Bellafricana Member, Proverbs Creations Launches the New “Allure” Collection

The Allure Collection by Proverbs Creations

On the 30th of August, Proverbs Creations launched a New Collection titled “The Allure Collection”. Prior to the launch, we kept receiving teasers on their social media page, wetting our appetite in anticipation of the launch.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we were certain that whatever it may be, Proverbs Creations would come through with their top notch creativity and uniqueness. So, what was the Allure collection about?

Before I answer that, let me introduce Proverbs Creations to you.

Founded by Mrs Bukola Adenuga, Proverbs Creations is a Fashion/Craft business. They use their creativity to accentuate the beauty of many women. For a while now, they have been known for their unusual but beautiful accessories. Lately they added hand painted and embellished clothing to their product line . Because they love the unusual, they came up with their signature Sand jewelry.

Mrs Bukola says: “Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for unusually creative fashion/craft accessories.” Want to see some of their amazing designs? Click here

Now, back to the Allure Collection Launch

Here are some words that Proverbs Creations used to describe the Allure Collection:

“ALLURE’ is our newest baby and its a gift that we will be offering to you.
‘ALLURE’ will bring smiles to your faces.

It will warm your hearts.

It will solve creative gifting idea problems for you.

It will inspire you.

It will challenge you.

It will change your perception.


Okay, okay. We’re almost close to knowing what the big reveal is.  And here is what the Pre-Launch video looks like:


Did you guess right? It’s  a collection of unique, up-cycled bottle decor designs of different sizes. The private viewing launch on zoom, featured 43 new “Alluring” bottle decor designs, that are guaranteed to take your space from 0 to 100 real quick! And we were right, Proverbs Creations did live up to our expectations. Want to find out more? Then Click on this link.



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