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We have come a long way but we are still consistently excited about the journey

Our Journey so far

Bellafricana relaunches in 2016
APRIL 2016

Relaunch of Bellafricana

Bellafricana relaunched to be the go to platform bridging the buyer-seller gap between quality, indigenous businesses and their global consumers. A platform to enable creative MSMEs thrive, whilst doing all it takes to bring the quality products to the forefront of the market.

2016 - 2017

ACE Awards was launched, First Edition

An initiative to laud the creative works of Nigerians (Africans), which makes open competition affordable and accessible. In turn, this will encourage more businesses to look inwards and create more globally acceptable brands. (Over 3000 Attendees, 60 Exhibitors, 15 Awardees participated at the first ACE Awards event by Bellafricana)

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Bellafricana enters 2 new cities

Abuja: At the Africa-Nordic Meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers & Calabar: At the Bridge Leadership Foundation Career Day. (Over 1000 young entrepreneurs in attendance at the Bridge Leadership Foundation event in Calabar had the opportunity to listen to what it takes to start a local business with a global market in mind).


Mr Olusegun Awolowo Fully Endorses Bellafricana

The Executive Director of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in Nigeria endorses Bellafricana.

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The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) sponsors Bellafricana member, O'Eclat with a sum of ₦500,000 ($1100)

This member was nominated in the Independent Handbag Awards, a global event that celebrates creativity with a focus on handbags in New York.

This gave the member the much needed encouragement to keep growing, brand visibility and access to a new network.

While it gave Bellafricana more brand voice, credibility and community based value.


9 Bellafricana Members Sponsored By The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Valued At ₦3,500,000.

This led to increased sales, patronage and brand visibility.


Second edition of ACE Awards by Bellafricana

Over 4500 Attendees, 90 Exhibitors, 15 Awardees participated, 7500+ creative entrepreneurs in the Bellafricana network.


Launched a structured and resourceful membership platform. 20k strong community

Upgraded membership packages from 3-tier to 5-tier, 11+ Strategic partnerships, 20,000+ creative entrepreneurs in the Bellafricana network, free listing on online directory for non-Bellafricana members


Launched a bi-monthly Open Day event, Empowered 100+ female entrepreneurs with a discounted and free membership access

Initiated monthly themes and an accountability structure for members to engage and grow better, created the BA Community….


Third edition of ACE Awards by Bellafricana | 15 winners and nominees get export grant from The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) with a sum of ₦60,000,000 ($140,000)

Over 2500 Attendees, 25 Exhibitors, 15 Awardees participated, 3500+ creative entrepreneurs in the Bellafricana network.


Bellafricana starts the year with a physical meet up to build more connection between members

In partnership with Softcom, over 60 members were in attendance.


Bellafricana in partnership with Digital Marketing Skill Institute held a free digital marketing training.

Over 50 women were in attendance and got to understand indepth knowledge of digital marketing.


Bellafricana Marketplace launches a pop-up store. And the story continues...

Thank you for joining us on the journey!

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