What to consider when planning a collaboration

Effectively, change is almost impossible without industry-wide collaboration, cooperation, and consensus.

-Simon Mainwaring

A business collaboration is an excellent way of getting things done for your business, especially when you are looking to leverage on the audience and resources of other businesses to actualize your business dreams or idea.

Collaborations could throw in a lot of relief in solving a business challenge. They also present opportunities to build the network you need to massively grow your business.
In truth “one tree cannot make a forest”. However, just before you decide to go all in to enjoy the benefits of collaboration, there are certain questions you should not only ask yourself but also have well defined answers for.


    Collaborations are not “parasitic” schemes where one party spends and the other party grows.

    Rather, they are more “symbiotic” in operation and are mutually beneficial to both parties at the long run.

    So, while you look after your own interests, you also want to think of what benefits the other party would gain partnering with you.

    Make sure the value you’re offering is one you’d like to receive if the roles were reversed.


The pressure to “flow with the tide” when it comes to working with others could escalate. This might force you as a partner to agree decisions and ideas that could turn out to be detrimental to your own business goals.

What are your business goals? Does your intending partner have similar goals?
Knowing all of these will ensure that you both are in the same league.



A whole lot of excitements envelopes the thought of “available resources” when it comes to collaborating with the “big fishes”.

Yes, you want to get right to work and finally bring that idea to fruition, you want to start with that fantastic project that no one has done before, Nice!

before you go all out and invest your time and resources into an idea with your collaborators, you might want to try it out on a smaller scale and see how it performs.
Doing that will help you determine if its something you want to do in the long run.


Collaborations can be time consuming, especially with a poorly selected strategy.

It becomes a serious risk when targets have been set and deadlines for delivery have been put in place and you cannot put in the extra number of hours required to pull it off.

This could lead to frustration and ultimately loss of money and investments on both ends at the long run.
So, determine beforehand, how much time you are willing to spend (planning and preparation), and how much of your regular business time you are willing to spare.


This is the most important part of any form of business agreement. All parties are to be well and duly informed of the legal implications of their actions in business. This is to be done by a lawyer.

When collaborations fail, all parties tend to go emotional about loss and hence things could go awry between both parties. That is why it is very important that both parties come to a legal agreement binding all parties involved and the course of action that should be taken as pertaining to the existing business law of the country at that particular time.

After considering these factors, you’re well on your way to planning a collaboration that will hugely boost your business.

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Did I hear you say Leather-Inspired Gifts?

Yes! You heard it right. Leathers are the perfect gift for anyone. Whether it be bags, shoes, wristwatches, cardholders, briefcases, clutches or what have you, when it comes to boxing up Leather as a gift for that special person, you can never go wrong.

If you are looking for quality and affordable Leather brands in Nigeria you can trust, no worries! We have curated this list just for you.

  1. Miraoma Luxury

Miraoma logo

Mira Oma is a luxury brand distinct in creating quality leather accessories made with an African twist.Its uniqueness is accredited to innovative fusion of ethnic fabrics, ornaments and exotic leather materials.

Miraoma shoes

Bags from Miraoma

Specializing in clutches, totes, cardholders, briefcases, cross body and messenger bags, their designs are exquisitely for men and women.

Miraoma bag set


You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

2. Morin O

morin o

Using the finest of Leather from Nigeria, Italy, India and skin farms in Africa, all Morin.O handbags and accessories are handcrafted to accentuate your style.

Morin O red bag

morin O pink bag


All these and more make their leather products ranging from handbags, travel accessories to belts and wallets the perfect gift item.


morin 0 leather slippers

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

3. Oba Couture
Oba couture logo

When it comes to Luxury and Leathery Finesse, Oba couture is your brand!



Their products include handbags, sandals, shoes and other leather goods with a culture of fine craftsmanship, design and innovation. Their products make just the perfect gift for anyone.

