So much is going on in the world and indeed it can be a somewhat emotional turmoil.

Since the beginning of the year, we have had many unfortunate incidences happen and more than ever before, African-owned businesses are at the brink of dying.

Each day, we as a community-based platform, access ways we can prevent this from happening and deploy methods that can reverse this radical trend.

We stand against racial injustice, rape and every other ills that plague our system.

The Bellafricana community is filled with relentless and audacious African women and men, we join our strength with yours.

Our core mission is to inspire you everyday and look for ways to support every member of our community.

Just as it’s paramount that Bellafricana remains true and focused to its objective towards our members & the community at large.

We are happy to let you know that we have started to explore ‘actionable’ ways to lend our support and voice to those standing against the horrible and evil acts plaguing our society.

We advise you do so too, with us, as we are ALL in this together

The Bellafricana Management

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