Princess Adeyinka Tekenah

Adeyinka is a proud Bellafricana family member. The Bellafricana members voted her as the most exceptional founder because she is seen as one of the fast growing founders in the community and they recognize her impacts and efforts. She was also voted as the most resourceful member because she is always sharing useful information, opportunities, ready to brainstorm and come up with solutions to help other members. 

She is the CEO of Happy Coffee, a company that creates coffee centered solutions. Happy Coffee aims to reintroduce and reeducate Nigerians and Africans about the art of coffee drinking and provide access to African-grown coffee. They wish to liberate the coffee experience through their freshly roasted, wholly and locally grown Nigerian coffee beans. Happy Coffee has three locations and takes advantage of the untapped coffee value chain in Nigeria. Adeyinka is an advocate for the Nigerian Coffee industry and hopes more smallholder coffee farmers see their product reach customers within their communities. Happy Coffee also engages in an education and awareness campaign to teach Nigerians about coffee and its production.


Serifat Davies

Mrs Serifat Davies is a proud Bellafricana family member. The Bellafricana members voted her as the most supportive member because she is seen as the member that goes over and beyond to support community members in different ways by engaging in their business growth, patronising them and referring them to other people. 

She is the CEO of Sisi Aladire, a company that produces and sells original Adire textiles in Nigeria for over 2 decades. 


Doyinmola Olajoye

Doyinmola is a proud Bellafricana family member. The Bellafricana members voted her as the most promising founder because she is seen as an upcoming member with so much potential and we can’t wait to see her growth. She was also voted as the most active member because she always shows up, responds consistently and is very active in the community.

She is the founder of Dhoney Adire and Crafts Nigeria, a contemporary Adire textiles and Crafts brand in alignment with the SDG goals 8, 12 and 13. Since inception, they have evolved to be a brand that proffers solution to not only fast fashion, but also solution to climate change issues in our planet.

The Start of Dhoney was inspired by the inadequate support gotten when she embarked on a journey to empower young people to become wealth creators, to promote the African culture, become financially secured and ultimately improve the quality of their lives thereby driving economic viability. She proceeded to learn a craft that depicts and promotes the African culture as well as showcases the beauty her. 

Best Founding Members

These members have been seen as founders who have actively been with Bellafricana since inception and they continue to carry and push the Bellafricana dream.

Achenyo-Idachaba-Obaro founder MitiMeth, bellafricana founding member

Founding Member

Achenyo Idachaba-obaro

founder, MITIMETH

Founding Member

Aderonke Jaiyeola

Founder, Mimiremi textiles

Founding Member

Rachel Asakome

Founder, Organic Life Plus

Founding Member

Abiola Desalu

Founder, Modara Naturals

Founding Member

Eyiyemi Olivia

Founder, EONL

Founding Member

Eme Ugwuegbu

Founder, Sahara Sunrise

Founding Member

Didi Green

Founder, Mira Oma Luxury

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