Meet the Founder of Olivs Botanical [Exclusive Interview]

Meet the member of Olivs Botanical Bellafricana Exclusive Interview of Bellafricana Member

She used to buy a lot of candles from a store when she was a teenager and told herself that one day she will own her brand. With no idea of how to get started, yet relentlessly she kept saying it and working towards it.

Fast forward to today, she now owns one of the fast growing luxury home fragrance brands in Nigeria.

She is the founder of Olivs Botanical.  Let’s meet her

Please introduce yourself and your background 

My name is Olivia Edwards  and I am the founder of Olivs Botanicals

Tell us about your work. How did your company start?

Olivs Botanical is a self-love and selfless brand, which was birth out of the need to raise funds to touch the lives of the motherless home babies, the old people’s home, the widows, the girl child and the mental health care. 10% of our proceeds goes into this project.

It gives us joy and fulfillment to be to give back to the society by putting smile, laughter in the faces of people and by showing love /kindness. With this passion in our hearts, we started our company, by setting our intentions and focusing on our visions, values and mission. As a Natural Botanical Ayurveda Brand, we pride ourselves in bringing the best internationally made products to our clients.

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How did you come about the brand name and what does it mean?

The brand Oliv Botanical was birth out of my Intuition. Olivs means peace and friendship, botanical had to do with natural conscious clean skincare

What is your niche and how did you know it was a market to get into?

We have our niche in the Home and Living category. We focus on making diffusers and scent candles. Our brand touches all categories in our collections. Most clients will fine something to buy from our collections. We made it in such a way, to create something for everyone in our brand collections

Where do you get the inspiration for your products

I use to buy a lot of candles from a store when I was a teenager and I told myself that one day I will own my brand. I didn’t really know how it was going to happen , but I kept saying it and working towards it.

Can you remember one of the first products you made? What makes it memorable?

Yes, i made a candle and some natural bar soaps What made it memorable, it was a gift for my mum

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

The major challenge is lack of funding.  More so, sourcing from middle men and the high cost of machines used for production are reoccurring setbacks.

Another one is getting the right companies for printing and packing.

Do you have any regrets venturing into this line of business?

Not at all, am passionate about our brand and how far we have come, truly grateful

What is your most popular product?

Honestly I really can’t pick one, but from the top of head diffusers, candles and our natural bar soaps

To what extent do you draw upon your Nigerian (African) heritage for your work?

I could say that there is about 50% reflection of my  African heritage on my brands and product.

What are some of your short term goals and long term goals, both in your business and life in general

My short term goal is to complete the branding collections for Olivs botanical. Our long term goal is to touch as many lives as we can possibly touch, as we continue to give back to the society. We also desire to build a brand that is suitable and eco friendly, that will stand the taste of time.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a very shy person

What profession would you be in if you weren’t in this Industry?

I will still choose this profession any time any may be a care giver.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business in your industry, what would it be?
It’s important that you have a mentor someone. who have got experiences to guide you.  I have had my fair share of experiences and have learnt through it to get to where I am today as a brand. Finally, Love your journey, be patient with the process and make sure your passionate about the business you do

Meet the founder of Olivs Botanical, exclusive interview on Bellafricana, Bellafricana member

Meet the founder of Olivs Botanical, exclusive interview on Bellafricana, Bellafricana member
Meet the founder of Olivs Botanical, exclusive interview on Bellafricana, Bellafricana member

To connect with the founder of Olivs Botanical, you can follow and contact her via:

Instagram: Olivsbotanical

Whatsapp: 09022236994

Top 6 Afrocentric Gift Ideas

Ronke Scott Gallery Artworks MINIATURES sold on Bellafricana Marketplace

Have you been looking for Afrocentric gift ideas? With the global craving for African things worldwide, this is a market you need to delve into as various brands are looking for ways to incorporate African ideas into their gift items.

Have you ever visited a recreational center and seen the lovely display of Afrocentric decorations? or have you seen African souvenirs such as Ankara-covered books, Ankara gift bags, African-themed mugs, and so on?

If you love almost anything with an Afrocentric twist to it, then this article is for you to choose from a plethora of beautifully crafted handmade African products.

Here are 6 Afrocentric gift ideas for you:


There is a specific type of African print known as ‘Adire’, and Asologe has made it their business to deliver standard prints. Like ‘Alice in Wonderland, get lost in their store. Michelle Obama even had a dress sewn in this adire piece, and the good thing about it is that.. it is not limited to just dresses alone, but also; bags, scarves, shoes, etc.

