Looking for Quality Wristwatches in Nigeria? Check out Crivel Watches

Crivel Tres Driver Box

Looking for quality Wristwatches in Nigeria? Well, look no farther. I am proud to announce to you a brand that is “the perfect liaison between modern technology and watch making artisanry at the highest level”, Crivel Wristwatches.

You know at Bellafricana, we’re passionate about quality African-owned businesses, and so we’ll bring you only the best, and nothing less.

Just before I gist all about the beauty of these wristwatches by Crivel, how do you identify a good watch?

Let’s start with:

1. The watch crystal

A good quality watch should have crystal made of either Sapphire or Mineral Glass. Acrylic glass is cheaper but scratches easily. So, if you’re thinking quality, then avoid Acrylic glass watches at all costs. Crivel watches are made from the fine, sturdy mineral glass, guaranteed to last.


Crivel Tres Driver Box


2. The quality of the straps.

Some wristwatches have their straps electroplated, or of poor quality leather which will wear out due to friction. And for a watch you bought so expensively, it would be heart-wrenching to wear a watch that doesn’t take long for its straps to give.

If it is a leather wristwatch, Genuine leather is your best bet. There are some good synthetic leather (e.g. PU Leather) that will withstand the test of time. However, genuine leather is still most preferable. Crivel Wristwatches use high quality genuine leather that is long-lasting.


3.  Its Artistry

If you’re looking for quality wristwatches in Nigeria, you should look out for their uniqueness. Wristwatch making is a tedious process, and a watchmaker’s love for his craft is evident in the total outlook of the wristwatch. As for a Crivel wristwatch, you only need to take one look at it to pronounce it a masterpiece.


Now, that we know what to look out for when shopping quality wristwatches, let’s explore some of our favorite watches from Crivel.


  1. Crivel “Deluxo” Wristwatch

Crivel Deluxo watch



  • Mineral Glass
  • Water Resistance : 3 ATM
  • Available in Blue, Black, Brown, Grey Strap
  • Available in Black or White watch faces
  • Available in Gold or Silver watch case
  • Case Size (watch face) : 45mm
  • Band Size (size of strap) : 22mm
  • Regular Watch Glass

PRICE: 75,000.00

To order, click on this link



2. The Crixel “Tres” Watch


Crivel Tres Driver


  • Mineral Glass
  • Water Resistance : 3 ATM
  • Available in Blue, Black, Brown, Grey Strap
  • Available in Black or White watch faces
  • Available in Gold or Silver watch case
  • Case Size (watch face) : 45mm
  • Band Size (size of strap) : 22mm
  • Regular Watch Glass

Price: 46,000.00

To order, click on this link



3. Crivel “Classic” Watch

Crivel Classic in Red



  • Mineral Glass
  • Water Resistance : 2 ATM
  • Available in Blue, Black, Brown, Grey Strap
  • Available in Black or White watch faces
  • Available in Gold or Silver watch case
  • Case Size (watch face) : 40mm
  • Band Size (size of strap) : 2omm
  • Regular Watch Glass

Price: ₦43,000.00

To order, click on this link

Which of these watches do you prefer? Pick your favorite, and make an order NOW!

Crivel is social too. Follow them on:

Instagram: @crivelofficial

Facebook: @crivelofficial

Twitter: @crivelofficial

You can also check out the website here

E-Commerce Store Alternatives Business Owners Can Try for Free

E-commerce Stores

 E-Commerce Store Alternatives Business Owners Can Try for Free

Whether you’re a startup or a small business owner, you’ll agree with me that having an e-commerce store/ website is very important for business. An e-commerce can help broaden your brand in ways beyond imagination.

What are the benefits of having an e-commerce store?


1. An E-commerce is like a 24-hour sales person

Unlike humans that close up shop, your e-commerce website will be there 24 hours. And people can shop and visit all round the clock, without you being there to coordinate the shopping process.

2. It Increases your Brand’s Visibility

If you’re thinking of expanding your brand’s outreach, an e-commerce store the way to go. With a well-optimized website, your brand’s chances of being found through SEO will increase. The more your brand comes up in the search engine, the more likely people are to buy from you.

3.  It is a healthy option these days

With the inception of the Corona Virus, physical contact is not advisable, right? An e-commerce website is the best way to ensure this. There is absolutely no need for physical contact, as the entire transaction will be done online.

