5 Reasons Why You Should Choose African Fashion

In the dynamic world of fashion, diversity, and uniqueness are the keys to making a statement. Africa, with its rich combination of cultures and traditions, has always been a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Bellafricana Marketplace is a platform that celebrates and showcases the vibrant, authentic, and creatively diverse world of African fashion. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through the heart of African fashion and introduce you to the incredible offerings of Bellafricana Marketplace.

The Essence of African Fashion

African fashion is not just clothing; it’s a story, a reflection of heritage, and a celebration of identity. It combines tradition with modernity, resulting in a unique blend of colors, patterns, and designs that captivate the world. Bellafricana Marketplace is at the forefront of this fashion revolution, promoting African fashion that speaks to the soul.

Heritage and Tradition

African fashion is deeply rooted in the diverse cultures and traditions of the continent. From the intricate beadwork of the Maasai people to the vibrant kente cloth of West Africa, each piece tells a story. Bellafricana Marketplace honors these traditions by offering a curated selection of fashion items that embrace Africa’s rich heritage.

Unique Craftsmanship

One of the hallmarks of African fashion is its unique craftsmanship. Creatives across the continent pour their heart and soul into every piece they create. Bellafricana Marketplace connects you with these skilled craftsmen, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship behind each item, whether it’s a handwoven accessory, handbag, or beautifully tailored Ankara dress.


Sustainability is an integral part of Bellafricana’s ethos. Many of the products featured on the marketplace are crafted using eco-friendly and locally sourced materials. By supporting African fashion, you not only embrace unique styles but also contribute to sustainable fashion practices that prioritize the environment and local communities.

Exploring Bellafricana Marketplace

Bellafricana Marketplace is a treasure trove of African fashion and lifestyle products. Here’s a glimpse of what you can discover:

Fashion: From contemporary clothing to traditional attire, Bellafricana offers a wide range of fashion items that cater to every style preference. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for a special occasion or everyday wear, there’s something for everyone.


Accessories: Elevate your look with stunning African accessories such as beaded jewelry, leather bags, and headwraps. These accessories add a touch of African elegance to any outfit.

Home Decor: African fashion extends beyond clothing. Discover exquisite home decor items like handwoven baskets, Ankara-print cushions, and intricate pottery that bring African culture into your living space.

Beauty and Wellness: Explore natural skincare and beauty products made with indigenous African ingredients. These products not only enhance your beauty but also support local artisans and communities.


Bellafricana Marketplace is more than just a platform; it’s a celebration of African culture and creativity. It’s an invitation to embrace the essence of African fashion, where tradition meets modernity, and craftsmanship reigns supreme.

By choosing African fashion, you not only adorn yourself with unique and beautiful items but also become part of a global movement that values authenticity, sustainability, and cultural diversity. So, why not embark on a journey through Bellafricana’s virtual aisles and discover the magic of African fashion for yourself? Your wardrobe and your soul will thank you for it.

Unleashing African Creativity: The Best Finds on Bellafricana Marketplace

Jurinest necklace on bellafricana marketplace

Africa is a continent brimming with diverse cultures, rich traditions, and a vibrant artistic heritage. From intricate handwoven textiles to beautifully carved wooden sculptures, African creativity knows no bounds. In this blog post, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery as we explore the best finds on Bellafricana Marketplace, a treasure trove of African craftsmanship.

    1. Handcrafted Jewelry:

Adorn Yourself with African Elegance Discover the allure of African-inspired jewelry, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. From beaded necklaces to statement earrings, each piece tells a unique story and adds a touch of cultural sophistication to any ensemble. Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – you can’t have too many, there is always room for enough. Each with different fiitings, patterns, colours and stones, Jurinest has put in too much into bring light and beauty to accessory, you don’t need a knight in shining armor when you have your statement accessory.

Jurinest necklace on bellafricana marketplace


     2. Home Decor Delights:

Transform Your Space with African Flair Bring the spirit of Africa into your home with stunning home decor items. From vibrant Ankara-printed cushions to intricately designed African string arts using nails and strings, these pieces not only beautify your living space but also serve as a testament to the continent’s rich heritage. Products used for this wonderful piece are lcally made, this showcases the uniqueness of African culture and the beauty it beholds. This art is particularly made by Artini.


