5 Beautiful Souvenir Items In Nigeria For An Event

Modara Naturals Body care gift box

If you are intending to host an event, be it a wedding, birthday or an anniversary. Choosing the right souvenir could be really tasking, as many factors will be considered such as durability, budget friendliness and how unique the item is.

I have met so many people who wants to live a long lasting memory of their event in the minds of their guest, but are still struggling to find the right kind of item to use as a gift.

I am here to take that stress off you and to help you avoid roaming round the market for good items and still can’t make the right choices. So here are my favorite top 5 beautiful souvenir items in Nigeria for any event.


Many may wonder why I chose this item, Ankara covered up notebooks come in different sizes and patterns. These notebooks are attractive too. The covering adds more beauty and elegance to it. It is also budget friendly when purchased in bulk. These books can be used as diaries too. The only disadvantage of having this item is that it is usually prone to dirt and dust. This is an ideal souvenir gift for your guest.

Note books On bellafricana Marketplace

Branded notebooks Bellafricana

Bellafricana ankara fabric notebooks for wedding souvenirs


I remember attending a big event in Landmark Conference Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. Tote bags were shared as souvenirs to guest. Tote bags have come to put a stop to boring paper and nylon bags that could easily wear and tear over time. This item can easily be converted as handbags and used to run daily activities. So if what you want for your guest is value then this is a go for. This item is made by pillow talks NG.

Leather gift bags by bellafricana is also a great souvenir option.

Pillowtalk 9ja Totebag 5 sensational hacks for ladies on bellafricana blog

Bellafricana asoebi gift bags with leather handle, souvenir items in Nigeria

Bellafricana Gift Bags with leather, souvenir items in Nigeria

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This housewarming or wedding gift is ideal too. Though it’s quite premium and may not be able to carter for a large crowd, that’s if you are considering the budget. But this is a spectacular item for people. It consists of a perfume oil and a perfume diffuser. However if you are nor the host, this can be gifted to someone who wants to either launch a new house or office. Abela scent is a brand well known for producing well scented fragrance and Candles. They also made this gift box combo as a perfect gift box to your loved ones, friends and family. The Modara Gift box or Abela Gift box are perfect premium souvenir gift items in Nigeria.

Abela Gift Box scented candles and diffusers on bellafricana marketplace

Modara Naturals Body care gift box


Pouches are also ideal souvenir items in Nigeria, this will serve as a good keep for money, phones, car keys and other little but valuable items. one thing that really captivated me to this item, is how well textured and colourful it appears. it’s really catchy to the eyes and also with its beautiful inscription. It’s also budget friendly and will serve well to your guest.

Pouches by pillowtalks on bellafricana marketplace, beautiful souvenir items in Nigeria


This too is an essential item any office or house needs. This tissue holder will help reduce mess around the house. Children are usually known to play with toiletries. Also this toilet holder is an infusion of beautiful African fabric and fibres. its also adds vibrance an elegance to any space. it can be used in cars also. This too is a good choice of souvenir items to your guest. Mitimeth, helps to recycle and repurpose waste fibre into usable forms as you see how innovating they were to craft this wonderful looking tissue holder.



This are also lot of exciting and beautiful gift items out there to choose from. Your selection of perfect souvenir items is based on its versatility, uniqueness and affordability. Click on this link, to check for other fabulous gift items.

To place an order for the books and leather gift bags by Bellafricana, click link to chat on whatsapp now.

6 Best Online marketplaces for handmade Items

Bellafricana Marketplace home

Handmade items are the most valuable items on the market. However, unless you are knocking on the marketplaces for handmade items, selling your handmade goods in any market place can be difficult. This is why you should choose a marketplace that allows you to reach out to more people who are looking for your product.

Unless you find yourself in the most efficient and effective platforms, finding a possible customer community that wants to buy handmade goods can be difficult. Merchants that specialize in selling handcrafted items, on the other hand, don’t have to worry as much because there are specialist platforms for doing so.

