8 Ways Women Can Make Money From Home


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Before I highlight a number of ways women can make money from home, I will tell you this for free, being a career woman is not a walk in the park which is why when a husband and a baby or two join the mix, women most often times resign from their day jobs to take on the role of being full time housewives…. [/dropcap]
It usually seems like a good idea till you’ve actually quit and you find yourself stuck in a rut, caught up in a cycle of never ending hours, constantly on your feet, cleaning and cooking, taking care of the kids, catering to your husband, doing homework, changing diapers etc. Needless to say, it becomes a full time job that you don’t get paid for so the man tends to be the sole provider.
Women are the backbone of the family. They hold the home together and while it’s the duty of the man to provide for and cater to the financial needs of the family, no be only him waka come and with the world wide economical nose dive, every financial support counts no matter how little.
I don’t know about you, but I believe that a marriage is a partnership in every way and I always say if one person is bringing the bread, the other person should bring the butter and together they can add sardine and make an awesome sandwich.
While so many women are burgeoning entrepreneurs, even with the added weight of raising their home and family, there are also other women who have no idea that they can still watch their kids grow, be hands on in their daily routine and still be able to contribute financially to the home.
There are a vast number of opportunities, but I have narrowed them down and put together 8 ways women can make money from home and I hope someone somewhere finds it very useful.
This is number one on my list because most of the Bellafricana Verified ladies deal with craft. From a vast array of Jewelry to clothes, handbags, wall art etc. They have literally handcrafted a niche for themselves doing what they love and making some cool bucks off it.
So, do you like to Knit? Sew? Make beads or Paint? Do you know how to make hair? Do nails or makeup? Can you make soap?  Delve in, discover your God given talent and turn it to a money making venture. With the made in Nigeria trend, you are guaranteed sales. Dig into your creative hats and pull out your jackpot.
In reference to sell your craft, the truth is, not every creative person has a strong business angle or even wants to be bothered with the stress of deliveries, logistics, packaging and all of that.
So here’s the thing. You can also volunteer to tutor people interested in learning what you know for a few hours every day. Also, if you are like me and you aren’t keen on letting strangers into your home, you can create a YouTube channel and regularly post HOW TO videos on hair, makeup, fashion, knitting, beading etc.
Just keep at it because consistency is the key to monetizing.
I sort of feel like this should be the default go to job option for every housewife looking to make some extra bucks. Most women love to cook and everybody loves to eat. If you belong to the former, you can create a breakfast/lunch menu and deliver to companies, shops and individuals around you.
If you don’t want the wahala of cooking rice and chicken or creating a menu everyday, you can also simplify it by baking cupcakes, frying doughnuts, puffpuff, making sandwiches or even making fruit salads and blending smoothies.
The list is endless. Become the speed dial lady for all things edible.
This is by far the easiest thing for any mother to do. You’re taking care of your own infants and toddlers anyway so why not add the tots of other individuals for some extra cash?
You can run a babysitting business out of your home. Just be sure to have an auxiliary nurse on standby and take on only as many kids as you can manage in the age group convenient for you.
The major challenges start to come when you do more than you can handle.
Are you good with words? Do you like to write? Then you can take up blogging. All you’re doing is documenting your daily activities and with time and consistency, making money from it.
Imagine keeping a diary of what you do every day. If you’re an organised bunny, you can write about how to keep the home clean. You’d be surprised at how many people are interested in knowing how you puree bananas for your 6m old baby or how you juggle being a soccer mum and a wife. Its all in you.
The major key here is to find a niche that works for you, one that you can come up with content for easily.
There are a lot of proof reading jobs online that pay good money. If you like to read then this is something you ought to look into.
All that is required of you is to read through manuscripts, proposals, business plans etc and correct typos, punctuation errors and misconstruction of sentences.
Being a stay at home mum means you get to use a lot of products. Canned foods, cosmetics, detergents, baby food etc.
You can document your experience with each product. How it works, if it works and rate it.
Most women will Google a hair product researching for consumer reviews before purchasing. Create a website for this purpose and be the one whose opinion counts.
If you do all your laundry at home and you have a durable washing machine, you can include the dirty clothes of neighbors and those around you.
You don’t really have to do anything other than toss the clothes into the machine according to colors and setting the time. This is you making money without really doing much.
For added value of  course you would need to iron the clothes, so you can hire someone or 2 for that. It all depends on the capacity of clothes you are willing to take on daily.

  • Let your first clients/customers be those closest to you. Family, friends, neighbors etc
  • If you are interested in product reviews, there are lots of bellafricana verified businesses who would be willing to support you with products for review.
  • Do not take on more than you can handle.
  • Whatever you do must be fun for you and loved by you.

There are so many other job options to look into, but first be sure to thoroughly examine your skills, explore your interests and create a schedule to manage your time. Discuss with your partner, study how you can balance family and business so one doesn’t suffer for the other and you don’t have to deal with undue stress and fatigue.
Good luck!
You can suggest other job options in the comment section because I know I have only just touched the surface.
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