how much work goes into what you all do for us and I am extremely grateful for the impact on my business. The constant business support and nudge, keeps me growing.

Najyba Owolabi, Ethnik Afrika bellafricana member
Najyba Owolabi Co-Founder, Ethnik Afrika

Ethnik loves Bellafricana. For all the times you have shown up since our inception. For being a huge part of our growth, for being our family. The Ethnik team and I are so blessed to have you guys in our corner.

Emeka Adigwe Bellafricana member, founder Metal
Emeka Adigwe CEO, Metal

Thanks Bellafricana for your great works. Before now, I have been swinging my bat blindly. Joining this creative family has actually proven to be the next level in my business journey. I have tripled my sales and customer base.

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