Wall String Art
      3. Fashion Items:

African-Inspired Apparel for Every Style Experience the fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion with African-inspired apparel. Bellafricana Marketplace offers a diverse range of clothing items, from colorful dashikis to elegant Ankara dresses, allowing you to express your individuality through vibrant African prints. This Afrilush Adire bubu gown is a captivating blend of Nigerian cultural heritage and modern fashion sensibilities. Rooted in the age-old art of Adire textile dyeing, this unique gown showcases the beauty of traditional Nigerian craftsmanship while embracing contemporary design elements. Perfect for hangouts, events and any formal occasion.

Adire Bubu Gown

      4. Natural Beauty:

Harnessing the Power of African Skincare Explore the world of African beauty rituals with natural skincare products. From shea butter-infused body lotions to exfoliating soap, cream and serums. These products are crafted with love and harness the nourishing properties of indigenous African ingredients to rejuvenate and pamper your skin. All skincare products in the bellafricana marketplace has been tested and trusted and the results are amazing.

Dara Body Butter

    5. Afrocentric Art:

Elevate Your Walls with African Masterpieces Discover the work of talented African artists and adorn your walls with breathtaking paintings and art prints. From contemporary abstract pieces to traditional African art forms, each creation is a visual celebration of Africa’s rich artistic heritage.

Ronke Scott Gallery Artworks MINIATURES sold on Bellafricana Marketplace


Bellafricana Marketplace is a gateway to African creativity, offering a curated collection of exquisite products that embody the essence of the continent. By supporting local African creatives and entrepreneurs, you not only bring a touch of Africa into your life but also contribute to the preservation and celebration of African heritage. Unleash your creativity, embrace African craftsmanship, and let Bellafricana marketplace be your guide to the best finds that the continent has to offer.

5 Modern Baby Crochet Designs

Crochet Baby Bunnies and teddies by Tender Hugs on Bellafricana

Do you know why I recommend modern baby crochet designs? Well, first crochet is real tender to the skin, and babies love those fluffy, soft textured, cozy and the warmth crochet clothes gives.

Tender Hugs is a baby crochet brand that makes unique, timeless, and comfy wears and toys. This brand works with good yarns that care for a baby’s skin and don’t wear or tear easily.

Here are modern babies’ crochet designs I trust you would love:


Babies need less harmful objects to play with. Hard toys such as plastic cars or animated toys are not particularly healthy for kids to toy with. Crochet bunny/ teddy is a very perfect idea play instrument as it is very tender, soft, and mild to the skin. And also it can be easily washed and disinfected. To avoid your babies having bruises it’s ideal to get beautiful handmade crochet for your lovely babies.

modern baby crochet design toys, crochet teddy, crochet bunnies by tender hugs on bellafricana blog


This delightful crochet project is great for our little ones. Allow these little cuties to slay in this cozy romper wear with a beautiful headband/cap. If you need a baby shower gift that is affordable, beautiful, fun stitched textures with wonderful and playful colors. Are you still thinking of what your baby would put on for a photoshoot?, Try this romper and thank me later.

Hand knitted crotched onsie by Funke Akinlosotu the founder of Tender Hugs, a Nigerian crotchetier Bellafricana Member



Watch your beautiful babies look good in this headband and matching crochet boots. These colorful boot designs will fit into any babywear. Baby too should look stylish, and nothing is too expensive when trying to make those little ones look so great. Good enough, crochet booties can be worn by both baby boys and girls. while the headbands are specifically for our cute little angels.

Baby Booties should be above all else comfortable because the baby’s feet are delicate. Every toddler should have at least a few pairs of such sweet booties. They are simply too adorable to have just one pair. And above all, they make the greatest gifts for baby showers and Christenings and after many years, when the child is already an adult, a nice pair of booties will be a sweet memory of childhood

Hand knitted crotched onsie by Funke Akinlosotu the founder of Tender Hugs, a Nigerian crotchetier Bellafricana Member

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Stop carrying your baby bare, get them well covered up with this beautiful diaper cover and a matching crown to go with. Let them drip in finesse and beauty. Nothing looks more exciting and cute than seeing your newborn look so attractive and elegant in a stylish colored diaper cover. Let your kids become the center of attraction, just as any royal person would turn heads, make that little man a king in his small kingdom, and the baby girl a princess too.