If you wish to expand your merchant-reach ship’s to the widest possible audience, you might consider switching to apt marketplaces that help you get your potential reach.

Here is a list of 5 best online marketplace for handmade items within and outside Africa in no particular order:

 1. Etsy:

Etsy is one of the most well-known markets for handcrafted goods, allowing artisans and artists to launch a thriving business. This platform allows you to sell all of your handcrafted items online. Etsy allows you to sell vintage items, handcrafted crafts, and other craft-related products, and it has a vast client base.

With a free account on Etsy, you may effortlessly sell your items. You simply have to pay a modest amount of fees for listing (about $0.02) and a specific proportion of 5 for each transaction you make on this platform. Furthermore, the site allows you to sell products across all categories. On Etsy, the community is very active and efficient.

Etsy Nigeria – Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

 2. Amazon:

Amazon provides an excellent opportunity for all merchants. This is why they bring their Handmade store, which is capable of selling in a huge market. One can effortlessly sell all of your handcrafted items on Amazon’s Handmade store. Furthermore, Amazon provides a wealth of information about what and how you can add to your account when it is approved. The platform, combined with the Artisan profile that comes with a custom URL, makes it easier for your products to find a better place in the market. This will make it easier for people to locate your store. For convenience, you can use Amazon’s Fulfillment service to ship your products.

 3. Bellafricana Marketplace:

This from my research so far, this is one of the  biggest E-Commerce platform, Bellafricana Marketplace is set to promote African made products while trading them to the world. With the unquestionably talents, skills, creativity and yearning for the African experience, Bellafricana Marketplace, is the buffer to ensure our partners and products are of global standard and experience. We pride ourselves as being the one stop destination for a lot of hand-made, niche based African brands with top quality and at best prices. Their services include top notch shopper experience, African-made products at affordable prices, seamless retail processes and outstanding customer support system, and they continue to serve locally based Africa businesses with the intention to ensure growth of these businesses and accommodate more. It’s not just a marketplace but a one-stop marketplace for the continent and growing businesses.

Home – Bellafricana Marketplace (bellafricanashop.com)

 4. Afrikrea:

The key value proposition for Afrikrea is that it serves as a partner to both micro-retailers and their clients. One of the key barriers that is impeding a greater proliferation of e-commerce in Africa is the issue around accepting payments and reliable shipment and delivery methods. Afrikrea has transformed the e-commerce space for the global African fashion and design sector by facilitating payments, commerce and providing the technology framework needed for its retailers.

Afrikrea – Shop and Sell African Fashion, Art and handicraft – Afrikrea

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  5. Kamers Makers

An online store for artisans and their handcrafted goods, Kamers Makers’ model is a little different. To sell here, you have to create a store on Shopstar first. So essentially, they give you a secondary platform to display the products and sell them to their niche audience.

You can sell all kinds of products, including jewelry, calendars, scarves, and more.

Sell Online Through The KAMERS Online Store | KAMERS/Makers (kamersvol.com)

  6. Zando

Apparels are clearly the fore-runners among products in Africa. Zando, the South-Africa based online store is perfect for distributors of relatively larger brands. You have to start by emailing them to get approved as a supplier. This means that you should have sufficiently large volumes of stock.

Sell Products Online | Marketplace | South Africa | Zando


As a lover of African items, getting the right supplier of a particular item could be really tacky. I have helped research these wonderful sites that you can easily source for items made with African in mind. Click here to get tons and tons of African produce ranging from Fabrics, shoes, interior items, cosmetics and lot more.

Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts

Make A New Mom Smile With These Gifts

Do you know a new mom/mom-to-be? Then you might want to surprise them with some thoughtful gifts because well, who doesn’t like surprises, right? Even more so at that delicate/ sensitive time in their lives, gifts will be very much appreciated, don’t you think?