You can visit their Instagram page

4. Ethnik By Tunde Owolabi

ethnik logo

Ethnik’s design philosophy is to produce sustainable fashion accessories that are uniquely Afrocentric, drawing inspiration from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria and other African cultures by telling their story through patterns and colors woven into beautiful fabrics.

ethnik bag and shoe
Ethnik boasts only of the highest quality and skillfully crafted leather products ranging from bags, to matching shoes and other accessories.

bag by ethnik bag by ethnik

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

5. Pere Lei

pere lei

PereLei is also a leather goods brand that creates finely crafted leather pieces utilizing the finest array of colors, textures and skins.

Products include bags, shoes accessories, corporate souvenirs and other Leather inspired gifts.

6. O’eclat


Oeclat logo

O’Eclat Designs (pronounced O-eyklah) produces premium quality and affordable handcrafted leather handbags and accessories inspired by the rich African culture and tradition.

oeclat bag

oeclat belt bag

Just one glance at any of their products and you will have found just the perfect gift for that special person.

oeclat purse

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.


7. Detail Africa Luxury

logo detail africa

Yes! They put in the most careful detail to all of their leather products with classy urban and contemporary touches. Detail Africa design their products through excellent craftsmanship and is evident in their outlooks and quality of the products.

Bag detail africa back pack detail africa

And yes! They are affordable. Browse through their collection for your choice of gift items today.

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

Looking for quality Boots made in Nigeria?

As far as footwears are concerned, boots always seem to get more work done than regular shoes. While shoes are busy arguing semantics in a boardroom, boots are out in the garage actually doing work.

Boots are relatively versatile, as they can suit both casual and formal styles and in addition to comfort, they also provide good support for the feet.

Over the years, a few things have been found to be the true points of attraction to quality boots – Craftsmanship, how long these brands have been making products, overall rebellion against cheap widely popular footwear that has no soul, no longevity, and no visual appeal.

Unfortunately, boot lovers have to resort to seeking for renown brands abroad and have to wait out long periods of time, and also pay outrageous shipping fees before these products can be delivered in their own country.


BootsbyMetal is a boots brand that not only prides in the fact that it is fast becoming the trademark for quality boots over the years, but also in the fact that it is made in Nigeria.

BootsbyMetal boasts of world class quality products and knows exactly what to consider when producing for all classes of customers.

All Sizes

One of the major concerns for people with under and beyond average-sized feet when considering boots is if their sizes are currently in stock. Nobody wants to get a pair of kicks that lacks or shoots a couple of inches because they can’t readily find their size. All sizes can be purchased readily from any of the retail stores and in very rare cases where you want something even more fitted and streamlined, you could opt for the Custom Build option.

Comfortable insoles

The insole is the inner part of the shoe that touches the sole of the foot. A good insole supports each part of the foot but remains flexible and adapts to the foot’s movement.

You can test for comfortable insoles by walking around, standing on the tip of your toes to see if your toes have enough space to stretch out without being pushed to the tip and top of the shoe.

These boots have been specially patterned to grip the heel just right so you can walk comfortably.


The flexibility of the outside and top of the boot are important, as those parts also affect comfort. Quality Boots must be flexible enough to bend slightly but not so much as to bend in half. Also, there is support for the arch section of the boots which not only enhances fluid movement but also helps maintain balance as well.


Quality Materials to suit your Lifestyle

These locally made boots are made from different materials such as Leather, from full-grain to nubuck, animal skin, or synthetic fabrics such as cordura, which are resistant to abrasions.

Leather boots soften and mold to your feet as you use them, but they require extra care to keep the leather from cracking.

Meanwhile, synthetic material is easier to maintain but usually lacks the classic elegance leather boots offer.

BootsbyMetal offers a wide range of options to suit your lifestyle and your willingness to look after the material.