4. It is convenient

Another great thing about an e-commerce website is the ease of doing business. The consumer doesn’t need to go through the hassle of physical buying, and can shop from wherever, whenever. You the seller, also have the convenience of making sales right from the comfort of your home.

Now, that we have established that an e-commerce store is important? What if you can’t afford one just yet?


Well, keep reading. Because I have compiled for alternative e-commerce stores that are free, and are resourceful. Ready? Let’s start.

1. Paystack Commerce


Recently, Paystack launched an e-commerce store, packed with resourceful tools complete with product links, where you can add images, vides, prices, GIFs and lots more. It also comes with easy delivery options, an inventory/ order tracker, and lots more. The best part? It comes at Zero cost. Yes, it’s absolutely free.

To get started, click here 


2. Flutterwave Store


Flutterwave store also launched a store in light of the COVID-19 occurrence to encourage  people to #keepthelightson seeing as business owners might have a hard time bouncing back. This store is absolutely free, and convenient. Want to register? You can try it here

3. Visa.com


Visa.com.ng also launched an amazing e-commerce store that business owners can get for free, plus an additional $200 in advertising. Fantastic right? I agree too. You might want to give it a try

4. Whatsapp Catalogue


This isn’t really an e-commerce store, but the catalogue option gives you the opportunity to get your products, along with their prices all in one place. And with the addition of a catalogue link, it’s much more easier to have your potential customer glance through all your products and make a selection. No stress, no hassle.

We recently had a hands-on, practical session on how to setup your Whatsapp Catalogue. The session was hosted by one of our talented Bellafricana Members, Dara, (Founder of Just Journal Ng)

Guess what? Almost all in attendance had their catalogues up and running. That’s the essence of a community you know? Having members who are willing to share and uplift one another because of the strong belief that we rise by lifting others. That is simply the heart of Bellafricana.

PS: We also have lots of useful resources on the Bellafricana Membership Platform which all business owners could really use. You can access it once you become a member of our amazing family. To sign up, click on this link here

Which of these tools have you tried, or will be willing to give a shot? I’ll love to know.



Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts

Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts

Do you know a new mom/mom-to-be? Then you might want to surprise them with some thoughtful gifts because well, who doesn’t like surprises, right? Even more so at that delicate/ sensitive time in their lives, gifts will be very much appreciated, don’t you think?

You have come to the right place, so stick around, explore and shop for these gifts. Best part, they are from brands proudly made in Nigeria (Africa) and their quality is second-to-none (Check out some other trusted brands here). Let’s dive in shall we?

  1. A Nursery Makeover

Kids decor makeover for Nursing Moms

As a mom who is starting (or has recently started) a new chapter in her life, a bedroom makeover is quite fitting, don’t you think?

can get a customized crib in her favorite colors, or have a total room makeover, thanks to Kids Decor Naija.

To reach Kids Decor Naija:

Phone Number :  0807 179 6188

Instagram: @kidsdecornaija

2. An all-natural Baby skincare set that New Moms will Love

Amal Botanicals Baby skincare set for Nursing Moms

A new mom/ mom-to-be will want to giver her baby all the skin pampering she can. But, you know that she’ll also be mindful what she puts on baby’s skin too because of their sensitivity and delicateness. That’s why we recommend the  Newborn set from the tested and trusted Amal Botanicals. Their range of Babycare will make a New mom smile and fall in love. Trust me.

To reach Amal Botanicals:

Website: www.amalbabycare.com

Phone Number: 0818 683 7407

Instagram: @amalbotanicals

3. Natural Baby Cereals and Snacks

August secrets meal for Nursing Moms


How did you think food would not make it on the list? August Secrets’ range of  Organic & Nutritious Baby Cereal, Meals, Snacks & Recipes for babies, and junior toddlers  (Check out some free recipes here) will definitely make her day.

To reach August Secrets:

Website: https://augustsecrets.com/

Phone Number: 08062656798, 09094579106

Instagram: @Augustsecrets.ng

4. Nutritious Pap for Mama and Baby

Pap by Ologi for New Moms

Did you know? Pap contains a high quantity of water and some other ingredients that promote easy, an adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers. It’s also a good solid meal starter for Babies. And we know just the right Pap Brand to recommend. Ologi.com is one of the best Pap producing companies in Nigeria. It produces a smooth paste, it isn’t smelly, and it tastes so good. Why wouldn’t you want to get something so nutritious and delicious for her?