You have come to the right place, so stick around, explore and shop for these gifts. Best part, they are from brands proudly made in Nigeria (Africa) and their quality is second-to-none (Check out some other trusted brands here). Let’s dive in shall we?

  1. A Nursery Makeover

Kids decor makeover for Nursing Moms

As a mom who is starting (or has recently started) a new chapter in her life, a bedroom makeover is quite fitting, don’t you think?

can get a customized crib in her favorite colors, or have a total room makeover, thanks to Kids Decor Naija.

To reach Kids Decor Naija:

Phone Number :  0807 179 6188

Instagram: @kidsdecornaija

2. An all-natural Baby skincare set that New Moms will Love

Amal Botanicals Baby skincare set for Nursing Moms

A new mom/ mom-to-be will want to giver her baby all the skin pampering she can. But, you know that she’ll also be mindful what she puts on baby’s skin too because of their sensitivity and delicateness. That’s why we recommend the  Newborn set from the tested and trusted Amal Botanicals. Their range of Babycare will make a New mom smile and fall in love. Trust me.

To reach Amal Botanicals:

Website: www.amalbabycare.com

Phone Number: 0818 683 7407

Instagram: @amalbotanicals

3. Natural Baby Cereals and Snacks

August secrets meal for Nursing Moms


How did you think food would not make it on the list? August Secrets’ range of  Organic & Nutritious Baby Cereal, Meals, Snacks & Recipes for babies, and junior toddlers  (Check out some free recipes here) will definitely make her day.

To reach August Secrets:

Website: https://augustsecrets.com/

Phone Number: 08062656798, 09094579106

Instagram: @Augustsecrets.ng

4. Nutritious Pap for Mama and Baby

Pap by Ologi for New Moms

Did you know? Pap contains a high quantity of water and some other ingredients that promote easy, an adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers. It’s also a good solid meal starter for Babies. And we know just the right Pap Brand to recommend. Ologi.com is one of the best Pap producing companies in Nigeria. It produces a smooth paste, it isn’t smelly, and it tastes so good. Why wouldn’t you want to get something so nutritious and delicious for her?

To reach Ologi.com

Phone Number: +234 803 605 9125

Instagram: @Ologi.com.ng

5. Paper Flower Crafts

Rolyne designs decor

How about some Nice paper crafts from Rolyne designs to go with other decorations? You can select a color theme and customize these decorations. Infact, I won’t talk too much. I’ll leave their Instagram handle below, so you can explore and be marveled.

To reach Rolyne Designs:

Phone Number: +234 703 040 2411

Instagram: @rolynedesigns

How about some gifts for Her?

Now that we’re done with some gifts that Mama would use on Baby, how about some gifts for Mama herself? She deserves some, don’t you think? So, let’s see some gift ideas to put that smile on a New Mom.

6. A luxury time piece


Wristwatches by Crivel-Perfect gift for a New Mom


Ah! Who wouldn’t receive this wristwatch with a Big grin on their face? Infact, anyone you gift this timepiece will absolutely fall in love. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Crivel  is your plug for quality, assembled-in- Nigeria time pieces.


To reach Crivel:

Website: https://crivelwatches.com/

Phone Number: +234 802 606 1252

Instagram: @crivelofficial


7. Beautiful Neckpieces



Ola House of Accessories luxury neckpieces for Moms

This beauty you’re beholding is called THE FLUTTER NECKLACE. And, it is one of the many stunning jewelry pieces from Ola House of Accessories that is bound the wearer light up with joy. Another perfect gift for a New Mom? Yes, we think so too.

To reach Ola House of Accesories:

Phone Number: +234 808 832 5202

Instagram: @olahouseofaccesoriesng


8. Matching shoes and purse for a New Mom

Matching shoes and Purses


Now, what new mom wouldn’t want to get back into looking and feeling young again? This shoes with matching purse from Miraoma Luxury will make her feel that way. You can take my word for it.