 Boots bymetal shoes



As we proceed further into the year, some may choose to refresh their style, including giving boots a try and others may choose to try out a new brand. Here are some good reasons to get yourself a pair of Metal boots:

• Top Notch Quality
• Affordability
• Easy purchase with local currency
• Custom Build Services
• Wide range of choices
• No time delays in purchase and delivery

Want to order now?
Visit www.bootsbymetal.com to place your order now!

Why should creative businesses join a community?


           “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”
              – Helen Keller

Many businesses today play the solitude game, and it has become profoundly important to drive conversations that spell out the need for creative businesses to join relevant business communities.

It is especially important for small businesses trying to sell and carve a niche for themselves locally to leverage on the inummerable benefits that come along with being part of a community where focus is directed more on partnerships, collaboration, and positive work culture.

How community membership benefits your business
  • A Sense of Connection

One major benefit a community provides is a unique support network for businesses (and individuals) that lends something that we all look for: a sense of belonging. That feeling of being connected and accepted by your peers is important for our personal growth and development.

By feeling like you belong, you have the confidence to take risks and try new things – which is the only way we can grow as a business and as a professional.


By feeling like you belong, you have the confidence to take risks and try new things – which is the only way we can grow as a business and as a professional.

  • Access to seasoned professionals

Another major advantage of belonging to one of these communities is getting access to seasoned professionals who have seen it all and have some great “war stories” to share.

Not only do these mentors have great advice about proven best strategies, but these more experienced professionals also know a lot more people than you do and are often willing to connect you to additional resources.

Numbers are the real strength of a community. While being an entrepreneur can be exciting and satisfying, it’s also challenging, so it helps to know you have the support of an entire community.

Strength in Numbers
Whether you want to form a coalition to challenge industry regulations or just need someone to listen, having peers to support you is critical.


  • Leadership/ Training Opportunities

Actively participating in community groups will eventually get you the chance to step forward and distinguish yourself as a thought leader within your industry.

You can help others, teach them, guide them to achieve more with the help of your unique experience. You’ll

  • Attention to industry trend movements

It is easy to work in a vacuum, handling daily operations, putting out fires, and living and breathing your own business.

However, you may find that it distracts you from what is going on around you, including events and breakthroughs that impact your industry or the overall business environment.

industry trend movement

Joining a community keeps you attuned to what is happening that could impact your business, as well as to ideas that might change your strategy or perception of what your customers need and want.

If you’re a creative business owner, and need a supportive community where you can get access to perks like:

Trading funds without collateral

Discounts and notifications on exhibition on Opportunities

Trainings to help grow your business, and lots more, you need to join the Bellafricana family.

The Bellafricana community boasts of a network of like minded creative businesses, who look out for each other, and treat one another as family. See what a Bellafricana Member has to say about this:

Didi Green

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How the new finance bill affects businesses in Nigeria

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari not too long ago signed the Finance bill into law.

The Finance bill subsequently amended to “The Finance Act” saw to it that Value Added Tax (VAT) formerly 5% was increased to 7.5% for any product and services sold in Nigeria.

The President in a bid to shed light on the decision had explained that:
“This Finance Bill has five strategic objectives in terms of achieving incremental but necessary changes to our fiscal laws”

These objectives are:

  • Promoting fiscal equity by mitigating instances of regressive taxation
  • Reforming domestic tax laws to align with global best practice
  • Introducing tax incentives for investments in infrastructure and capital markets
  • Supporting Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses in line with our Ease of Doing Business Reforms; and Raising Revenues for Government.

The new law states that small businesses with a turnover of less than N25 million are to be exempted from Companies Income Tax, while it lowers the tax rate for companies making up to N100 million from 30 percent to 20 percent.

This is expected to come as a relief to the lot of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria, most of which already struggle to stay afloat in a hostile business environment.

What the increase in VAT really means

When the rate was 5%, it means that for a price of ₦1000 the buyer will pay an extra of ₦50 as VAT to government making the bill a total of ₦1050. If the item is to be used or for consumption, then that is where the VAT story ends.

