Bellafricana Member, Proverbs Creations Launches the New “Allure” Collection

The Allure Collection by Proverbs Creations

On the 30th of August, Proverbs Creations launched a New Collection titled “The Allure Collection”. Prior to the launch, we kept receiving teasers on their social media page, wetting our appetite in anticipation of the launch.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we were certain that whatever it may be, Proverbs Creations would come through with their top notch creativity and uniqueness. So, what was the Allure collection about?

Before I answer that, let me introduce Proverbs Creations to you.

Founded by Mrs Bukola Adenuga, Proverbs Creations is a Fashion/Craft business. They use their creativity to accentuate the beauty of many women. For a while now, they have been known for their unusual but beautiful accessories. Lately they added hand painted and embellished clothing to their product line . Because they love the unusual, they came up with their signature Sand jewelry.

Mrs Bukola says: “Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for unusually creative fashion/craft accessories.” Want to see some of their amazing designs? Click here

Now, back to the Allure Collection Launch

Here are some words that Proverbs Creations used to describe the Allure Collection:

“ALLURE’ is our newest baby and its a gift that we will be offering to you.
‘ALLURE’ will bring smiles to your faces.

It will warm your hearts.

It will solve creative gifting idea problems for you.

It will inspire you.

It will challenge you.

It will change your perception.


Okay, okay. We’re almost close to knowing what the big reveal is.  And here is what the Pre-Launch video looks like:


Did you guess right? It’s  a collection of unique, up-cycled bottle decor designs of different sizes. The private viewing launch on zoom, featured 43 new “Alluring” bottle decor designs, that are guaranteed to take your space from 0 to 100 real quick! And we were right, Proverbs Creations did live up to our expectations. Want to find out more? Then Click on this link.



BRN Essence-The Home of Millinery and Styling at their finest


Who’s a hat lover like me? Then you’ll definitely love BRN Essence.  Take it from me, they make one of the best Millinery products you’ll ever find. Want to see some?? Then keep reading.

But, First What is BRN Essence about?

BRN Essence is a Millinery & Styling Business. We started operations first May 2018 styling, retailing high end fashion pieces.



They catered to the busy career women, fashion savvy women and women who wanted a special style upgrade.

The creative aspect of BRN Essence kick started March 2020, they Introduced our Millinery line, all handmade by BRN Essence, beautifully & carefully crafted for the everyday woman who wants to standout beautifully at occasions/events.

What Products do they make?

They create individual & group piece for brides,bridal train, bridal party, fashion photo-shoots, birthday,baby shower, anniversary etc.

Halo crowns
Headbands & fascinator turbans

Their  handcrafted products are as below :



Seen something you like? Then reach out to BRN Essence through the following channels:

WhatsApp: Brn Essence

 Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Brn Essence


Want to see how these millinery pieces will  look on you? Watch the video below:

Done? Fantastic. These would make for good gifts don’t you think? Why not order one now?

Bellafricana Launches Free Listing for Creative, African-Owned Businesses

Listing Pages for Bellafricana

Free Listing Alert!

Hello there! I am excited to announce to you, that Bellafricana has opened up the opportunity for creative business owners to list their African-owned products on the Bellafricana website for FREE. Oh yes! You read that quite correctly!

In other words, Bellafricana says, you as a business owner can set up an online shop on the website.

Prior to this time, only Bellafricana members could get their creative products listed on the website.

However, Bellafricana is always thinking of how they can impact as many business owners as possible especially this Covid-19 period. We’re very much invested in the easing the business journey of creatives (as much as possible) because we understand how daunting doing business alone can be.

That’s why we decided that business owners can have their creative products listed on the website at zero cost.

You might wonder:

What will a free listing on the Bellafricana website do for you?
  1. You get your products in the eyes of a global audience: Our well-ranked website puts your products right in the faces of those who search for them. We aren’t just content with making your product locally available, but are ensuring that it  is globally accessible as well. We have gotten a number of feedback from existing members, who have secured partnership deals, gotten patronage from international audiences and lots more. See one of such testimonials below:


 Sisi Aladire Testimonials

2. Get Easily Found on Google: The truth is that brands are less likely to be trusted if  a potential customer can’t find enough information about them online. That right there (not enough info), is a red flag for some. Just what if you can’t afford to get a website just yet? A listing page would be a great place to start.