To reach MiraOma Luxury:

Phone Number:+234 803 316 6065


9. Mixed Print Maxi dress

maxi mixed print dress from Proverbs Creations for new moms


Oh! How this will look so good on her. Proverbs Creations makes beautiful, ready-to-wear pieces, for the conservative, trendy woman, and I’m certain that she will fall in love with these dresses.

To reach Proverbs Creation:

Phone Number:+234 802 711 8014



10. Clothing Acessories

Bosh designs collar top for new moms

This ruffled collar top from Bosh Designs looks so good, doesn’t it? It’ll be the perfect accessory for a plain gown, or even a blouse too. The possibilities are just endless with this top.

To reach Bosh Designs:

Phone Number:+234 803 200 2575


11. Some Dried Fruit SnacksMango snacks from limlim

Just get her a jar of these from Limlim Dried Fruits, and you may even be forced to take one for yourself.

Dried fruit snacks are very good sources of fibre and are greats sources of antioxidants too. These dried fruit snacks come in a wide variety of fruit types, and I know you’re salivating already. So, I’ll leave the contact details below.

To reach Limlim Dried Fruits:

Phone Number:+234 809 997 2019



Now that you’ve been provided with a variety of options, go ahead and make a purchase. You’ll come back and thank me later.

Also, do you know any creative business owner who is not yet on Bellafricana? Please tell them they need to join our amazing community now!

Did I hear you say Leather-Inspired Gifts?

Yes! You heard it right. Leathers are the perfect gift for anyone. Whether it be bags, shoes, wristwatches, cardholders, briefcases, clutches or what have you, when it comes to boxing up Leather as a gift for that special person, you can never go wrong.

If you are looking for quality and affordable Leather brands in Nigeria you can trust, no worries! We have curated this list just for you.

  1. Miraoma Luxury

Miraoma logo

Mira Oma is a luxury brand distinct in creating quality leather accessories made with an African twist.Its uniqueness is accredited to innovative fusion of ethnic fabrics, ornaments and exotic leather materials.

Miraoma shoes

Bags from Miraoma

Specializing in clutches, totes, cardholders, briefcases, cross body and messenger bags, their designs are exquisitely for men and women.

Miraoma bag set


You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

2. Morin O

morin o

Using the finest of Leather from Nigeria, Italy, India and skin farms in Africa, all Morin.O handbags and accessories are handcrafted to accentuate your style.

Morin O red bag

morin O pink bag


All these and more make their leather products ranging from handbags, travel accessories to belts and wallets the perfect gift item.


morin 0 leather slippers

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

3. Oba Couture
Oba couture logo

When it comes to Luxury and Leathery Finesse, Oba couture is your brand!



Their products include handbags, sandals, shoes and other leather goods with a culture of fine craftsmanship, design and innovation. Their products make just the perfect gift for anyone.

You can visit their Instagram page

4. Ethnik By Tunde Owolabi

ethnik logo

Ethnik’s design philosophy is to produce sustainable fashion accessories that are uniquely Afrocentric, drawing inspiration from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria and other African cultures by telling their story through patterns and colors woven into beautiful fabrics.

ethnik bag and shoe
Ethnik boasts only of the highest quality and skillfully crafted leather products ranging from bags, to matching shoes and other accessories.

bag by ethnik bag by ethnik

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

5. Pere Lei

pere lei

PereLei is also a leather goods brand that creates finely crafted leather pieces utilizing the finest array of colors, textures and skins.

Products include bags, shoes accessories, corporate souvenirs and other Leather inspired gifts.

6. O’eclat


Oeclat logo

O’Eclat Designs (pronounced O-eyklah) produces premium quality and affordable handcrafted leather handbags and accessories inspired by the rich African culture and tradition.

oeclat bag

oeclat belt bag

Just one glance at any of their products and you will have found just the perfect gift for that special person.

oeclat purse

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.