To reach Ologi.com

Phone Number: +234 803 605 9125

Instagram: @Ologi.com.ng

5. Paper Flower Crafts

Rolyne designs decor

How about some Nice paper crafts from Rolyne designs to go with other decorations? You can select a color theme and customize these decorations. Infact, I won’t talk too much. I’ll leave their Instagram handle below, so you can explore and be marveled.

To reach Rolyne Designs:

Phone Number: +234 703 040 2411

Instagram: @rolynedesigns

How about some gifts for Her?

Now that we’re done with some gifts that Mama would use on Baby, how about some gifts for Mama herself? She deserves some, don’t you think? So, let’s see some gift ideas to put that smile on a New Mom.

6. A luxury time piece


Wristwatches by Crivel-Perfect gift for a New Mom


Ah! Who wouldn’t receive this wristwatch with a Big grin on their face? Infact, anyone you gift this timepiece will absolutely fall in love. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Crivel  is your plug for quality, assembled-in- Nigeria time pieces.


To reach Crivel:

Website: https://crivelwatches.com/

Phone Number: +234 802 606 1252

Instagram: @crivelofficial


7. Beautiful Neckpieces



Ola House of Accessories luxury neckpieces for Moms

This beauty you’re beholding is called THE FLUTTER NECKLACE. And, it is one of the many stunning jewelry pieces from Ola House of Accessories that is bound the wearer light up with joy. Another perfect gift for a New Mom? Yes, we think so too.

To reach Ola House of Accesories:

Phone Number: +234 808 832 5202

Instagram: @olahouseofaccesoriesng


8. Matching shoes and purse for a New Mom

Matching shoes and Purses


Now, what new mom wouldn’t want to get back into looking and feeling young again? This shoes with matching purse from Miraoma Luxury will make her feel that way. You can take my word for it.

To reach MiraOma Luxury:

Phone Number:+234 803 316 6065


9. Mixed Print Maxi dress

maxi mixed print dress from Proverbs Creations for new moms


Oh! How this will look so good on her. Proverbs Creations makes beautiful, ready-to-wear pieces, for the conservative, trendy woman, and I’m certain that she will fall in love with these dresses.

To reach Proverbs Creation:

Phone Number:+234 802 711 8014



10. Clothing Acessories

Bosh designs collar top for new moms

This ruffled collar top from Bosh Designs looks so good, doesn’t it? It’ll be the perfect accessory for a plain gown, or even a blouse too. The possibilities are just endless with this top.

To reach Bosh Designs:

Phone Number:+234 803 200 2575


11. Some Dried Fruit SnacksMango snacks from limlim

Just get her a jar of these from Limlim Dried Fruits, and you may even be forced to take one for yourself.

Dried fruit snacks are very good sources of fibre and are greats sources of antioxidants too. These dried fruit snacks come in a wide variety of fruit types, and I know you’re salivating already. So, I’ll leave the contact details below.

To reach Limlim Dried Fruits:

Phone Number:+234 809 997 2019



Now that you’ve been provided with a variety of options, go ahead and make a purchase. You’ll come back and thank me later.

Also, do you know any creative business owner who is not yet on Bellafricana? Please tell them they need to join our amazing community now!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bellafricana Membership Platform!

Hello there, how are you doing today? I’m doing fine, thank you. Did you know that we launched a Membership platform for Bellafricana members? Oh yes, we did!

Why? Because for a very long time, our focus has been to make our members products globally accessible. While that is still our aim, we got to realize that we were ignoring one key thing: The fact that creative business owners lacked the empowerment, and the right resources, to help their business grow fully.

And so, we rolled up our sleeves and worked tirelessly until May 11, when we launched the platform.

See Launch video below:


Now, we also anticipated (and have been asked) some questions about the platform which we would like to address. Are you ready?

1. What exactly is this Membership Platform?

Well, It’s a website that gives our members access to a vast library of masterclasses, tools, Guides and Templates, Checklists, and other resources that will help business owners make better decisions.

