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Mmabon T-Shirts Closes in 32 minutes

Mmabon T-Shirts


Mmabon Custom and Retail has carved a distinctive niche with customizable Apparel especially T

Location: 18b Emma Abimbola Cole, Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 08037247378
Proverbs Creations Closes in 32 minutes

Proverbs Creations


Proverbs Creations is a Fashion/Craft business. We use our creativity to accentuate the beauty of

Location: Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 08027118014, 0817 960 9952
H.O.M. Shoes Closes in 32 minutes

H.O.M. Shoes


We produce handmade stylish female footwear, using materials like leather, and Adire to create

Location: Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 09091593092
EONL Open now



We are EoNl and we are Dressmakers, Proudly Made In Nigeria. We have a strong bias for The Real

Location: Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 08098069428
Morin O Closes in 32 minutes

Morin O


Morin.O is a contemporary leather accessories brand inspired by artistic Innovation and ethnic

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Apinke Shoes Closes in 32 minutes

Apinke Shoes


Apinke is a casual footwear line that specializes in personalized Espadrilles made with Aso Oke. Aso

Location: Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 07069476683
Adorned By Hadash Open now

Adorned By Hadash


Hadash jewelry is an array of strings of glory that beautifies a woman’s neck. Every Hadash piece is

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Elesho Jewelry Closes in 1 hour 32 minutes

Elesho Jewelry


Elesho Jewelry is a luxury Jewelry line owned by Nigeria's first female goldsmith. Elesho Jewelry is

Location: Lagos, NigeriaWebsite: eleshojewelry.comPhone: 08055159909
Marte Egele Closes in 1 hour 32 minutes

Marte Egele


Marté Egele was born out of genuine friendships and a yearning for individuality. With the desire to

Location: Lagos, NigeriaWebsite: marteegele.comPhone: 09094821848
Neematai Closes in 1 hour 32 minutes



Neema Tai is a contemporary women's wear brand founded in February 2016. It specializes in modern

Location: Lagos, NigeriaPhone: 07015135006