7. Detail Africa Luxury

logo detail africa

Yes! They put in the most careful detail to all of their leather products with classy urban and contemporary touches. Detail Africa design their products through excellent craftsmanship and is evident in their outlooks and quality of the products.

Bag detail africa back pack detail africa

And yes! They are affordable. Browse through their collection for your choice of gift items today.

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

Valentine’s day gift packages on a budget

Valentine is around the corner. With so many things on your mind, you might have forgotten to get that special someone a gift. Don’t fret, they’ll understand if you chose February 14th (of all days) to show how much you mean to them.

Wait, before you give up, there just might be a solution. Say you’re stuck in a sea of options and you’ve got to do last minute shopping on a budget, there are some places that come highly recommended where you can get your loved one budget-friendly gifts this valentine’s day. Let’s dive right in:

1. Beautiful Hand printed fabric:

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric

Step outside the box and dazzle your loved one with beautiful, hand printed fabric from Mimiremi Textiles.

These fabric come in a variety of designs and colors, all crafted with care, reflecting how much you feel about that special one.

What you’ll love the most is them is how inexpensive they are. A yard goes for ₦4,000 only

Hard to believe right? Place your orders right away.

Visit them on Instagram here

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

2. Beautiful Briefcase Package:

Valentines package from detail africa












Treat your loved one like the boss they are. Get them this economic valentine’s package from Detail Africa. In this package, you get:

  • A briefcase with a customised tag.
  • Product packaging
  • Selected photograph with a special valentine’s card
  •  Freshly cut roses ( for females only)

Price : ₦50,000

Order today

Visit them on Instagram and make an order here

3. Love themed Throw pillows:

Get all lovey-dovey with customized throw pillows from Adire Lounge.

You also get to select a box  containing throw pillows, scented candles, adire printed mugs, tote bags, and lots more. Set the right mood with these and more.

Select your preference below:

Valentine's package for Him Adire Lounge
Valentine's package for her
Price: ₦20,000
Throw pillows from Adire Lounge
Price ₦3800, Big throw pilllows: ₦5,000

Throw pillows frrom adire Lounge


Connect with adire lounge on Instagram here

Place your orders here

4. Handbags for the one you love:

Naserian bag by Tunde OwolabiNaserian bag by Tunde Owolabi

Make Valentine special for the one you love with this Naserian bag, or the Utu bag in all their glory from Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

A tasty blend of Asooke and leather, these bags are the perfect gift for her. You need to order this beauty?

Click on this link to connect with Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

5. Scented candles to set the mood:

Scented candles from dach 2

Set the right mood for valentine’s day with relaxing, aromatherapic candles made of musk, amber and rose. Or you could  settle for the pink champagne and Pomelo. From prices as low as ₦5,500 you can literally sniff love in the air. Dach Home and body is here to take your orders.

Visit Dach Home and Body’s  instagram feed here

Or Place an order directly on instagram here

6.  Scented Perfume Oils

Perfume oils from Tiwi

Tiwi home fragrances has a range of scented perfume oils which you can gift your loved ones that special day.  Sensuelle. Rose and mask. Oudh Arabia. Oudh Savour. Any flavours you choose sends the right message and will serenade your loved one.

Connect with Tiwi Home Fragrances on Instagram here

You can place an order here to get your scented perfume oils.

7. Lover’s  Foot pack

Foot bombs by sahara sunrise

Take this as a bonus. It comprises the Foot balm, Foot mask, Foot soak bath bomb, and peppermint foot scrub. Use it to give your love a pedicure. It is endearing, caring and sensual!

I suggest you wear the free Valentine hat while giving the pedicure for a good laugh! Price: ₦4,000.

Connect with Sahara Sunrise on Instagram here

Order for your foot pack here

Are you ready to stun that special someoene this valentine’s day? Select any (or all 😂) of the gift ideas above, and you’ll be glad you did.