2. Is this Membership platform open to everybody?

Unfortunately, this membership platform is one of the many perks of being a member of the Bellafricana family. So, what that means is that you have to become a Bellafricana Member to use the platform.

3. How can I sign up to the platform?

Visit www.bellafricana.com/members-signup, then click on the “Click to join the family now” button.

Membership platform joining

4. Does the membership platform access come at a cost?

Yes it does. However, we have very flexible subscription packages so that you can select the package that is pocket friendly. To check out the packages, click here:

5. Is the membership platform an App?

No, it’s a web-based platform, and once you’re on-boarded, you get your unique login details for you to gain access to the platform.

6. You talked about webinars . How can I get access to the past webinars I missed?

Well, the good news is that you can get to watch masterclass recordings, as they are regularly uploaded to the platform.

7. What’s the period for subscription?

Well, we have quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions.

These are some of the questions we get. See below some testimonials from our members who have used the platform.

You got some more questions that you would like answered? Then leave a comment, or send a message to +234 909 367 0222. You can also sign up here.


Dear Business Owner, Which Of These Business Challenges Do You Want Solved Immediately?

Dear Business Owner,

Which of the following challenges would you want solved immediately?

1. Marketing

You need your products shown to a wider audience, as you’re fully aware that while you may have your marketing figured out right, nothing else beats your products being seen through a new pair of eyes.

2. Resources to Learn

You understand that for your business to grow, scale or evolve, then you need to keep learning, unlearning and relearning. You’re aware that it’s possible to get stuck if you keep doing the same things the same way, and so you need to keep improving.

However, there’s a huge volcano of knowledge out there, and it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start.

3. Support

You’re thankful for the backing your friends and family give you (infact without them, your business might not have even kicked off). However, as you mature in business, you realize that doing business alone can be daunting. Alone? Yes, without the support of like-minded business owners that can open the way up for collaborations, can be your accountability partners ( to ensure you don’t deviate from your business goals)

4. Reduced Costs

Wouldn’t it be absolutely Marvelous if these business costs could just miraculously disappear? Lol. We all know that it’s not possible at all. To run a business, money has to drop, Right? Branding, Printing costs, logistics, and so on could drill holes in one’s pockets. What if these costs could be slashed so the funds can be diverted to other things?

5. /Exposure/ Being Well Positioned

There are global, continental and national institutions that are charged to recognize and honour and support hard-working and amazing creative indigenous businesses. They can find your brand only when you are well-positioned. For instance, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Bank of Industry, Lioness of Africa, ITC She Trades, Nigerian Export and Import Bank (NEXIM) are always looking for ways to support creatives.


We recently released an E-book Outlining 10 strategies to grow and scale a creative, African-Owned business. And It’s yours to grab.

Just click on this link Sign up, and download yours right away!

Get your Free E-book Here!

Bellafricana’s stand on the current world happenings

Bellafricana's stand on current happenings

So much is going on in the world and indeed it can be a somewhat emotional turmoil.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had many unfortunate incidences happen and more than ever before, African-owned businesses are at the brink of dying.

Each day, we as a community-based platform, access ways we can prevent this from happening and deploy methods that can reverse this radical trend.

We stand against racial injustice, rape and every other ills that plague our system.

The Bellafricana community is filled with relentless and audacious African women and men, we join our strength with yours.

Our core mission is to inspire you everyday and look for ways to support every member of our community.

Just as it’s paramount that Bellafricana remains true and focused to its objective towards our members & the community at large.

We are happy to let you know that we have started to explore ‘actionable’ ways to lend our support and voice to those standing against the horrible and evil acts plaguing our society.

We advise you do so too, with us, as we are ALL in this together

The Bellafricana Management

Who Is A Mentor?

Bellafricana's stand on current happenings

Hi there! I think there are three kinds of people reading this post today:

A. The Mentor and

B.  The Mentee.

C. Those wondering if having a Mentor is really worth it

Are you A, B or C? Or a little bit of all three? Lol.

First off, to our mentors in the House, we say “Thank You” for your continuous efforts for setting businesses up for success. We appreciate you all for being pillars of support, and source of constructive criticism when needed.



President, Association of Mentees

(I sincerely hope there isn’t such an Association in which case, I have usurped the position of the current leader.😅)

To the Mentees, Congratulations! You just signed yourself up for phenomenal growth.