Once your listing is set up on the Bellafricana website, it will become much more easier for your brand name to come up, when it is searched for.

3. Drive traffic to your website, and social media

Now, that is not to say that having a website cancels out the functionality of a listing page. Infact, the Bellafricana listing page can also help drive traffic to your website, and even your other social media handles. How? When setting up your listing page, you can insert the links to as many as 30 social media handles/ website links. Let me show you what the outcome looks like:

Organic life plus view listing


All these and more are the benefits of setting up your listing page.

So, what makes you eligible to setting up your listing page?

Your products need to be:

  • Top quality
  • Creative, and
  • African-owned

As an African-owned business, you don’t have to reside in Nigeria (or Africa) to be eligible. The important part is for the brand to be owned BY an African.

Check out this video that puts it all together:


How do you get started?

Just click on this link to begin setting up your free listing page, and start gaining the visibility your brand needs to grow and scale.

Watch out for a tutorial on how to list your products for free.

Till then, kindly spread the word to as many creative business owners as you can so they can all benefit from this immense opportunity.



Dhoney Nigeria Launches Oversized Tshirt Collection

Dhoney Adire 5

Twentieth August, 2020. This date will go down in history as the date Dhoney Nigeria launched her Oversized Tshirt collection.

Do you know who Dhoney Nigeria is?

Dhoney Nigeria is a contemporary Adire textiles and craft brand.

They provide fashion enthusiasts and Art lovers with sustainable, fashionable Adire Art pieces to boost their confidence and showcase their love for art, fashion and colours.
All designs are handcrafted with love and for the purpose of sustainable the beauty, indigenous African Adire Art.

Dhoney Adire and Crafts Nigeria is Founded by Doyinmola Olajoye a young passionate Nigerian, who had no adequate support as she embarked on a goal to empower young people to promote our culture and in turn earn a living for themselves.

The founder, proceeded to learn the craft and today we are living the dreams.

They offer young people in secondary school Adire crafts Masterclasses for FREE as the project of empowering these young people ultimately birthed the BRAND

Their products ranges from Batik fabrics, Tie and dye fabrics, Tshirts, handcrafted bags and accessories, souvenir/gift items etc

Dhoney Nigeria does offer revamp services, and Masterclasses for people, teaching them to make Adire themselves and monetize their knowledge.

Now, let’s gist you about the Oversize Tshirt Launch

The contemporary Tshirt collection for fashion enthusiasts and art lovers features bold, unique, exciting hand dyed designs and Dhoney flock print representing the sweetness and uniqueness of Africa’s indigenous craft.

Oversized Tshirts are not meant for plus size only, but also for the bold, confident and beautiful art lover.

Check out some of our favorites:

Dhoney Adire 4 Dhoney Adire 3 Dhoney Adire




Shop ultra comfortable and unique Tshirts on Preorder




Seen something you like? Then Preorder yours here

Dhoney is also social. Follow them on:


Facebook: @Dhoney Nigeria



Tiwi Home Fragrance Launches New Flagship Store

Tiwi Home Fragrance store

We’re excited to announce that Tiwi Home Fragrance has opened a new store💃🏽💃. We at Bellafricana are always thrilled when we see our members take huge strides in expanding their businesses and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Just before I give you the gist about the store opening, who is Tiwi Home Fragrance?

Tiwi Home Fragrance is a home and living brand that curates luxury home fragrances that help you connect with your emotions and triggers memory.  These home fragrances would make a fine gift for your loved one and even to yourself too.



Their Luxury Scented Candle and Reed Diffusers are well scented to keep you space smell fresh at all times.

TIWI body oil - Copy


They also have Body oils, butter and even hand sanitizers.

TIWI body oil - CopyTIWI Air diffusers - Copy



Recently they launched a new product called the TIWI ScentAir Automated Machine. It diffuses seamless fragrance that becomes a natural part of your space.

Whether you are scenting your office reception area, or your retail store, your restaurants or your luxury cozy boutique, these ScentAir Machines are available to do the job. Check out what it looks like here:


Now that you about TIWI home Fragrances, let’s talk about the new store, shall we?

It was launched on Sunday, 16th August, 2020.


Where is this new store?