modern baby crochet designs, baby crochet romper by tender hugs on bellafricana blog


Every little princess deserves a tutu dress. Babies who wear tutu dresses are so effortlessly beautiful and look so much attractive to anyone’s eye. This dress always comes with a matching headband. who wouldn’t love to see their little ones look like ballet dancers in those cute-looking cute-looking, colorful tutu dresses?

modern baby crochet tutu dress

Tender hugs crochet can deliver wonderful and beautifully modern baby crochet designs to your baby’s preference. If you are still looking for a gift for a newborn or looking for photoshoot wear for your lovely kids, why not try these beautiful pieces and see them stun greatly in them. For more crochet designs click here to order.

Announcing Bosh Designs New “Happy Collection”

Introducing the “Happy Collection” from Bosh Designs. The collection as the name implies, is one that is very fitting for this season that we all are in!⁣

It’s for those who have made a conscious decision to stay happy despite everything going on.⁣

You know that saying that “You are what you wear?” Yes you’re happy when you wear the “Happy” Collection.⁣

Now, let’s see some of the beautiful designs in this collection:

1. Happy Cindy


Happy CINDY is made from soft denim, she’s actually softer than what it looks like in the picture😃. She is subtle on your skin and ready to make you comfortable.

She would look great, rocked both indoors and outdoors. Which is your preference?


UK8-14:     ₦8,500
UK16- 22:  ₦9,500


2. Happy Bawwy:



Happy Bawwy Bosh Designs x Bellafricana

Made from breathable Italian linen, Happy Bawwy is sure to make you ooze out good vibes all day! Did I mention that they are super comfortable? Now you know! Bosh Designs did a sterling job on this one. Trust me.


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

3. Happy Nikky


Meet Happy Bawwy’s Twin. If you’re looking for a more daring, outgoing look, then Happy Nikky is the one. It’s also made of breathable Italian linen. All shades of comfortable. Don’t you think?


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

4. Happy Kifan and Happy Kiran


KIFAN is conservative and your perfect buddy in the kitchen, can absorb one or two splashes and not reveal you’ve been cooking all day!😍👌. Her colorful pocket shows she’s happy to hold your phones, keys and even napkins when you need her to do so!

KIRAN on the other side, doesn’t mind drawing attention to herself😎. That’s the reason she loves to grab her car keys, put on a pair of sneakers and dash off for her grocerery shopping😷. Her cool pockets houses her phone and wallet conveniently freeing her from the burden of carrying a bag or holding too many things. KIRAN is just a HAPPY BIRD


UK8-UK18:  ₦8,500

5. Happy Abby


Happy Abby is the perfect definition of Vibrance. It reminds me of waterfalls, and sunsets too. Can you see it too? This beauty pairs well with hot pants to give you that “Boss Lady” look. You can throw on a pair of jeans and some sandals to look laid back and relaxed. Any how it’s paired, you’ll give off the look of a confident, happy lady.


Now there are only limited pieces in the Happy Collection, and if I were you, I would grab mine now! Not later, but now!

Click on this link to make an order immediately

Check out other beautiful pieces by Bosh Designs here

Bosh Designs is social. Click on the links below to connect with them:

Instagram: @BoshDesigns

Facebook: @Bosh Designs

Website: Boshdesignsonline.com

Last minute Mother’s Day Gift package on a budget

An important day every month of March yearly holds a significance not because of a serendipitous cosmic event or some famous historical birth but because it is the day the world agrees that mothers should be acknowledged and motherhood, celebrated.

On this special day, not only mothers but mentors, Godmothers, teachers, and absolutely every person that represents a mother figure are brought to the very forefront by their offspring and loved ones in recognition of the courage and selflessness that they embody through the rigor of child bearing and motherhood.

Well I’m sure you have realized that the D-day is here and if you still have not found the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift item for her, this list is just perfect for you!

Let’s help you get your “mamushka” the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift on a budget shall we?

1. Handprinted fabrics

Hardly will you find an African mother who does not treasure the looks of a beautifully designed fabric on her. These fabric are handprinted with love and care, and it is a certainty that she will love them.

a. Get handprinted fabric like this from Mimiremi Textiles here

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric


b. Patterned hand-dyed adire fabric says will make your mom’s day. Trust us when we say so. Get beautiful adire fabric from Adire lounge here.