If you find yourself in the third category, then I hope these lessons I picked up at the IG LIVE session with Lanre Adisa will help you see how important a Mentor is for your business growth.

Today I will be discussing my Key Takeaways from the IG LIVE session we had with Mr Lanre AdisaBefore I get started, I would like to give you some background gist (trust me for that).


Bellafricana's stand on current happenings

Prior to the Launch of our new membership platform, we had a line up of insightful IG LIVE series and Webinars. (Catch up on how the Launch went down here). One of such IG Live Series is the one I mentioned. Mr Lanre Adisa has been a longtime supporter of the Bellafricana Brand and an awesome Mentor too.

Bellafricana has come a long way, but that journey will be incomplete without Mr Adisa’s name in the story (look at me talking like I was actually there😅), so who better to discuss the topic: “Leveraging on Mentorship for Business Growth

First of all, who is a Mentor? Oprah Winfrey says: “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

Wikipedia defines Mentorship as “a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person”

So the Question is : Just how important is a mentor to your business growth? Who can be a mentor? How best can you maximize this relationship?

Here are some things I learnt:

1.  A Mentor inspires you to achieve your GOALS

It is a mentor’s job to inspire, and if need be, push you to achieve your GOAL. Why is the word “goal” emphasized? Because before you approach your mentor for help, then you can’t be clueless. So, make sure to have something you’re working towards.

2. Your Mentor can support you in ALL ways, however monetary assistance is not obligatory

Yes! A lot of Mentees go into relationships with Mentors because they expect financial support. There’s nothing wrong if a mentor wants to provide monetary support, but he is not obligated to. A mentor can however provide links, or information as to how financial support may be achieved,

3. A family member can be a mentor

A family Member as a mentor? Yes, that’s totally fine because most times in the end, what you build with Mentor-Mentee relationships transcend professionalism and evolve into something more filial

4. Want to make your relationship with your mentor valuable? Do your due diligence:

If you want to cultivate a seamless relationship with your Mentor, you need to play your own part. Make research, do your homework, so it’ll be easier to get the help you need. This is not to say that you must have everything worked out (If you did, why do you need a mentor then, right?) But be sure to be prepared, to the best of your ability.

So, I’ll just stop here and hope you were able to learn a thing or two from this IG LIVE session just like I did.

Were you in attendance? Please leave a shout-out and let me know what I missed out.

PS: Here’s a replay of the session in case you missed it!

Have You Supported A Local Business in Nigeria Today? (Part 1)

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Hi there, have you supported a Local Business in Nigeria today?! You know, there’s a lot of misconception surrounding local products in terms of its meeting up to International standards in terms of creativity and quality.

I am here to correct that misconception. Made in Africa products are beautiful, creative, and top quality. I’m not just saying this because I’m African. I’m saying this because I have proof. And I’ll share this proof with you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these amazing products made in Nigeria (Africa):

  1. Food produce

a. Proudly Made-in-Nigeria Coffee

Happy Coffee pack on bellafricana

Presenting to you, tasty, rich made-in-Nigeria coffee by Happy Coffee Nigeria. Explore more here

b. Nourishing Meals for Babies

August-Secrets Meals on bellafricana

AugustSecrets is evolving to be the company from Africa, leading the cause for child nutrition with wholesome solutions. Explore more Here

c. Healthy Snacking Options

Lami-chinchin-choco on bellafricana

Lami Foods, the company that produces healthy snacks in a variety of  flavors is proudly made-in-Nigeria too. Check out more here

d. Tasty Pap Paste

Ologi.com Pap on bellafricana

Have you ever had pap that tastes and looks like yoghurt? Ologi pap is tasty and proudly made-in-Nigeria. Explore more here

e. Dried Beans Flour

adarexfoods-product-bean on bellafricana

Dried Beans Flour for the win, proudly made-in-Nigeria by AdarexFoods. Explore more here

f. Dried Fruit snacks and Powders

Lim lim dried fruits and powder on bellafricana blog


There is barely anything this Nigerian company cannot transform into powder. The powder alternatives contain the same amount of nutrients as the normal ones, and even last longer. Limlim Dried Fruits is the name. Explore more here

g. Quality herbs and teas

Kiolar-Honey on bellafricana

Kiolar Foods is your go-to for quality spices, herbs, and teas. Need to get more? Check them out here