But if the Item is to be sold, or used to produce something else which will be sold at say₦1500, then VAT of ₦75 needs to be charged, so the buyer pays ₦1575.

Since the first buyer payed VAT of ₦50 (input VAT) when the initial item was bought, he/she is entitled to deduct it from the VAT of ₦75 just charged (output VAT) and only pay the difference of ₦25 ( ₦75 – ₦50) to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

The above scenario is the same but the VAT has now been increased from 5 percent to 7.5 percent.

A Positive Effect?

Small and Medium scale enterprises in Nigeria are starved of capital as poor access to finance constitutes a major constraint for businesses.

Similar challenges encountered by the sector include the high cost of doing business and multiplicity of taxes, a problem the new bill looks to eliminate.

In analysis of the bill, some industry players had this to say:

“The initiative is laudable and the modifications to the fiscal rules around taxation are clearly aimed at creating an enabling business environment and alleviating the tax burden for small and medium enterprises”
-KPMG (accounting firm)

“With unrestricted access into the bank accounts of companies, businesses are now open to paying taxes more than ever. And to reduce tax evasion”
-Tayo Oluwole (Tax consultant)

“It is clear the amendments that the Act makes to existing tax laws will have a “significant impact” on businesses operating in the country.”
-Andersen Tax (website)

In consideration of standard of living and ease of doing business, the Finance Bill seeks to cushion the harsh effects of the 7.5% VAT by introducing other palliative measures.

For example, stamp duty on receipts became ₦50 for every transaction worth ₦10,000 and above, instead of the ₦1,000 threshold earlier used by banks.

Also, for Company Income Tax (CIT), businesses with a turnover of less than N25 million will be exempted.

CIT for businesses with sales of between 25 to 100 million falls from 30% to 20%. Also,businesses which pay their taxes on time will get a reprieve of 2%.


What do you think of the new finance bill? Have you started implementing it in your business? I would love to know!


Valentine’s day gift packages on a budget

Valentine is around the corner. With so many things on your mind, you might have forgotten to get that special someone a gift. Don’t fret, they’ll understand if you chose February 14th (of all days) to show how much you mean to them.

Wait, before you give up, there just might be a solution. Say you’re stuck in a sea of options and you’ve got to do last minute shopping on a budget, there are some places that come highly recommended where you can get your loved one budget-friendly gifts this valentine’s day. Let’s dive right in:

1. Beautiful Hand printed fabric:

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric

Step outside the box and dazzle your loved one with beautiful, hand printed fabric from Mimiremi Textiles.

These fabric come in a variety of designs and colors, all crafted with care, reflecting how much you feel about that special one.

What you’ll love the most is them is how inexpensive they are. A yard goes for ₦4,000 only

Hard to believe right? Place your orders right away.

Visit them on Instagram here

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2. Beautiful Briefcase Package:

Valentines package from detail africa












Treat your loved one like the boss they are. Get them this economic valentine’s package from Detail Africa. In this package, you get:

  • A briefcase with a customised tag.
  • Product packaging
  • Selected photograph with a special valentine’s card
  •  Freshly cut roses ( for females only)

Price : ₦50,000

Order today

Visit them on Instagram and make an order here

3. Love themed Throw pillows:

Get all lovey-dovey with customized throw pillows from Adire Lounge.

You also get to select a box  containing throw pillows, scented candles, adire printed mugs, tote bags, and lots more. Set the right mood with these and more.

Select your preference below:

Valentine's package for Him Adire Lounge
Valentine's package for her
Price: ₦20,000
Throw pillows from Adire Lounge
Price ₦3800, Big throw pilllows: ₦5,000

Throw pillows frrom adire Lounge


Connect with adire lounge on Instagram here

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4. Handbags for the one you love:

Naserian bag by Tunde OwolabiNaserian bag by Tunde Owolabi

Make Valentine special for the one you love with this Naserian bag, or the Utu bag in all their glory from Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

A tasty blend of Asooke and leather, these bags are the perfect gift for her. You need to order this beauty?