Adire lounge fabric 1
Adire lounge fabric
Adire fabric 2
Adire lounge fabric

c. Asologe Fashion House is another store to find unique and versatile Adire prints. You can get Adire on Lace, fused with Aso-oke, and lots more. Your mom will sure love them. You can place your order here

Asologe 3

Asologe 3
Asologe 3


2. Skincare products

Another gift idea for your Mom would be a skincare set. Treat her skin to luxury skincare products that she’ll cherish for a long time.

See skincare products here:

modara naturals Mom's day set
modara naturals Mom’s day set

a. Get this special mother’s day skincare giftbox from Modara Naturals here:

Haske Body Butter
Sha Face Oil
Brilho Body Oil
Sinmi Foot Scrub
Ori Body Butter
Laushi Coffee Scrub
Safi Coconut Oil
Asakwa Black Soap

Plus a customized Modara towel.

Price- ₦20,000

organic life plus mom's day set
organic life plus mom’s day set

b.  This set of body oils and facial cleansers from Organic Life Plus will do wonders to your Mom’s skin. They also come with a customized box. Order yours here

rb organics face set
rb organics face set

c. You can also order a full face set from RB organics

This set contains:

Wash ₦2,500
Cream ₦4,000
Toner ₦2,500
Mask ₦4,000
Vitamin C Serum ₦8,500
Discount price ₦20,000

You get to save ₦1,500 from ordering the full set too😍. Amazing isn’t it? Order them here

3. Bags

If you have a budget planned and you desire to bring a wide and genuine smile to her face then you should go for a very classy and fashionable handbag. Guess what? You can never go wrong with bags!

When donned properly, they bring the perfect embellishment to any outfit and make her ooze style. Where can you get them? See a list of bags from Bellafricana verified brands that you can get gorgeous bags from:

a. Morin O bags are made from original, leather and would definitely put a wide grin on your Mom’s face.


Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag


Order bags from Morin O here

b.  Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi is another brand that serves trendy, African-Inspired, and irresistible bags. Mom will be so pleased with these:

Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Naserian bag
Ethnik Naserian bag

Order them here

c. O’Eclat bags are your go-to if you need bags that never go out of style, and will keep Mom trendy and Chic. Shop them here

oeclat bags

oeclat bags

d. Think Oba couture if you’re opting for Embossed animal leather bags that are spacious!

Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

e. Mira Oma Luxury is another brand that we trust for quality handmade bags that you can gift your mom. Order for them here

Miraoma bag set
Miraoma bag set
mira oma laptop bag
mira oma laptop bag

4. Shoes

It’s Mother’s Day and You really want to make sure you tell your mum how beautiful she is, truth is, every mother wants to know that they are still looking young and beautiful and there’s no better way to tell her than getting her a pair of nicely crafted shoes.

Boxing up anything from flat soles to sneakers (for the funky mum) delivers the message beautifully well.

Check out these beautiful shoes below:


Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik Eyo sneakers
Ethnik Eyo sneakers

Get them Here

b. If your mom would rather be comfortable with flats, Here are some sandals from Oba couture she would absolutely love. Shop them here

Oba couture pam slippers

Oba Couture flat sandals
Oba Couture flat sandals

Which of these would you get for your mom? Tell me in the comments.

The AMVCAs: Creative styles by Made-in-Africa Brands

Yesterday was the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), an award show dedicated to rewarding hard work and talent in the movie industry.

I watched some part of the show, at least long enough to see jaw-dropping red carpet looks by celebrities.

Most interesting is the fact that a lot of them were styled by Nigerian fashion designers, and as Bellafricana is a  lover of the creative and African, I couldn’t help but share some looks wit you.

Here’s bringing you some of the most creative looks on the red carpet, all styled by Nigerian Fashion designers.

1. Talk show host and actress, Nancy Isime in an Xtrabrideslagos (XBL) masterpiece

Nancy Isime by Medlin Boss

2. Actress, film maker and Entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe in a stunning gown by Luminee

Mercy Aigbe in Luminee

 3. Actress, Venita Akpofure in Trishocouture

4. Actress, Sharon Ooja in Gorgeous piece by Somobysomo

5. Actress and Filmmaker, Adunni Ade in Luminee

6. Actress, Idinma Okojie in breathtaking piece by Mazelle studios

7. Actor, Elozonam in T.I Nathan


8. Content creator and Infuencer  Denola Grey in Mazelle studios
Denola Grey in Mazelle studios
9. Influencer and Entrepreneur Mike Edwards in David Wej

There you have it. What other creative style by Indigenous brands did we miss out? Kindly leave a comment below!