It’s Situated at  Caelum Place 25, Emma Abimbo;a Street Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria.

The new TIWI store is open for you to walk in for your home scent consultations, scent sniff and purchases of your home fragrances. They are happy to help you choose a desired scent ambiance for your homes and spaces in general.

Be sure to drop by, and shop your favorite product.

For more information, check out TIWI Home fragrance on :

Instagram: @Tiwihomefragrance

Facebook: @Tiwihomefragrance




Amluck Stitches- The Hub for Top Quality, Bespoke Fashion

Nuqi Blazer by Amluck stitches



What’s that one thing that endears you to a fashion brand? Is it the quality of their work, their versatility, their unique styles, or their affordability? If you have ticked one or more of these options, then you’ll definitely love Amluck Stitches. Trust Bellafricana to provide you with the best, quality fashion pieces.

They are a “Unisex brand that speaks Class & Uniqueness”.

Their ready-to-wear pieces are the best handmade illustration of bespoke fashion.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite pieces made by them.

Just before that, you need to follow Amluck Stitches on Social media. Check out their social media handles below:

Instagram: @Amluck Stitches

Facebook:  @Amluck Stitches

Now, let’s get started:

  1.  Unisex  Kaftans

Amluck Stitches Kaftans


Kaftans have a way of giving you that “daring, boss lady” feel. I think that’s why they’re all the rave now. That said, looking for Kaftans of  different patterns and styles? Then Amluck Stitches can hook you up.

Price: NGN 12,000.00

  1. Boubou Unusual


Amluck Stitches Boubou Fashion stylist in Nigeria

This dress is for the everyday woman who loves comfort, class and Elegance. Already picturing yourself in this piece? Me too! This is one that every woman should have. Don’t you think?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


  1. The Nuqi 2-Piece Set


Amluck Stitches Nuki 2-piece set

This set is very comfortable and chic, suitable for all events. Looking to turn heads? This two-piece is definitely the right choice.

Price: NGN 12,000.00


  1. Bespoke Party/ Evening dinner outfits


Looking to stand out at that event? Then let Amluck stitches help with that. You can choose your preferred fabric and style.

Price: NGN 15,000.00 (Fabric exclusive)

  1. The Nuqi Blazer


Nuqi Blazer by Amluck stitches

This is a must have high quality luxurious Blazer. The belt to properly cinch the waist, plus the dramatic sleeves? Definitely a keeper. It’s available in different colors, so you get the option to pick your favorite? Why haven’t you ordered yet?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


Seen something you like? Then click here to chat directly with a representative

Would you like to see more beautiful designs?  Click here to view the entire catalog of beautiful styles.







Introducing: The Modern Woman Collection by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

The Donna Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

Incoming: Some banging pieces in the Modern Woman Collection by Tahiry Teniola Clothings. Trust me when I say that these outfits will make heads turn when you rock them. I’m a fan of  bright/ daring colors and styles and I guess that’s why I am particularly excited about this new collection.

Just before I show you some of these amazing pieces, let me introduce you to Tahiry Teniola Clothings.

They are a brand that makes ready-to-wear dresses for all shapes and sizes of women. If you’re passionate about fashion and trendy fits, then you simply have got to try “TTC(like I call them). If you’re not following them on their social media pages  yet, you need to so right now. Don’t stress, I’ll get the details for you.

Instagram: @TahiryTeniolaClothings

Facebook: @TahiryTeniolaClothings

Now that you know a bit about TTC, let’s get you drooling as I show you some of my favorite pieces from the Modern Woman Collection”

  1. The Bella Dress


The Chioma Set by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

What appeals to me most about the Bella dress is it’s versatility. It fit rights into every occasion, and can be worn every and anywhere. It definitely is for the Modern Woman who is always on the go, and loves to have multi-functional outfits.

Price:  14,500 Naira

2. The Chioma Set


If you’re a huge fan of Floral Crepe, then this one is certainly for you as well. The Chioma set comprises a collared shirt with Bishop sleeves, and loose pants. This would be fit if you’re looking to go for a casual ( but not under dressed look). It’s the perfect balance if you ask me. The beauty about this set is the many options it gives as you can rock them individually or together.

