Aso-Oke Creative Gift Ideas


If you still think aso-oke is for the old and has no place in the modern space, you are missing. Worse, if you are thinking of creative gift ideas for loved ones and you didn’t think of Aso-oke inspired items, you ain’t in vogue.

I had a discussion with my friend some few days ago and she explained how Aso-oke was gradually taking over the fashion space.

As you would expect, I argued with her, because I didn’t have any aso-oke piece and I didn’t see the need to. Not until she mentioned some brands making waves with aso-oke.

As a ‘doubting Thomas’ that I am, I still didn’t believe her, so I went on to do some research myself.

And oh my, I admit to have been sleeping on this oh! Like how can I be a fashion enthusiast and still not have an Aso-oke piece? Unbelievable! In fact, since festivities are fast upon us all I want for this season are aso-oke inspired pieces.

Before you even ask what is special about Aso-oke, let’s go down to the history.

Aso-Oke is a short form of Aso Ilu Oke also known as Aso-Ofi meaning clothes from the up-country. It is the traditional wear of the Yoruba’s (the tribe of the southwest people in Nigeria, Africa). The Yoruba’s are the second largest tribe in Nigeria after the Northerners. Aso-Oke is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yoruba’s usually for chieftancy, festivals, engagement, naming ceremony and other important events. To read more on its hisory, click here.

Do you see why Aso-oke is not just another fabric and having it in forms different from the normal is unique? And of course, would make a perfect gift item.

In other words, thinking of what to buy for friends, family etc, keep scrolling to see some aso-oke inspired items.

Ketekete Chair by Ile.Ila

Ever seen a chair this beautiful? Well, it is made with aso-oke and would make for a beautiful gift. What do you think? Want to get this? Click here.

Aso-oke creative gift ideas


Probably for a footstool for the house, how about spicing the house up with an Aso-oke inspired footstool or send as a gift to the family house. This I bet you would get your mum and dad grinning. Ready to get this? Click here.


The Adventurer Back Pack by Ethnik

In the world today, almost everyone has an extra luggage they would be glad to have a backpack from you. Make it even special by getting them a backpack made with Aso-oke. Not only is it exclusive, it is also beautiful. To get this, click here. 

Aso-oke creative gift ideas

Hadizah Bag by Ethnik

I could not complete this without putting in something special for the ladies. And the perfect gift would be the Hadizah Bag made with aso-oke and leather. Have a special lady you would want to surprise? Then you should click here for more details.

Aso-oke creative gift ideas

Hold on guys, before you even say it, keep reading to see something for you.

Aso-Oke Shoe from Moroks Xpression

This is a premium bespoke shoe made from Aso-oke by Moroks Xpression. This would definitely make for a great gift for friends and family. For more details, click here. You can also check out some other creative gifts for him here.

aso-oke creative giftsAre you convinced? That aso-oke is needed to complete your gift items.

While I go source for more, do well to check out these creative gift ideas.

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