7 Creative Gifts For Her

Hello, it’s that time of the year when you are disturbed about gifts for her, isn’t it? Probably a birthday, anniversary, wedding or some special occasion and you are surfing the net to see what gifts would be perfect for her. Lucky you, I am here to help you solve that problem without much stress.

Keep reading to see 7 creative gift ideas for her;

1. Scented Candles:

It is no secret that ladies always want to smell nice. But contrary to popular belief, their desire for good smell isn’t just restricted to their body, they also want their environment to smell good. By their environment, I mean their rooms, offices and more.

So, rather than the regular body spray, I think you should include scented candles in her gift package. Not only is this unique, it is very thoughtful and I know for sure, that every time and the perceives the good scent she would think of you.

Scented candles and diffuser from Tiwi Fragrance

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 08044446467

2. Customized Cards:

Please don’t tell me you are one of those who think cards are outdated? If you are, allow me to break it to you, cards are still very much popping. Mind you, not just regular cards but customized cards with personalized messages from you.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? She would love them and probably have it placed somewhere everyone can see and compliment on how beautiful it is. You should consider getting one now.

Customized Card gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Call; +2348177322184

3. Foot Wear:

Ever heard of a person who doesn’t like a good footwear? I doubt you have! So, I can bet you, she would be delighted to have a beautifully designed foot wear for her birthday, anniversary, or any celebration you had in mind. Keep scrolling for a beautiful slippers from K.aspeng you can get for her now.
Footwear gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 07064738712

4. Bags:

It does not matter who the lady you intend to gift is, you can never go wrong by getting her a bag. I mean everyone needs a bag. Be it for decorative purpose, for official purpose, we all need a bag. So, you should get her a bag and watch her rock it with style. Below is a bag she would not say no to.

Marte Egele for Gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 09094821848

5. Personalized Throw Pillow:

There is something about personalized gift items that makes it so special. I mean, it shows a thought process and that makes it even more special.

Imagine being gifted a pillow with your face on it? My oh my, I will sleep with it beside me everyday. You can’t tell me nothing. I don’t need to tell that she would appreciate such a gift right? You all ready know this! So, get her one today.

 Gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email;[email protected]

Call; 0818190113

6. Body Care Set;

Everybody wants to have a great skin, I should say, every lady especially So getting her some natural skin care product to brighten up her skin would be amazing gesture from you she would appreciate. Check out this product below.

Modara body set as a gift idea for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 08100256457

7. Jewelries:

This is one gift idea for her you should never forget. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, this here is what complete the outfit for any occasion. Giving this to her as a gift would mean you pay attention to the little thing that matter most. Keep scrolling for a jewelry set she would love.

Gift ideas for her from Circa 64

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call: 08026888826

With the gift ideas for her mentioned above, you can never go wrong with what to get her.

6 Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Gift ideas for your boss can be tasking and sometimes very tiring. You don’t want to be too informal and get a gift that would be considered inappropriate. Neither will you want to get a gift that is considered too cheap and not fit for a boss.

That’s not even all, you still have to make sure whatever you choose or decide to gift your boss is within your budget because no one is trying to get broke all in the name of gifting a boss. Thankfully, that is why I am here today.

Having done some proper research, I have come up with 6 gift ideas for your boss, keep reading to see them.


First, when its customized, you know it is special and giving this to a boss, tell me how he/she would not appreciate it or smile everything they see the pillow from you.

Gifts for your boss


Ever thought of giving your boss a card? No! It is not too small, especially when you have it customized and with a personalized message. I bet you, he would be so happy. You should contact us to hook you up.Gifts for your boss

3. Footwear;

I don’t for a moment think your boss would not be glad if you got them a unique footwear as a gift. The word is ‘unique’, you don’t want to get him or her something that doesn’t depict elegance. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t have to be expensive, you can contact us to get you started. Shoe from Pere Lei

Footwear from Kaspen

4. Scented Candles;

When thinking of gift ideas for your boss, you should also think about what they need. That helps you to make better gift choices.  Now, have you thought of some scented candles? This would go well in their office space or at home. And every time the sweet smell from this candles are commented on, they remember you. Contact us now to get them.Scented candles and diffuser from Tiwi FragranceScented candles and diffuser from Tiwi Fragrance

5. Laptop Bag;

In a world where almost everyone has a laptop, your boss would be so happy to get a laptop bag as a gift from you. Hold on, not just any laptop bag but one with a difference, get him an Aso-oke lap top bag, keep scrolling to see a picture below.