Click on this link to connect with Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

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5. Scented candles to set the mood:

Scented candles from dach 2

Set the right mood for valentine’s day with relaxing, aromatherapic candles made of musk, amber and rose. Or you could  settle for the pink champagne and Pomelo. From prices as low as ₦5,500 you can literally sniff love in the air. Dach Home and body is here to take your orders.

Visit Dach Home and Body’s  instagram feed here

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6.  Scented Perfume Oils

Perfume oils from Tiwi

Tiwi home fragrances has a range of scented perfume oils which you can gift your loved ones that special day.  Sensuelle. Rose and mask. Oudh Arabia. Oudh Savour. Any flavours you choose sends the right message and will serenade your loved one.

Connect with Tiwi Home Fragrances on Instagram here

You can place an order here to get your scented perfume oils.

7. Lover’s  Foot pack

Foot bombs by sahara sunrise

Take this as a bonus. It comprises the Foot balm, Foot mask, Foot soak bath bomb, and peppermint foot scrub. Use it to give your love a pedicure. It is endearing, caring and sensual!

I suggest you wear the free Valentine hat while giving the pedicure for a good laugh! Price: ₦4,000.

Connect with Sahara Sunrise on Instagram here

Order for your foot pack here

Are you ready to stun that special someoene this valentine’s day? Select any (or all 😂) of the gift ideas above, and you’ll be glad you did.

11 Places in Africa to spend Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is just a few days away and a romantic getaway always readily comes to mind.
If you are still stuck as to where to go this year, this is a well curated list of eleven romantic destination spots within Africa that you should consider visiting to have a memorable Valentine’s day experience.

1. Casablanca, Morocco
Source: https://mcmillaninn.com/

Without a doubt, Morocco’s largest city is a wonder to behold.  From the busy city landscape to the calm waters by the beach, Casablanca is a must-see for lovers and adventurers. There is plenty to see and do in this Arab city.

It is filled with ancient architecture with records of French influences and couples can spend a day exploring old buildings or shopping at the largest mall in Africa, the Morocco Mall.

2. Capetown, South Africa
Cape town, south africa

Often tagged as one of the best places in the world to visit, Cape Town, South Africa serves travelers and tourists with expansive views of the Table Mountain.

Couples can spend a day at the Cape Town Waterfront taking cruises and tours or just enjoying lunch or tea at one of the best restaurants in South Africa.

If you’re the classy type, set a course for the Cape Winelands to engage in wine tasting adventures only an hour from the city Centre. The scenic vineyards allow for an intimate time with that special someone.

3. Badagry, Nigeria

Whispering Palms is located within the lush tropical landscape, swaying palm trees and pristine beaches of Badagry.

Badagry, Nigeria

Toast your special moment together with an intimate luxury sunset ride on the beach, or indulge in a romantic dinner with your partner while watching the sunset.

The resorts offer various amenities such as a mini zoo, classic restaurants and comfortable hotel rooms that will definitely enhance the mood throughout your stay.

This is an ideal destination for those seeking romance or utter relaxation.

4. Port Louis, Mauritius


Port louis, Mauritius

Located in Mauritius, Port Louis is an island nation off the eastern coast of Africa.
It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and is home to some of the island’s finest resorts and the Flic en Flac Beach, known for its beautiful turquoise lagoon.

5. Diani, Kenya
Diani, Kenya

Diani, Kenya is often described as a tropical paradise, and for good reason. The Diani Beach has shallow waters at the shore, perfect for intimate romantic dips in the Indian Ocean.

For an unforgettable valentine getaway, get up early to watch the sunrise by the beautiful beach and palm trees or relax on the white sands while watching the sunset.

6. Accra, Ghana
Accra Ghana

Labadi Beach has been known as Ghana’s most beautiful beach for many years. It fosters an atmosphere for romance with the Atlantic Ocean washing over its coast, swinging waves back and forth to create a beautiful backdrop for lovers.