      2. ART WORKS

Gift items in form of wall paintings are the best way to convey thoughts and emotions. telling stories using African histories and ideas. Best gift ideas for a wonderful family or a special person. Ronke Scott gallery is your go to for all things artworks.


I am yet to see someone who isn’t in love with jewelry, oh really, there are tons of people who love sleeky and simple styled jewelry, so don’t think you are out of place when making this selection.

Zivanora, stylish jewelry, and accessory brand has done justice to this particular work of art, from melting irons to artistic and aesthestic aesthetic design finishing. If you intend to win a woman’s heart, trust me, it will most likely end with a ‘yes’ to this beauty.


Sometimes the best expression for joy and love is best expressed through a personalised card and can be gifted to that special relative, family member, lover, spouse, good boss, great colleague, and significant other in your life. This Not Just Pulp quirky cards are handmade and careful done with some Nigerian humor You wanna make memories, try this one

Mother Koboko card by Not Just Pulp sold on Bellafricana MarketplaceJollof Happy Birthday Card by Not Just Pulp sold on Bellafricana Marketplace Dad Multi card by not just pulp sold on Bellafricana marketplace


We all deserve good skin therapy, well most times you can surprise your male or female spouse, friend, or any special human in your life, with a good spa session, but if that may cost too much, well this brings us to modara naturals skincare products, suitable for all skin types, nourishes and brightens any skin condition

Modara Naturals Body care gift box


Why do you think perfume diffusers will make great gifting ideas, Yes am asking you again, why perfume diffusers, oh well, good scent conveys emotions and feelings. Let the scent of this exotic perfume diffuser from a delectable perfumery and candle scent brand, Abela Scents do the talking for you. Did I hear you say, life made easy. yeah, you are so right.


All these amazing Afrocentric gift ideas are ideal packages to send out to loved ones, and perfect for all genders and people of all ages. Are you still looking for more options, click here to shop for tons of other wonderful ideas with African embellishments that you will love.


6 Exotic Perfume Diffusers and Room Sprays For You

IGI OPE 100ML DIFFUSER ABELA WORLD Exotic Perfume Diffusers and Room sprays

Are you a lover of exotic perfume diffusers and room sprays? Have you ever walked into a place where the atmosphere reminded you of something you once had? Well, fragrances do a lot to bring back memories. Just as the saying, “Scents is its own story, you only choose how it’s been told”.

Also having a wide range of fragrances to choose from could be tricky, but not to worry, I bring to you good tidings as I carefully and thoroughly take you through my top 6 well-researched perfume diffusers and perfume oil by Abela World you need to spark and ignite the exotic and elegant fragrance around your vicinity.

These fragrances spur great memories as well as reminds us of our African roots. Black history has found a way of coming back to us through the power of earthy, scintillating, and delightful jars of scents.

Without any more suspense, here are the top 6 African-inspired perfume diffuser/oil brands I have discovered for you to add to your next shopping list. 

  1.   IGI OPE

An uplifting scent of the Igi Òpe is a rich blend of cool green floral heart notes laced with citrus top notes and woody undertones.“Igi Ope” (meaning the Palm Tree of Conviviality) burst forth the laughter of noble men playing the game of “ayò” (pronounced ay-oh). A symbol of sustainability, Igi Òpe imparts her fruitful & charming essence upon the lands from which she hails.

This fragrance is curated not just to give your space a scent ambiance but to create a long-lasting impression around your space, as well as give you an aroma uplift. No one who walks into your space will want to leave in a hurry, Abela scents by Africa, the curator of our delightful perfumed fragrance Igi Ope, had your guest in mind when producing it as it was produced with the intent to warm the heart, find joy and lift the spirit.


            2.  ILARI

Not just did Abela by scents of Africa create a cool and impeccable memory around this product, but it also infused a tender and soothing ingredient to help relax the mind and calm anxiety. Ìlàrí (meaning 3-pronged African Wood Comb) is a semblance of the woody core of the material. It’s inspired by the story of African women adorning, ready for a traditional and cultural displays. This fragrance is combined with a spicy & invigorating air, Ìlàrí is reminiscent of the homely ladies who effortlessly wielded this ethnic tool of adornment.


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     3.    ILE AMO

Reminiscent of the cooling essence of earth’s dew, Ilé Amò (meaning the African Mud Hut) combines the grounding scent of violet leaf laced with overtones of sweet flowers & woody musky undertones. Abela by scents of Africa enriches their unique range of handmade home fragrances, inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa. Just as history never dies, ile amo scents share the deep sense of African identity. Embracing our uniqueness and creativity through these precious jars of the conceptual scent of arts.