Price: 14,000 Naira

3. The Titi Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings


Features: A collared shirt, long sleeves, and pleats at the hip! The “Boss Lady” air this dress gives the wearer is second to none. Wear it to work, meetings and make those boss moves, girl!

Price: 13,500 Naira

4. The Donna dress


The Donna Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

What occasion comes to mind to rock this dress? I would say a “Wednesday” work day. This would fit right for work dinner too. Simple, Chic and classy.

Price: 10,500 Naira

5. The Diana Dress


Whoosh! This is the emoji that comes to mind:😍🤤 (Scratch that, one emoji can’t be enough). I’m drooling just imagining how good this dress would look on me. It’s the perfect definition of sexy but modest. It’s definitely one I’d wear on a date with Mr Hot guy😜😜. You could even pair it with a jacket (or a wear a shirt inside) for work too.

Price: 8,000 Naira

6.The Harriet dress

The Harriet Dress by Tahiry Teniola Set

Just when I think I have a fave, I just see another one that I like more. Introducing: The Harriet dress! If you’re one who loves a little drama, then this one is definitely a keeper. You could wear it to a wedding, brunch, or even social event!

Price: 10,000 Naira

7. The Michelle Set

The Michelle Set by Tahiry Teniola Clothings


The puff sleeves on the michelle set are a vibe on their own. This is another ideal outfit for work, or meetings too. It’s the definition of professional yet stylish.

Price: 13,000 Naira

There’s a lot more where that came from, and if you want to see the rest of the Tahiry Teniola Clothings Modern Woman Collection, click on this link

Now, have you seen your favorite dress, click on this link to place an order right away!


Bespectacled announces the launch of TecXposition 2020

Bespectacled announces the launch of TecXposition 2020

TecXposition Main

Africa’s premier tech event, “TecXposition” promises to deliver what Africa has been waiting for, the opportunity to view technology from a global lens, with local outcomes.

Bespectacled Ltd. announces the official launch of TecXposition 2020, Africa’s Premier tech event. The event will congregate businesses, government delegates, technology enthusiasts, investors, start-ups, students and young adults, with a view to demystifying key technology domains and exploring practical applications to improve profitability and enhance everyday living.

Due to the exceptional circumstances presented by COVID-19, the event will be 100% virtual in 2020.


Release Summary:

– TecXposition 2020 will take place from Thursday, November 12 through to Friday, November 13, 2020
– The event will look to explore and demystify, as it relates to Africa, various tech domains notably AI, Blockchain, Collaboration, Connectivity, Data, IoT, Mobility, Payments, Policy, Security, Smart Cities, Social and much more, with a view to understanding how to improve profitability and enhance everyday living.
– Delving into barriers to business and funding mechanisms for Africa tech.
– Features include a virtual conference, ‘Best of Africa’ start-up pitch (#tecXpositionpitch) competition and a hackathon (#TecXhack4Growth) solving for six challenge themes and more.
– The event will also explore through ‘stand out’ solutions, the application and importance of tech across key industry verticals.


TecXposition promises to deliver what Africa has been waiting for, the opportunity to view technology from a global lens, with local outcomes.
TecXposition 2020 (#tecXposition) will feature the following, albeit via a virtual platform: conference, exhibition, hackathon, an investor deal room, product and service launches, masterclasses, demos, innovation know-how and best-in-class thought leadership. It will offer the opportunity to gain industry insight, as well as to find and network with peers and mentors alike.


Partnering with industry leading tech companies, the event aims to bring together enterprise (large and SME, governments and policy makers, non-profit organisations, start-ups, investors, technology enthusiasts and students to ensure mutual and lateral interactions between key society groups.

Register today and attend to enjoy industry breaking keynotes, demos, pitches, big start-up ideas and talks beginning Thursday, November 12 at 07:00 GMT.

Explore the Website here
-Don’t forget to follow @TecXposition on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn

About Bespectacled Ltd.
Bespectacled Ltd. was established to offer service solutions in the technology space. The company offers a wide range of service solutions to clients looking to build technological capabilities in an increasingly competitive digital business environment.

TecXposition and are registered trademarks of Bespectacled Ltd. in the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Bukky Asehinde to speak at The Bridge Leadership Foundation Career Day 2020 Conference

Bukky Asehinde, founder of Bellafricana will be speaking at this year’s edition of The Bridge Leadership Foundation Career Day  Conference.

