Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts


Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts

Do you know a new mom/mom-to-be? Then you might want to surprise them with some thoughtful gifts because well, who doesn’t like surprises, right? Even more so at that delicate/ sensitive time in their lives, gifts will be very much appreciated, don’t you think?

You have come to the right place, so stick around, explore and shop for these gifts. Best part, they are from brands proudly made in Nigeria (Africa) and their quality is second-to-none (Check out some other trusted brands here). Let’s dive in shall we?

  1. A Nursery Makeover

Kids decor makeover for Nursing Moms

As a mom who is starting (or has recently started) a new chapter in her life, a bedroom makeover is quite fitting, don’t you think?

can get a customized crib in her favorite colors, or have a total room makeover, thanks to Kids Decor Naija.

To reach Kids Decor Naija:

Phone Number :  0807 179 6188

Instagram: @kidsdecornaija

2. An all-natural Baby skincare set that New Moms will Love

Amal Botanicals Baby skincare set for Nursing Moms

A new mom/ mom-to-be will want to giver her baby all the skin pampering she can. But, you know that she’ll also be mindful what she puts on baby’s skin too because of their sensitivity and delicateness. That’s why we recommend the  Newborn set from the tested and trusted Amal Botanicals. Their range of Babycare will make a New mom smile and fall in love. Trust me.

To reach Amal Botanicals:


Phone Number: 0818 683 7407

Instagram: @amalbotanicals

3. Natural Baby Cereals and Snacks

August secrets meal for Nursing Moms


How did you think food would not make it on the list? August Secrets’ range of  Organic & Nutritious Baby Cereal, Meals, Snacks & Recipes for babies, and junior toddlers  (Check out some free recipes here) will definitely make her day.

To reach August Secrets:


Phone Number: 08062656798, 09094579106


4. Nutritious Pap for Mama and Baby

Pap by Ologi for New Moms

Did you know? Pap contains a high quantity of water and some other ingredients that promote easy, an adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers. It’s also a good solid meal starter for Babies. And we know just the right Pap Brand to recommend. is one of the best Pap producing companies in Nigeria. It produces a smooth paste, it isn’t smelly, and it tastes so good. Why wouldn’t you want to get something so nutritious and delicious for her?

To reach

Phone Number: +234 803 605 9125


5. Paper Flower Crafts

Rolyne designs decor

How about some Nice paper crafts from Rolyne designs to go with other decorations? You can select a color theme and customize these decorations. Infact, I won’t talk too much. I’ll leave their Instagram handle below, so you can explore and be marveled.

To reach Rolyne Designs:

Phone Number: +234 703 040 2411

Instagram: @rolynedesigns

How about some gifts for Her?

Now that we’re done with some gifts that Mama would use on Baby, how about some gifts for Mama herself? She deserves some, don’t you think? So, let’s see some gift ideas to put that smile on a New Mom.

6. A luxury time piece


Wristwatches by Crivel-Perfect gift for a New Mom


Ah! Who wouldn’t receive this wristwatch with a Big grin on their face? Infact, anyone you gift this timepiece will absolutely fall in love. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Crivel  is your plug for quality, assembled-in- Nigeria time pieces.


To reach Crivel:


Phone Number: +234 802 606 1252

Instagram: @crivelofficial


7. Beautiful Neckpieces



Ola House of Accessories luxury neckpieces for Moms

This beauty you’re beholding is called THE FLUTTER NECKLACE. And, it is one of the many stunning jewelry pieces from Ola House of Accessories that is bound the wearer light up with joy. Another perfect gift for a New Mom? Yes, we think so too.

To reach Ola House of Accesories:

Phone Number: +234 808 832 5202

Instagram: @olahouseofaccesoriesng


8. Matching shoes and purse for a New Mom

Matching shoes and Purses


Now, what new mom wouldn’t want to get back into looking and feeling young again? This shoes with matching purse from Miraoma Luxury will make her feel that way. You can take my word for it.

To reach MiraOma Luxury:

Phone Number:+234 803 316 6065


9. Mixed Print Maxi dress

maxi mixed print dress from Proverbs Creations for new moms


Oh! How this will look so good on her. Proverbs Creations makes beautiful, ready-to-wear pieces, for the conservative, trendy woman, and I’m certain that she will fall in love with these dresses.

To reach Proverbs Creation:

Phone Number:+234 802 711 8014



10. Clothing Acessories

Bosh designs collar top for new moms

This ruffled collar top from Bosh Designs looks so good, doesn’t it? It’ll be the perfect accessory for a plain gown, or even a blouse too. The possibilities are just endless with this top.

To reach Bosh Designs:

Phone Number:+234 803 200 2575


11. Some Dried Fruit SnacksMango snacks from limlim

Just get her a jar of these from Limlim Dried Fruits, and you may even be forced to take one for yourself.

Dried fruit snacks are very good sources of fibre and are greats sources of antioxidants too. These dried fruit snacks come in a wide variety of fruit types, and I know you’re salivating already. So, I’ll leave the contact details below.

To reach Limlim Dried Fruits:

Phone Number:+234 809 997 2019



Now that you’ve been provided with a variety of options, go ahead and make a purchase. You’ll come back and thank me later.

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