Tiwi Home Fragrance Launches New Flagship Store

Tiwi Home Fragrance store

We’re excited to announce that Tiwi Home Fragrance has opened a new store💃🏽💃. We at Bellafricana are always thrilled when we see our members take huge strides in expanding their businesses and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Just before I give you the gist about the store opening, who is Tiwi Home Fragrance?

Tiwi Home Fragrance is a home and living brand that curates luxury home fragrances that help you connect with your emotions and triggers memory.  These home fragrances would make a fine gift for your loved one and even to yourself too.



Their Luxury Scented Candle and Reed Diffusers are well scented to keep you space smell fresh at all times.

TIWI body oil - Copy


They also have Body oils, butter and even hand sanitizers.

TIWI body oil - CopyTIWI Air diffusers - Copy



Recently they launched a new product called the TIWI ScentAir Automated Machine. It diffuses seamless fragrance that becomes a natural part of your space.

Whether you are scenting your office reception area, or your retail store, your restaurants or your luxury cozy boutique, these ScentAir Machines are available to do the job. Check out what it looks like here:


Now that you about TIWI home Fragrances, let’s talk about the new store, shall we?

It was launched on Sunday, 16th August, 2020.


Where is this new store?

It’s Situated at  Caelum Place 25, Emma Abimbo;a Street Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria.

The new TIWI store is open for you to walk in for your home scent consultations, scent sniff and purchases of your home fragrances. They are happy to help you choose a desired scent ambiance for your homes and spaces in general.

Be sure to drop by, and shop your favorite product.

For more information, check out TIWI Home fragrance on :

Instagram: @Tiwihomefragrance

Facebook: @Tiwihomefragrance

Website: www.tiwihomefragrance.com



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