Fashion in the Work Place: Spice up your Office Outfits

Wearing the same outfit to the office can get boring at some point; not to mention that we sometimes run out of clothes to wear, and having to decide what to wear again, every single day from our conventional office outfits can be frustrating. As a 9-5 worker myself, I just want to throw my hoodie on a nice pair of comfortable shorts, wear my slippers, cross my bag and head to work. Unfortunately, that’s a poor choice of outfit and I would probably lose my job.

The office isn’t exactly a place to show off your fashion skills and dress over the top but when you work in a big organization, you’re required to dress your best and look as presentable as possible. It’s worthy to note that fashion at the work place isn’t for females alone, as we love seeing our men dressed in a nice two or three piece designer suit.

Take away the conventional skirt, blouse/blazer and pair of flats for women, as well as the conventional black, brown or jean trouser, button-up shirt and boring polished shoes for men, you can take your office outfit from normal to creative whilst dressed in pure African made clothing, looking as elegant as possible.

So then, how can you spice up your office outfit without looking like you are going for a James Bond movie premier? I have selected a few office-worthy outfits from verified Bellafricana members for both  men and women to give you that office outfit inspiration.


I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something “normal” about seeing female office workers dressed in skirt/pant suit, a blouse/blazer (usually black/navy blue), matched with a pair of flats. I mean, normal is boring and we see/wear those outfits everyday! You don’t have to be an American or work in America to dress like a fashion guru to the work place, and you don’t need to break the bank to do so either. You also don’t need to overdo your outfit to get compliments or turn heads at your work place; and that’s why I am here, to transform your office outfit.

Two-Piece Suit:

Female two piece suit, Fashion in the Work Place fabric made by Adire lounge bellafricana verified

I know, suit again, but this isn’t the conventional, dull looking office suit, thankfully! Fabric Made by Adire Lounge, this two piece suit is everything! It is super stylish, classy, and don’t get me started on the fabric. From the color assemble which is actually my favorite thing about this outfit to the V-line details, the pocket details and the button with that fluffy design, this outfit will certainly be my go-to to brighten my Monday and revamp my office wardrobe.

Best part is that this suit is a mixture of different colors so you have so many color options when deciding to pair it without looking too colorful and, regardless of your age, you can rock this suit to your office and still look classy. I would pair this outfit with a black inner like she did, a red shoe, minimal makeup with red lips to stand out, and probably a blue bag/purse to pull the whole look together.

You can also decide to add a few accessories like a silver dropping earring or bracelet, but go for minimal, less flashy accessories as the suit is colorful enough.


Female shoes by k aspen bellafricana verified

Push your flat shoes to the curb; heels at the office is a big yes for looking elegant and classy; just make sure to keep it below 4 inches. Pump’s are perfect for the work place because they’re not “party-like” or too flashy so you’ll still look work-ready and classy at the same time.

I actually love that this pump, made by K. Aspen is a mixture of two simple colors (mustard yellow and red), so this makes it office-ready and at the same time, you can turn it from a day-to-night shoe; probably for dinner. This pump also has similar colors as the two piece suit so its a perfect pair for it…outfit inspiration!

Wear your designer two piece suit, paired with this pump and you’re good to go for that jaw-dropping look once you arrive at the office. You can as well pair this shoe with a black, lace fitted gown to beautify the outfit, a yellow jumpsuit or whatever you’d like; the options are endless.


Women bags, insipre by pine tree bellafricana verified

Going to work without a bag? I didn’t think so! Bags are every woman’s best-friend; they’re where you keep makeup, accessories, books, even cats. Everything goes into your bags as they keep you organized on the go and are also made to complement your outfit, which is why just any bag can’t be pick when heading out.

Most people choose big bags but, I am transforming your office wears into something elegant and that includes bags; so no more gigantic bags. Small, purse-like bags are the new “it” because they keep you more organized than big bags which leaves searching for one thing or the other.

