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Okett Studio Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

Okett Studio


An Apparel Design and Manufacturing Company in Lagos, Nigeria. This

Mimiremi Textiles Open now

Mimiremi Textiles


Mimiremi Textiles started as a hobby in 2010 after 3 years of working

MitiMeth Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes



MitiMeth is a fast growing woman owned social enterprise focused on

Modara Naturals Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Modara Naturals


The name ‘Modara’ is derived from the Yoruba language, it means ‘I do

African Things Open now

African Things


African Things is a design and production company that designs and

D-Dee Bags Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

D-Dee Bags


D-Dee is a family owned manufacturing business, started in 2001. We

Organic Life Plus Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Organic Life Plus


Organic Life Plus is a natural, organic and vegan friendly skin care

Asologe Fashion House Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Asologe Fashion House


Asologe Fashion House is a Lagos based handmade Adire boutique.

Adire Lounge Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

Adire Lounge


Adire lounge Started operations in 2015, The Adire lounge

Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi


Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi is about making aso oke accessible to the

Mmabon T-Shirts Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Mmabon T-Shirts


Mmabon Custom and Retail has carved a distinctive niche with

OEclat Designs Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

OEclat Designs


OEclat Designs (pronounced O-eyklah), Established in 2010, OEclat

Ile Ila


Ilé Ilà (translated "House of Lines") was started by Tosin Oshinowo in

EONL Open now



We are EONl and we are Dressmakers, Proudly Made In Nigeria. We

Eden's Glo Minerals


Edens’glo is a mineral make up brand. Mineral make up simply refers to

Shaun’s Pops Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Shaun's Pops


At Shaun's Pops, We make handcrafted gourmet delicious ice pops using

Ovelly Naturals


Ovelly naturals is a proudly Nigerian natural skincare brand borne out

Mira Oma Luxury Open now

Mira Oma Luxury


Mira Oma is a luxury brand distinct in creating quality leather

Maison Loulabelle Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Maison Loulabelle


Maison Loulabelle is Nigeria’s first multi-brand afrocentric

Mona Matthews Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Mona Matthews


Mona Matthews produces handmade shoes with matching bags for women

Moroks Xpression Open now

Moroks Xpression


Moroks Xpression is a premium footwear brand that focuses on the

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Woodsworth Interior Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

Woodsworth Interior


Woodsworth Interior is a registered company under the name Woodsworth

Proverbs Creations Closes in 2 hour 54 minutes

Proverbs Creations


Proverbs Creations is a Fashion/Craft business. We use our creativity

Lamide Samuel Closes in 1 hour 54 minutes

Lamide Samuel


Lamide Samuel is an Artisanal Leather Accessories Label. Made in

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