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Bellafricana Global Services Limited is a tech-enabled community that provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs in the fashion, arts & craft, health & beauty, home & living, food produce & snacks industry, to gain visibility, increase sales, have the right business support and structure that gives them the capacity to grow their business.

When our founder Bukky Asehinde left her home country, Nigeria for 8 years of her life , she always yearned for a piece of home but could not find a proper platform that she could buy from. 

On moving back in 2012, the idea of  creating a platform that bridges the gap between creative producers in these key industries earlier listed and their global consumers became her goal.

And so, this quest started in 2014 where she tested running an eCommerce platform for about a year but later realised there were other underlying problems to tackle to make it a success. 

The decision to build a community for creative entrepreneurs to get more visibility, more sales and provide business support which will help improve their business was born in 2016.

The birthing process of the Bellafricana community idea, led her to think of the importance of a strong support system for creative businesses, hence why the community is called “creative family” and now referred to as “Home to creative entrepreneurs”. It was so intentional.

With the long term focus of building the largest e-commerce platform for African creative products.

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Here Are Some Benefits of Becoming a Bellafricana family member today:

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Creative Sectors

Increase in Sales & Visibility

At Bellafricana, we are 100% focused on making your brand more visible through digital marketing to the right target audience. When you upgrade to become a verified member, you get easily found on search engines through our blogs, monthly newsletter with over 20k subscribers, social media and much more.

Opportunities & Networking

Wouldn’t you love to be part of a community that is excited about your growth, willing to share resources so you can all grow and thrive? You get first hand access to events, weekly webinars with experts, opportunities and more for your business success.

Support & Growth

Get support from the Bellafricana community of creatives when needed the most. Have access to hundreds of quality creatives across Africa, access to local and international market, access to discounted trainings, business resources and offers to grow your revenue faster.

Advocacy & Partnership

Without a doubt, when it comes to creative indigenous business welfare, Bellafricana is your biggest advocate. Not only are we building exclusive partnerships with likes of Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Digital Marketing Skill Institute (DMSI) and more to ensure you thrive, but to also ensure you have a bigger voice with partners rooting for you.

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Meet Our Founder Aka Creatives Mother Hen

Bukky Asehinde

She started her business in the hope of empowering more creative business owners, creating more jobs and helping to develop more talents in her area of creative expertise.

This is underscored by the fact that she observed a vast increase in the number of unique products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local producers and consumers.

When she isn't carrying Bellafricana matter on her head or gingering our members, you can either find her chilling with Angel T (her daughter), Mr Tobi Asehinde aka Mr Bellafricana (her husband) or planning something fun. That's how awesome she is.
It's been a great journey

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