This scent is here to help you journey through your senses, sharing stories and encouraging conversations from places you may not have expected. Ilé Amò (meaning the African Mud Hut) is an edifice comparable to nothing in modernity; bearing the sweat of brawn men. Built not only for housing but also as a symbol of abundance and wealth, Ilé Amò fills up your space with the bustling laughter of warm hearts and the soul of knit communities. Do you want to tell African stories using emotions, then Ilé Amò is a must-buy.

Abela world diffuser Exotic Perfume Diffusers and Room sprays


     4. INA IFE

If unity and bond sharing were a thing, then it would definitely be the fierce scent of Iná Ìfé (meaning the Flame of Passion). Abela by scents of Africa can capture the heart with its passionate redolence from this alien and exotic blend, intimately embraced by notes of citrus, amber, musk & woods. Imposing its sensuality upon our innermost desires and Impressing its passion & innate gift with a flaring sense of urgency upon life in the most meaningful way. Iná Ìfé  incites each one to keep the flame burning, fighting against the odds, catching feelings, and sharing vibes.

Exotic Perfume Diffusers and Room sprays




Unlike the diffusers, room sprays are faster and more far-reaching. It can penetrate even the hidden corners of your rooms, offices, or environment as a whole. Abela by scents of Africa have found a more efficient way of distilling good and healthy air into the atmosphere. Imagine having to spray a few drops and having the whole atmosphere engulfed in these overpowering fragrances. Enjoy the rich, joyful, even homely, and hygienic aroma of Ilari room spray. Perfect for use in public environments like hotels, fast food, offices, religious centers, conference rooms, etc. Ilari room sprays calm and relaxes any tensed-up mood. it’s a good aromatherapy for anxiety and worries.



Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory as a fragrance. Omi iye fragrance is that which speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s. The magical scent of Omi Iyè (meaning the River of Life) is a semblance of fresh violet & ozone notes rounded off with soothing herbal notes. Africa is truly blessed with its richness and Abela by scents of Africa has fully embellished these blessed resources by creating good scents from the Niger to the highlands of East Africa. Imparting the newness of life, the very heart of creation, Beckoning calmness, bursting vibrantly & dancing to the symphony of her rustic beat is the Omi Iyè. This fragrance inspires pureness, richness, and sweet memories. 

According to Maurice Roucel,” Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan”. Always be a fragrance, not an odour. Just as good fragrance speaks for itself, Abela by scent of Africa, an Afrocentric brand made in Nigeria tells African stories using scents. Talk about the perfect exotic perfume diffusers and room sprays, a rich way of preserving African cultural heritage. Allow fragrances to communicate to you by remaining open-minded.



Tiwi Home Fragrance Launches New Flagship Store

Tiwi Home Fragrance store

We’re excited to announce that Tiwi Home Fragrance has opened a new store💃🏽💃. We at Bellafricana are always thrilled when we see our members take huge strides in expanding their businesses and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Just before I give you the gist about the store opening, who is Tiwi Home Fragrance?

Tiwi Home Fragrance is a home and living brand that curates luxury home fragrances that help you connect with your emotions and triggers memory.  These home fragrances would make a fine gift for your loved one and even to yourself too.



Their Luxury Scented Candle and Reed Diffusers are well scented to keep you space smell fresh at all times.

TIWI body oil - Copy


They also have Body oils, butter and even hand sanitizers.

TIWI body oil - CopyTIWI Air diffusers - Copy



Recently they launched a new product called the TIWI ScentAir Automated Machine. It diffuses seamless fragrance that becomes a natural part of your space.

Whether you are scenting your office reception area, or your retail store, your restaurants or your luxury cozy boutique, these ScentAir Machines are available to do the job. Check out what it looks like here:


Now that you about TIWI home Fragrances, let’s talk about the new store, shall we?

It was launched on Sunday, 16th August, 2020.


Where is this new store?

It’s Situated at  Caelum Place 25, Emma Abimbo;a Street Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria.

The new TIWI store is open for you to walk in for your home scent consultations, scent sniff and purchases of your home fragrances. They are happy to help you choose a desired scent ambiance for your homes and spaces in general.

Be sure to drop by, and shop your favorite product.

For more information, check out TIWI Home fragrance on :

Instagram: @Tiwihomefragrance

Facebook: @Tiwihomefragrance





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