This year’s theme: “Adapting to the New Normal” will “border on the need for a global transformation and mind shift required for nations, businesses and individuals to function sustainably in a Post-COVID-19 world” (The Bridge Leadership Foundation).

The event is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th (by 11am), and will virtual hold virtually due to the covid-19 situation.

Three years ago, Bukky Asehinde was opportuned to be one of the speakers at the 7th annual conference in Calabar, an experience she described as unforgettable, and enriching (Read about it here).


Among the line up of speakers and moderators are: Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli – Founder, LEAP Africa and Managing Partner, Sahel Consulting; Fela Durotoye – CEO, GEMSTONE Group; Peter Obi Former Governor, Anambra State; Mitchell Elegbe Founder/Group Managing Director, Interswitch; Tonye Cole – Cofounder, Sahara Group; Thelma Ekiyor – Managing Partner, SME.NG; Atunyota Alleluya (Alibaba) – CEO, Alibaba Hiccupuray 3rd Ltd; Hamzat Lawal – Founder, Connected Development (CODE); Ubong King – CEO, Protection Plus Services LTD; others include Naadiya Moosajee – Co-founder/CEO, WomEng (Women in Engineering); Yomi Williams – Founder, Gartner Callaway Group of Companies; Saudat Salami – CEO, Easyshop Easycook; and Babajide Ipaye – Founder, KEEXS Services;

Those moderating the event are Arit Okpo Creative Director, Menoword Media and J.J. Omojuwa, Founder/Chief Strategist, The Alpha Reach. ( Source: Tblf and Bella Naija)


You can’t afford to miss this event. To register for this event, simply click on this link.



Announcing Bosh Designs New “Happy Collection”

Introducing the “Happy Collection” from Bosh Designs. The collection as the name implies, is one that is very fitting for this season that we all are in!⁣

It’s for those who have made a conscious decision to stay happy despite everything going on.⁣

You know that saying that “You are what you wear?” Yes you’re happy when you wear the “Happy” Collection.⁣

Now, let’s see some of the beautiful designs in this collection:

1. Happy Cindy


Happy CINDY is made from soft denim, she’s actually softer than what it looks like in the picture😃. She is subtle on your skin and ready to make you comfortable.

She would look great, rocked both indoors and outdoors. Which is your preference?


UK8-14:     ₦8,500
UK16- 22:  ₦9,500


2. Happy Bawwy:



Happy Bawwy Bosh Designs x Bellafricana

Made from breathable Italian linen, Happy Bawwy is sure to make you ooze out good vibes all day! Did I mention that they are super comfortable? Now you know! Bosh Designs did a sterling job on this one. Trust me.


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

3. Happy Nikky


Meet Happy Bawwy’s Twin. If you’re looking for a more daring, outgoing look, then Happy Nikky is the one. It’s also made of breathable Italian linen. All shades of comfortable. Don’t you think?


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

4. Happy Kifan and Happy Kiran


KIFAN is conservative and your perfect buddy in the kitchen, can absorb one or two splashes and not reveal you’ve been cooking all day!😍👌. Her colorful pocket shows she’s happy to hold your phones, keys and even napkins when you need her to do so!

KIRAN on the other side, doesn’t mind drawing attention to herself😎. That’s the reason she loves to grab her car keys, put on a pair of sneakers and dash off for her grocerery shopping😷. Her cool pockets houses her phone and wallet conveniently freeing her from the burden of carrying a bag or holding too many things. KIRAN is just a HAPPY BIRD


UK8-UK18:  ₦8,500

5. Happy Abby


Happy Abby is the perfect definition of Vibrance. It reminds me of waterfalls, and sunsets too. Can you see it too? This beauty pairs well with hot pants to give you that “Boss Lady” look. You can throw on a pair of jeans and some sandals to look laid back and relaxed. Any how it’s paired, you’ll give off the look of a confident, happy lady.


Now there are only limited pieces in the Happy Collection, and if I were you, I would grab mine now! Not later, but now!

Click on this link to make an order immediately

Check out other beautiful pieces by Bosh Designs here

Bosh Designs is social. Click on the links below to connect with them:

Instagram: @BoshDesigns

Facebook: @Bosh Designs



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