Every visit to Labadi Beach welcomes you with a concert or performance booming with youthful energy unlike any you’ve experienced elsewhere.

The beach is located in the Greater Accra region of Ghana which gives you the opportunity to shop for African food, attires and souvenirs.

7. Kaduna, Nigeria
Kaduna, Nigeria

This enchanting medieval style resort sits amidst the Kajuru village in the trade city of Kaduna. The hideaway is perfect for couples dreaming of a romantic haven with spectacular views, peace and tranquility, glittering night and nature at its best.

Wake up to spectacular views of Kajuru village and enjoy breakfast served with true ‘Naija’ hospitality. Enjoy a barbeque or cookout and relax by the pool. If you are in the mood for some self-care, head to the sauna and loosen up your nerves.

Kajuru is an ideal place to visit for an awesome romantic getaway.

8. Zanzibar, Tanzania
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar may be one of the most famous archipelagos in the Indian Ocean, but there’s more to it than luxury hotels and infinity pools.

Even besides the beaches and the safaris, numerous romantic adventures await you and the lover. For instance, you could enjoy a quiet retreat, at Chakwa, a modest fishing village, and watch the pink sunrise over Michamvi Peninsula.

9. Calabar, Nigeria
Calabar, Nigeria

Deep in coastal southeastern Nigeria lies the great Obudu hills. Wrapped around the multicultural ethnicity of the people of Calabar, the city and the hills are filled with numerous wonders stretching further than the eyes can see.

One can explore the modern city untouched by the effects of political unrest, or explore the captivating hills. At only a few minutes by air to Calabar, couples can take a short weekend trip while still enjoying a great valentine experience.

`10. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital city situated in the magnificent Ethiopian Highlands creating a cool and pleasant atmosphere for love.

An ancient city bursting with culture, Addis Ababa has more to offer than meets the eye. Couples can take time out for African safaris at Omo Valley and discover ancient tribes and animals.

Coffee lovers will be thrilled to learn that Addis Ababa has an engaging coffee culture, famous for its locally made coffee variant. Addis Ababa is one of the most affordable cities to visit in Africa so you can have a great time without burning a hole in your pocket.

11. Cape Verde, Senegal
Kappverde, senegal

Cape Verde is fast rising among favorite vacation destinations in Africa. And what’s not to love about it? From the local cuisine, to whale watching, to the rich upbeat dances, you’re sure to have a swell time with your loved one. Also, don’t forget to jump in the sand dunes while you’re there.
Go on, have lots of fun!

Meet Bukola Asafa, creative director for Oba Couture


Africa is blessed with talented creatives, and Bukola Asafa, CEO of Nigerian  brand, Oba Couture is not an exception. Her amazing shoe and bag collections all have indigenous names, and that’s one thing we love about her brand. Read on to see what else there is to know about Oba Couture.


Please introduce yourself and your background.

My name is Olubukola Asafa, I was born into a family of five comprising of myself, mum, dad, 2 brothers and 1 sister.
My Dad worked with the Nigerian Television Authority and my mum was an Entrepreneur. I was born in Ilorin, Kwara State, and moved to Lagos at age 3.
I attended Queen’s College ( Yaba, Lagos) for my secondary school education, then went to the University of Abuja for my tertiary education.


Tell us about your work. How did Oba Couture Limited start?

It started in 2011 while studying for my MBA. I wanted to be an Entrepreneur and I wanted to start to implement all that I was learning.

Prior to that, I had been praying to God for direction. I started selling readymade shoes and bags, but because I love to create and work with my hands, I knew that I had to start making them.

I also noticed that a lot of footwear and bags which were made in Nigeria always claimed to be ‘Made in Italy’. I had many questions and so I decided I would make a difference and bring ‘made in Nigeria’ back. That was my mission.

Brown Leather sandals from Oba Couture
OBA ‘Laura’ smooth leather sandal.
How did you come about the name and what does it mean?