A black bag would be good but you need to add a little bit of color, which is why this Biro blue bag by Inspire by Pine Tree with a touch of Ankara is perfect. The color on its own is bright and beautiful and as such, it can complement any outfit, the bag is small, portable and chic. What’s not to like?


The only thing more attractive than a man who dresses well is a man who smells nice; but let’s talk about your outfit instead, and not your perfume. Your perfume can smell so nice but a good perfume on an ugly outfit is a big no! Button-up shirts and black/brown trouser is no longer in vogue, and it’s pretty boring now.

Not to mention that well dressed men are considered more attractive than women because of their masculine physique and strong facial look. As a guy, you don’t have to wear too much to look good; simplicity is key for men. Here’s how you can transform your office outfit:


Men suits

We’re not talking about the traditional suit but rather, a fashionable designer suit. Away with the ugly, grandpa suit and in with the modern James Bond suit! This suit by JZO Fashion is fashionable, simple and classic all in one; it’s also bright but not too flashy at the same time so it says “hello, notice me”.

This Biro blue suit with a touch of woven black by the waist pocket and plain black by the breast pocket, along with black pants is enough to create a bold look for any man, any day, anywhere. I love that there’s a distinction compared to other male suits as the jacket doesn’t end on the same line when you button it, and it has a touch of “Africa” with the noticeable detail on the waist pocket. Pair this outfit with a nice pair of wristwatch and a leather shoe, and you’re good to go. Best part is that you can take this suit from a day-to-night outfit as well so you get to turns heads both in and outside your office.


men shoes

Shoes are a necessity for every outfit and although most men wear sandals or sneakers to work, for an elegant office look, I prefer more of a premium, designer footwear suited for the office (not Nike sneakers; that’s for a day out). Looking at this shoe by Morok Xpression, it is breathtaking! There is no way you will wear this and not feel comfortable, everyone would even have their eyes on you because this shoe is a bold statement meant to pull together any look.

Sure, it is black but it is a shiny black made of high quality leather, and the fabric hanging halfway down from the buckle is another noticing detail. It is not an everyday shoe you will buy from the market which makes it the perfect choice of shoe. Your sandals will feel ordinary but pairing this shoe with a statement suit is sure to transform any boring office outfit into something elegant.

Choosing an outfit for the office can be a bit daunting; especially when you have worn everything you possibly own but when you have the right, elegant outfit and you know what to buy as well as what to pair it with, you will never run out of what to wear. Now that I’ve shown you how to transform a conventional office outfit to something elegant and classy, ditch that old pant suit, those button up shirts, old blouse or whatever it is you have and revamp your wardrobe by getting new, statement office pieces.

SA textile union welcomes H&M deal with SA designer

The Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) has welcomed the announcement today by Swedish global retailer H&M that it will be collaborating with South African designer, Palesa Mokubung, and her label, Mantsho.

On Tuesday, H&M announced its first African collaboration with Mokubung’s label, which was established in 2004 and has since graced numerous runways in Greece, India, the United States, Jamaica, Nigeria, Botswana and Senegal.

Until now, none of the products sold in H&M’s 23 local stores have been made in South Africa.

SACTWU said in a statement that it was a long-standing supporter of Mokubung’s work, citing how the Mantsho label was featured as far back as at its 2008 Fashion Festival held in the cutting room of the Levi Strauss SA factory in Cape Town.

Andre Kriel, SACTWU general secretary, said the union and its clothing, textile, footwear and leather (CTFL) members were looking forward to seeing South African product in H&M’s stores.

“As foreign retailers, like H&M, Zara and Cotton On, have grown their South African footprint, they have increasingly taken market share away from domestic retailers. This has caused a ripple effect in which local factories supplying those domestic retailers are losing orders, and job losses and factory closures are the result,” Kriel said.

“SACTWU congratulates H&M on moving forward with this local sourcing project. The union views this collaboration with Mokubung as the first part of a much deeper collaboration. From SACTWU’s side, to assist H&M with its designer collaboration, the union has helped to ensure that compliant producers manufacture the Mantsho products.”

Mantsho will be available in all South African stores, exclusive flagship stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Chile and Israel, as well as all H&M online markets from August 15.