Laptop bag from Tyty design as gift for your boss

6. T-Shirts;

Contrary to popular believe that clothes are too expensive for a gift, there are amazing and affordable outfits you can get for your boss and still not break a bank. Check out some ideas below;

Gift idea for your boss

Gift idea for your boss from Mmabon

What was your issue again? With items on this list, you can’t go wrong with gift ideas for your boss. To get any of these mentioned above, click here to contact us and place your order now.

Aso-Oke Creative Gift Ideas

If you still think aso-oke is for the old and has no place in the modern space, you are missing. Worse, if you are thinking of creative gift ideas for loved ones and you didn’t think of Aso-oke inspired items, you ain’t in vogue.

I had a discussion with my friend some few days ago and she explained how Aso-oke was gradually taking over the fashion space.

As you would expect, I argued with her, because I didn’t have any aso-oke piece and I didn’t see the need to. Not until she mentioned some brands making waves with aso-oke.

As a ‘doubting Thomas’ that I am, I still didn’t believe her, so I went on to do some research myself.

And oh my, I admit to have been sleeping on this oh! Like how can I be a fashion enthusiast and still not have an Aso-oke piece? Unbelievable! In fact, since festivities are fast upon us all I want for this season are aso-oke inspired pieces.

Before you even ask what is special about Aso-oke, let’s go down to the history.

Aso-Oke is a short form of Aso Ilu Oke also known as Aso-Ofi meaning clothes from the up-country. It is the traditional wear of the Yoruba’s (the tribe of the southwest people in Nigeria, Africa). The Yoruba’s are the second largest tribe in Nigeria after the Northerners. Aso-Oke is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yoruba’s usually for chieftancy, festivals, engagement, naming ceremony and other important events. To read more on its hisory, click here.

Do you see why Aso-oke is not just another fabric and having it in forms different from the normal is unique? And of course, would make a perfect gift item.

In other words, thinking of what to buy for friends, family etc, keep scrolling to see some aso-oke inspired items.

Ketekete Chair by Ile.Ila

Ever seen a chair this beautiful? Well, it is made with aso-oke and would make for a beautiful gift. What do you think? Want to get this? Click here.

Aso-oke creative gift ideas


Probably for a footstool for the house, how about spicing the house up with an Aso-oke inspired footstool or send as a gift to the family house. This I bet you would get your mum and dad grinning. Ready to get this? Click here.


The Adventurer Back Pack by Ethnik

In the world today, almost everyone has an extra luggage they would be glad to have a backpack from you. Make it even special by getting them a backpack made with Aso-oke. Not only is it exclusive, it is also beautiful. To get this, click here. 

Aso-oke creative gift ideas

Hadizah Bag by Ethnik

I could not complete this without putting in something special for the ladies. And the perfect gift would be the Hadizah Bag made with aso-oke and leather. Have a special lady you would want to surprise? Then you should click here for more details.

Aso-oke creative gift ideas

Hold on guys, before you even say it, keep reading to see something for you.

Aso-Oke Shoe from Moroks Xpression

This is a premium bespoke shoe made from Aso-oke by Moroks Xpression. This would definitely make for a great gift for friends and family. For more details, click here. You can also check out some other creative gifts for him here.

aso-oke creative giftsAre you convinced? That aso-oke is needed to complete your gift items.

While I go source for more, do well to check out these creative gift ideas.

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