OBA means KING in Yoruba Language, but the brand OBA is referring to GOD the King of all Kings. OBA is also my initials: OLUBUKOLA BODUNDE ASAFA.

Croc leather bag
OBA ‘Donna’ embossed croc skin bag
What is your niche and how did you know it was a market to get into?

My niche market is buyers like me who are fashionable and want something unique and of exceptional quality.

Where do you get the inspiration for your products?

I get inspired from everyday living, time spent with loved ones, my quiet time, and sometimes just interacting with my customers.

Can you remember one of the first products you made? What makes it memorable?

Yes. I remember a bag I made for my Pastor  (Pastor Mrs. Bemigho).

She ordered a bag to encourage me when I just started. It was an ankara bag and what makes it memorable is that it was made of carton (lol).

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

Some of the challenges are poor infrastructure, inadequate power supply, lack of adequate skill, and unfair competition with imported shoes and bags.

OBA 'Remah' snake skin bag
OBA ‘Remah’ snake skin bag
Do you have any regrets venturing into this line of business?

I have no regrets whatsoever. I love what I do and I am very passionate about my craft.

What is your most popular product?

Hmm.  It’s difficult to say which one, but customers tend to purchase our unique line of male sandals more than the rest. So I guess those are more popular (lol).


Oba couture male sandal
Oba couture male sandal
OBA 'Harold' sandal
OBA ‘Harold’ sandal
To what extent do you draw upon your Nigerian (African) heritage for your work?

Our exotic leathers are gotten from the northern part of Nigeria. We also try to make our products as natural as can be. We do not use the professional processing machines used abroad, and most of our products have unique African names.

What are some of your short term and long term goals, both in your business and life in general?

For my business, my Short term goals are: Engaging in more unique strategies for sales and marketing , getting the word out and making our products more accessible to our target audience.

My long term  business goals would be building a sustainable brand that will stand the test of time and build a lasting legacy.

For life in general, my short term goals would be to  read more books and exercise more. In the long term, I’m working towards eating healthier, making every second count and impacting the world positively.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a shy girl

What profession would you be in if you weren’t in this Industry?

I would be a Lawyer

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business in your industry, what would it be?

Do not despise the days of humble beginnings, you don’t have to start big you can start small and then grow.

And finally, please share images of some of your work and tell us a little about each product, and their Prices

OBA ‘Tutu’ crocodile skin bag is made of original crocodile skin and is our most expensive product. It is priced at N220,000.

Oba Tutu croc bag
Oba Tutu croc bag

I also have the OBA ‘Lala’ bag which has an edgy front flap which makes it unique it is priced at N40,000.

Oba Lala Bag
Oba Lala Bag



See more beautiful bags and Footwear by Oba Couture

Entering the Export Market: What you should know About Trade Missions


Trade missions are an important indicator of expansion. They are crucial for creative businesses within Africa willing to enter new markets, mainly to facilitate, streamline and optimize the process that must be followed to export to many countries.

How do Trade Missions Work?

Trade missions are pre-arranged working trips that are conducted by organizations, to serve the interest of exporters.

A trade mission brings together suppliers and potential customers in one place for a few days of intensive meet-and-greets and matchmaking.

Generally organized by governments, in conjunction with trade groups, trade missions allow a lot of business to be done within a short period.

Why go on Trade Missions?

The trade mission allows you to gain better market intelligence to expand your markets.

In terms of marketing, a well-organized and properly lead trade mission is a great leveraging tool.

What do Trade Missions offer?

A well-organized trade mission provides expert service and assistance to include the following activities:

  • Qualify potential customers pertinent to your company’s product.
  • Identify potential representation partners.
  • Provide contact with government and public officials.
  • Offer translation as needed.
  •  Arrange logistics, including local transportation, accommodations, appointments, and meeting facilities.

How do you get the most out of Trade Missions?