Kriel said H&M’s local sourcing project represents the power of constructive social dialogue and the promise such dialogue holds to re-shape some of the harmful components of global trade.

“We look forward to a positive outcome and growing relationship with H&M in which their local sourcing footprint is deepened substantially, where their contribution to employment creation in local CTFL factories is expanded significantly, and where their global reach can be used to showcase South African design and quality, manufactured under decent work conditions,” Kriel said.

This is great news, as this goes to prove that there is hope for more African brands in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana etc to penetrate the global market through great deals such as this.

This article was originally published on iol.co.za

Kenyan Company Green Nettle Textile won a major fashion award for making fabric from nettles

Organic fibers made from nettles has bagged a Kenyan company one of the world’s top sustainable fashion prizes.

Green Nettle Textile was this year awarded almost $170,000 as part of the $1.1 million Global Change Award, a fashion innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation in collaboration with management consulting firm Accenture and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Described by some as the Nobel Prize for sustainable fashion, the award seeks to disrupt the fashion industry by choosing early stage ideas and incubating them towards the goal of an environmentally-conscious, circular fashion instead of a wasteful, linear model.

This year, the competition received 6,640 entries from 182 countries, with a tremendous increase in entrances from emerging markets. Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa were among the top 10 nations that submitted entries for the award.

Green Nettle won the award along with four other firms that made expanding children’s clothes (United Kingdom), a biodegradable vegan leather (Peru), a digital system that helps make garments recyclable from sketch to scrap (Germany) besides a toxic-free membrane for outdoor wear (Switzerland). Besides financial support, the winners will also get access to a mentorship program that will take them to markets including Sweden, Hong Kong, and the United States.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”zsUfKXHienc” description=”off” effects=”video_box=ytef-grow”]

Using nettles in producing fabric was astute given that the plant grows in Kenya and is used for nutritional and medicinal purposes. After the Kenya Bureau of Standards certified the plant in 2009, farmers in Kenya started betting on its newfound commercial capabilities. Green Nettle Textile is now proving an extension of that dynamism, hoping to grow the stinging plant in barren areas to make an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional fabric and create income for farmers.

As clothes become cheaper and more disposable, the fashion industry has explored how to create clothes for rapidly growing populations while protecting the planet. The overproduction and overconsumption of fast fashion have especially come under criticism—including how eco-friendly is clothing from the chief GCA award sponsor H&M. There have also been concerns about how much energy and water clothing production consumes, besides how much industrial waste factories release into oceans, rivers and natural habitats. Environmental groups like Greenpeace have, for instance, advocated for companies to change their customers’ mindsets and to design clothes for long life.

In Africa, where there’s a nascent manufacturing and fashion industry, local designers are not just challenging reductive ideas of what makes up “African” fashion but also where to source materials from. Last year, Rwanda raised tariffs on used clothing and footwear from the US as it positions itself to become a significant exporter of clothes. Yet funding has proved critical for these designers and manufacturers, an issue creative funds like HEVA want to change.

To further support companies like Green Nettle, H&M Foundation this year partnered with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to not only get more people to back the winners but also raise awareness about sustainable fashion worldwide.

This article was originally published on qz.com

EONL’s New Work Wear Collection Is Definitely A Stunner

Make way! Eyiyemi Olivia Nigeria Limited (EONL) is coming through with some banging work wear pieces for our corporate chic. And as a sharp girl that I am, I decided to give you a sneak peek at some of the amazing pieces in this HOT new collection.

EONL is a women’s wear design outfit with a strong bias for The Real African Woman who is confident in her curves and loves her African Print. EONL has a ready to wear line made for the real African woman, to supersede her expectations in terms of quality, price, comfort and aesthetic. The mission of EONL is to promote, wear and invest in Africa.

Whatever your size, shape or structure, EONL has what you need to make that body pop! EONL creates pieced for the discerning African Woman, and helps to boost their confidence.

It is definitely a breathe of fresh air that you can now rock amazing, properly fitting, timeless pieces to work, and slay like a boss all through your activities!

This new collection will be available for purchase from the 14th of April 2019. To ensure that you do not miss out on this, follow @eo_nl on Instagram, or connect with the  via email on [email protected]

For now, here’s your sneak peek. See something you like? Feel free to pre-order by sending an email to [email protected] or send a DM to eo_nl


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