See article: 7 Unique Gift Items For Women

Toks foods cassava flour on bellafricana blog

Toks foods is out to promote healthy meals all over Africa through our healthy foods. With their nutritious processed flours and grains (such as cassava flour, Ofada rice, etcetera), you’re guaranteed of top quality.

i. Processed food spices

Ady's Food Mart spices on bellafricana

From Crayfish to Chilli pepper, and lots more, Ady’s Food Mart provides cooking, shopping and delivery services to a wide clientele across Nigeria and the world where African dishes are appreciated.  Get the best of Ady’s food mart here

2. Hand Printed Fabric and Ready-to-wear pieces

  a.Hand-dyed Fabric

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Presenting to you, hand dyed fabric pieces in several patterns and colors, courtesy Asologe Fashion House. Explore more here

b. Hand Painted fabric

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Look very closely at these piece. Do you know they’re handpainted? Yes, Mimiremi Textiles makes the hand painted pieces with the a variety of patterns and styles. Explore more here

c. Children’s African Wear by Little Weavers

Little weavers Nigeria Bellafricana member

Little Weavers makes beautiful ready-to-wear pieces for kids and teenagers with African Fabric. Pretty isn’t it? Explore more here

d. Adire Tees

Dhoney-Adire oversized tees on bellafricana as a member

These Tees are pretty, aren’t they? Well, courtesy of Dhoney Nigeria, these oversized unisex tees are yours to keep, (and even gift that special one). Check out more beautiful Adire pieces here

e. Adire and Batik fabric

Adire by Teeny on bellafricana


Adire by Teeny specializes in handcrafted Adire and Batik. They also produce fabric souvenirs from their products. You should check them out. You’ll love what you see!

f. Batik Fabric 

House of bolts adire on bellafricana

The Bellafricana family has one of the best Batik fabric in Nigeria, and even beyond. That’s House of Bolt. Need some more convincing? Check them out here

Aren’t these creative local business in Nigeria all lovely? Yes! Made-in-Africa products are here to stay! And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We will be showcasing so many products from creative Indigenous brands which also happen to be Bellafricana Members too! Bellafricana marketplace is doing her part to promote and empower these local businesses. Will you also do your part by supporting and patronizing them too?


Top African Countries you don’t need a Visa for

Africa is home to several countries renowned for their amazingly beautiful landscapes and their rich cultural heritage. Its no wonder that all these and more make any and all of these countries, the perfect tourist attraction.

One problem arises though. The initial zeal and longing you have to explore these countries dies out as soon as you remember the horrors of procuring a Visa😪😪.

Well, Fret not! We have put together a list of Eight countries where you can travel to, Visa-hassle free 💃🏾💃🏾. So, come along with your passport, let;s take you on a ride.

1. Cape Verde
cape verde
  • Description: Cape Verde is an island country located just off the west coast of Africa.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 4 hours 30 minutes (By air)
  •  Requirements upon Entry: All they need upon entry into their country is your passport as proof that you are a Nigerian citizen and your return ticket.
  • Duration of stay allowed: As much as is allotted to you.
2. Cameroon
Source :https://sites.psu.edu/
  • Description: Cameroon is located in central Africa although it shares borders with Nigeria, Chad and Gabon. It is home to the most amazing wildlife parks.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 1 hour 17 minutes (By air)
    19 hours (By road)
  • Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
  • Duration of stay allowed: Visa free for 90 days
3. Benin Republic

