Introducing: The Modern Woman Collection by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

The Donna Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

Incoming: Some banging pieces in the Modern Woman Collection by Tahiry Teniola Clothings. Trust me when I say that these outfits will make heads turn when you rock them. I’m a fan of  bright/ daring colors and styles and I guess that’s why I am particularly excited about this new collection.

Just before I show you some of these amazing pieces, let me introduce you to Tahiry Teniola Clothings.

They are a brand that makes ready-to-wear dresses for all shapes and sizes of women. If you’re passionate about fashion and trendy fits, then you simply have got to try “TTC(like I call them). If you’re not following them on their social media pages  yet, you need to so right now. Don’t stress, I’ll get the details for you.

Instagram: @TahiryTeniolaClothings

Facebook: @TahiryTeniolaClothings

Now that you know a bit about TTC, let’s get you drooling as I show you some of my favorite pieces from the Modern Woman Collection”

  1. The Bella Dress


The Chioma Set by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

What appeals to me most about the Bella dress is it’s versatility. It fit rights into every occasion, and can be worn every and anywhere. It definitely is for the Modern Woman who is always on the go, and loves to have multi-functional outfits.

Price:  14,500 Naira

2. The Chioma Set


If you’re a huge fan of Floral Crepe, then this one is certainly for you as well. The Chioma set comprises a collared shirt with Bishop sleeves, and loose pants. This would be fit if you’re looking to go for a casual ( but not under dressed look). It’s the perfect balance if you ask me. The beauty about this set is the many options it gives as you can rock them individually or together.

Price: 14,000 Naira

3. The Titi Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings


Features: A collared shirt, long sleeves, and pleats at the hip! The “Boss Lady” air this dress gives the wearer is second to none. Wear it to work, meetings and make those boss moves, girl!

Price: 13,500 Naira

4. The Donna dress


The Donna Dress by Tahiry Teniola Clothings

What occasion comes to mind to rock this dress? I would say a “Wednesday” work day. This would fit right for work dinner too. Simple, Chic and classy.

Price: 10,500 Naira

5. The Diana Dress


Whoosh! This is the emoji that comes to mind:😍🤤 (Scratch that, one emoji can’t be enough). I’m drooling just imagining how good this dress would look on me. It’s the perfect definition of sexy but modest. It’s definitely one I’d wear on a date with Mr Hot guy😜😜. You could even pair it with a jacket (or a wear a shirt inside) for work too.

Price: 8,000 Naira

6.The Harriet dress

The Harriet Dress by Tahiry Teniola Set

Just when I think I have a fave, I just see another one that I like more. Introducing: The Harriet dress! If you’re one who loves a little drama, then this one is definitely a keeper. You could wear it to a wedding, brunch, or even social event!

Price: 10,000 Naira

7. The Michelle Set

The Michelle Set by Tahiry Teniola Clothings


The puff sleeves on the michelle set are a vibe on their own. This is another ideal outfit for work, or meetings too. It’s the definition of professional yet stylish.

Price: 13,000 Naira

There’s a lot more where that came from, and if you want to see the rest of the Tahiry Teniola Clothings Modern Woman Collection, click on this link

Now, have you seen your favorite dress, click on this link to place an order right away!


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