TradeMission Meetings

First, clearly define your expectations for participating on the trip. (Be sure to write specific, simple and quantifiable objectives).

The second most important criterion to get the most out of a trade mission is to provide your mission leader with a one-page profile. This should be sent as far in advance as possible. One page is preferred as it can be faxed, emailed and handed out in pre-mission recruiting activity.

What should your profile contain?

The first item of your profile should clearly state a one-paragraph description of your company.

Second on the list should be a paragraph explaining, in lay terminology, your product or service.

Next, you should include an explanation of the type of company and person you need to meet with.

The fourth item to include is a brief list of your most important expectations.

This one-page profile makes it easier for the mission leader to understand how to best help you.
It will also be a constant reminder to keep you focused and on track before and during your mission.


In summary, a well-organized and clearly defined trade mission can be one of your best marketing and sales tools to help you grow your creative business internationally.

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Electricity Tariff Increase in Nigeria: How It Affects Businesses

Dear Business Owner in Nigeria,

Are you aware that come April 1st, 2020, you’ll be paying a lot more for electricity  than you presently do?  If you aren’t, there’s been an electricity price increase in Nigeria. This is no “April Fool” Prank. It’s the sad reality.

In the tariff review clarification notice from the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED), the Discos said the tariffs would change from April 2020. “The tariffs shall remain an equivalent as they presently are (i.e. 2015 levels) until April 1, 2020 when there will be an increment to cater for tariff shortfall”. This shortfalls or losses shall be gradually passed on to the buyer until this is fully completed by the end of 2021.

According to the PUNCH newspapers, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), has approved that an additional N8 to N14 per Kilowatt hour, will be added to the present tariff.


Let’s say you spend an average of N3 per Kwh, and you use, say 12,000 Kwh monthly. That’s 36,000 right? ( Still a lot but what can you do?). Now imagine that an extra N8 is added to the daily cost. That means you’ll pay N11 * 12,000. That’s N132,000 monthly! Wow!

Electricity Tariff Increase in Nigeria: How It Affects Your Business and what you can do about it

As a business in Nigeria, a constant struggle is trying to keep expenses to a minimum. With the unanticipated shoot in the cost of electricity, how are businesses being affected by the increasing cost of this unavoidable business expense?


  1. Increment in budget for power: Due to the tariff increase, Business owners will be forced to increase the amount budgeted for power. This might negatively affect the running cost of the business.
    Budget for Power
  2. High Running Cost of Buying Fuel: The increase of electricity tariff coupled with the low supply of electricity will lead to an increment of the daily consumption of Petroleum products by Business owners. High running cost of buying fuel
  3. Risk of Folding up: For businesses heavily reliant on electricity, the risk of closure might rear its ugly head. This might in turn, spike up the rate of unemployment.What then can you do, to ensure that this unanticipated electricity tariff increase doesn’t run your business to the ground?Consider Other Energy AlternativesBiofuel

    One of such alternatives is having renewable forms of energy supplying energy consumption demand at a business premises.

    Using the likes of biomass, wind and solar systems to deliver energy can help businesses save on energy bills, as well as help reduce their contribution to climate change.

    Solar Inverters and Bio Fuel might be Cheaper alternatives to the cascading power supply, in the long run. So, why not make some research and see if it’s a viable option?

    Installing a Prepaid Meter

    If you don’t already use one, a pre-paid electricity meter in your work environment may be a way to help you better monitor your electricity spend and usage.

    While this won’t cost you less in terms of cost per kilowatt hour, you’ll be more conscious of your electricity usage, as well as how much it is costing you per day. 

    Prepaid Meter: Alternative for Electricity


Limiting your Electricity Consumption

Remember the Warren Buffet Quote: “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”
So, you might need to take a step back and do some analysis. Discard or reduce use of equipment you might not be needing. This will help motivate you to lower your electricity usage and better budget your monthly electricity spend.


Know better solutions to dealing with this  Electricity Increase Tariff in Nigeria? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!


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