benin rep

Source: www.traveltowestafrica.com/

  • Description: Located in west Africa, This French-speaking country is home to ten million people and one of the biggest wildlife parks in Africa.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 38 minutes (By air)
    3 hours 30 minutes (By road)
  • Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
  • Duration of stay allowed: Visa free for 90 days
4. Côte d’Ivoire
Côte d'Ivoire
  • Description: formerly known as Ivory Coast, this country is located on the south coast of west Africa. The French speaking country is home to several modern landmarks and tourist attractions such as zigguratlike, concrete La Pyramide and Banko National park.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 1 hour 40 minutes (By air)
    14 hours 41 minutes (By road)
  • Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
  • Duration of stay allowed: As long as you like
5. Burundi
  • Description: Burundi is located in east central Africa, and though it is one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa, it is renowned for its amazing nature display.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 4 hours 20 minutes (By air)
  •  Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport  Duration of stay allowed: Visa free for 30 days
6. Burkina Faso
burkina faso
Source: https://www.traveltourxp.com/
  • Description: Burkina Faso is located in west Africa, and they boast of several interesting tourist attractions. The country is host to The International Arts and Crafts Fair, Ouagadougou which is regarded as one of the most important African handicraft fair. Their wildlife parks are home to animals like buffalo, antelope, lions, hippopotamuses, elephants, crocodiles, and monkeys.
  •  Travel Time from Nigeria: 1 hour 40 minutes (By air)
  •  Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
  • Duration of stay allowed: As long as you like
7. Chad
Source: https://lp-cms-production.imgix.net/
  • Description: Located in North central Africa and Its neighbors are Niger, Libya, the Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, and Nigeria. It is famous for being the second largest wetland and its great Lake which is a massive tourist attraction.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 2 hours 55 minutes (By air)
  • Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
  • Duration of stay allowed: Visa free for 90 days


8. Senegal
Source: https://i.pinimg.com/
  • Description: Senegal is located in west Africa, Dakar which is a lively and attractive metropolis, located on Cape Verde Peninsula along the Atlantic shore, is a popular tourist destination. The Senegalese are the originators of Jollof rice, which is famous all over the world.
  • Travel Time from Nigeria: 3 hours 33 minutes (By air)
  • Requirements upon Entry: Just Your Nigerian Passport
    Duration of stay allowed: Visa free for 90 days

Now you can pack your bags and travel  to these beautiful places without inhibitions. What country are you checking out?

The Bellafricana Official Launch Party | New Membership Platform Unveiled

Hi There! Did you hear about the Bellafricana Official Launch Party? The one where we unveiled the membership platform? Yes, on May 11, we hosted a virtual party. And like the previous one (the creatives’virtual meetup), it was so much fun.

It was basically a reunion of people who have supported the Bellafricana vision to impact creatives across Africa! We had a turnout of over Hundred participants altogether at the Party. Mentors and friends of the brand (even past the shores of Africa) were in attendance as well.

The evening was a fun one, with our DJ giving us some cool music to vibe to. Beatrice Miangogo, the compere for the evening did an amazing job as the program glided so smoothly till the end.

What was the highlight of the evening? The official Launch of the membership platform! Let me quickly walk you through:

1. We started with a countdown video

We had everyone unmute their Mics and countdown in Unison from 10 down to 1, after which we unveiled the platform. It was such Watch it here:

2. After unveiling the video, we also shared an explainer video that broke down what the platform was about.

Watch video here:

The membership platform is tout to bring a solution to the lack of resources that creative business owners have today

In this platform, you’ll find expert-led masterclasses, a wide variety of tools, Directories (of Creative brands, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers, and Associations). See what I’m talking about below:


Welcome Page
Welcome Page


Webinar with Chioma Ogbudimkpa
Masterclass Recordings: Watch Expert-led sessions


Bellafricana Directories
Bellafricana Directories: Access Suppliers, Associations, Wholesalers, etc


TOOLS PAGE for bellafricana membership platform


Can you see how rich this platform is? The best part is that this learning is self-paced, and you can learn at your convenience. Another interesting feature of this platform? Let me show you:

Business stage for Bellafricana Members

So you don’t get too overwhelmed with information, once you log on to the dashboard, you can find information based on your business stage.

Are you in:

The starter stage: You are in this category if you haven’t generated up-to 6-figures in profit yet or not gotten up to 50 customers.

The Scaler stage: You are in this category if you have generated over 6-figures in profit but not up to 7-figures. Your customer base is not up to 100 customers yet.

The Player stage: You are in this category if you have generated over 7-figures in profit and have gotten over 100 customers.

Now, once you’ve identified your business stage, you will then be guided to the list of information that you will be needing to scale your business.

We have already received mind-blowing feedback from users about how wonderful the user-experience is. You can also enjoy these benefits and more a member of the Bellafricana community.

Why not click on the link below:


You can also check out the affordable pricing for subscription on this platform:


If you have further enquiries, don’t hestate to reach out to me on 08086363970 or reply this post.


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