Unity in Action: The Power of the Black Community’s Boycott During Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death, the world witnessed an unprecedented surge in solidarity within the Black community. One of the most inspiring and eye-opening responses while anger and sadness soared in the black community, was the collective decision to boycott major e-commerce giants and exclusively support Black designers and entrepreneurs. The Black Lives Movement was (and always has been) about economic action as much as it was a powerful statement of unity, resilience, and empowerment. 

Social Justice Organizations Reflect on 2020 as Floyd Anniversary Nears | Black Voices | Chicago News | WTTW

During the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, there was a heightened awareness and intentional support for Black-owned businesses. The decision to shift spending away from large corporations and toward Black-owned businesses highlighted a significant cultural and economic awakening triggered by the fight to end racial discrimination, police brutality and social injustice. This movement served as a reminder of the immense potential within the Black community to support and uplift each other in time of need. It underscored the importance of economic power in the fight against systemic racism and inequality.

The boycott also provided a platform for Black designers and entrepreneurs who had long been overlooked by mainstream markets. The fashion industry was forced to question its embedded Eurocentric outlook and these talented individuals, often working in the shadows, suddenly found themselves in the spotlight with their creativity and innovation celebrated by a broader audience. The surge in support led to increased visibility, sales, and growth opportunities for many Black-owned businesses.

Fashion brand “Telfar” is a perfect case study, let’s explore this further. 

Telfar, the unisex fashion brand founded by Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens in 2005, saw a significant surge in popularity and support during the Black Lives Matter movement.

Some key factors that contributed to Telfar’s rise:

1. Representation and Inclusivity: Telfar has always championed inclusivity and accessibility in fashion, aligning with the values of the Black Lives Matter movement. The brand’s slogan, “Not for you, for everyone,” resonated with a wide audience seeking diversity and representation in the fashion industry.

2. Affordable Luxury: Telfar’s signature shopping bag, often referred to as the “Bushwick Birkin,” offers a high-quality, stylish alternative to expensive luxury bags. Its affordability and status as a fashion statement made it highly desirable during a time when consumers were seeking to support ethical and inclusive brands.

3. Community Engagement: Telfar’s strong community engagement, including direct interaction with fans on social media and transparent business practices, helped build a loyal customer base. This grassroots support was amplified during the movement as people looked for brands that aligned with their values.

4. Celebrity Endorsements: High-profile endorsements from celebrities like Solange Knowles, Bella Hadid, and A$AP Ferg helped elevate Telfar’s visibility and credibility. These endorsements became even more impactful as celebrities and influencers used their platforms to promote Black-owned brands during the movement.

5. Innovative Marketing and Collaborations: Telfar’s innovative marketing strategies, including the “Bag Security Program” that allowed customers to pre-order their bags, demonstrated a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Collaborations with major brands like Gap and UGG further expanded Telfar’s reach and visibility.

Overall, Telfar’s surge during the Black Lives Matter movement was driven by a combination of its core values, strategic positioning, and the broader cultural shift towards supporting Black-owned businesses and inclusive, accessible fashion.

It goes beyond the walls of fashion, it cuts across all industries – Fenty beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, Brandon Blackwood, Maison Noir Wines, Golde, TomboyX, The Lip Bar, KaiCollective, just to name a few personal favourites.

Moreover, this movement fostered a sense of connection and solidarity. People came together, shared resources, and promoted Black-owned businesses through purchases, social media and word-of-mouth. The community’s collective effort to support each other was both heartwarming and empowering, demonstrating that true change comes from within. This period was a testament to the power of community action. It was a time when every purchase made from a Black-owned business was not just a transaction, but a step towards justice and equality worldwide. The Canadian Federal Government invested $90 million in a black entrepreneurship program to help access bank loans, mentorship and other valuable resources. In the US, a substantial amount of people were and still are committed to directing majority of their purchases to black-owned businesses, organisations hire black employees or that are empathetic to the black community. Even across major cities in the UK such as London and Manchester, shortly after the death of George Floyd, protesters gathered and leveraged their rights to peaceful protests with signboards reading “How many more?”. A similar event occurred less than a decade prior in London, Mark Duggan a 29-year old black male suffered a gunshot to the chest and was killed by British police. This led to public protests in Tottenham and escalated into riots across London and other cities. 

The boycott reminded us all that our economic choices can be a form of protest, a way to demand change and support those who need it most. 

In conclusion, the collective boycott of e-commerce giants in favour of Black designers and entrepreneurs during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement was a profound and inspiring example of unity and empowerment. It showcased the strength of the Black community and the importance of supporting each other in the fight for justice. This movement was a powerful reminder that together, we can create meaningful change and build a more equitable future.






For further reading on the impact of this movement, check out these resources:

CNN, How George Floyd’s death reignited a movement.

Teen Vogue, I Live in the United Kingdom, Where We’re Protesting for George Floyd and Black Lives Globally.


Small Shops, Big Impact : How Shopping from Small Businesses Connects and Inspires

Supporting African businesses and bridging the “Diaspora” in a world dominated by big-box stores and global e-commerce giants, the panache and significance of small businesses can often be overlooked.

Yet, there’s an undeniable swagger in choosing to shop small, especially when it comes to supporting African businesses. From fostering community connections to preserving cultural heritage, the benefits are profound and multifaceted. Let me take you on a journey through the alluring world of small businesses and explain why your support can make a world of difference.

1. Supporting the Dreamers and Doers

Behind every small business is a passionate entrepreneur with a dream. These individuals pour their heart and soul into their work, often overcoming significant challenges to bring their visions to life. When you shop small, you’re not only buying a product; you’re supporting someone’s dream, fuelling their passion, and contributing to the livelihood of communities of artisans.

– Think of it like a garden. Just as each plant needs care and attention to flourish, small businesses thrive with the support of their communities. By choosing to shop small, you’re helping these businesses to grow and blossom, creating a thriving ecosystem of creativity and innovation.

– This in turn drives impact in creating more entrepreneurs in ourselves and our kids, a broader spectrum of creative businesses which contribute to creating wealth.

2. Strengthening Communities with A Personalised Shopping Experience 

Small businesses are a driving force behind economic growth and development. They create jobs, stimulate local economies, foster a sense of belonging and connection as well as contribute to the overall prosperity of their communities.

– When you shop at a small African business, you’re investing in the community’s future, helping to create a vibrant and sustainable economic landscape.  When you shop at a small business, you’re more than just a customer; you’re part of a community. Small business owners often go above and beyond to provide a personalized shopping experience, getting to know their customers and tailoring their services to meet individual needs. Imagine a friendly neighborhood coffee shop where the barista knows your name and your favorite order. This personal touch creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that big-box stores and online giants simply can’t replicate.

– By supporting small businesses, you’re enriching your shopping experience and creating a resilient and interconnected community. By choosing to shop small, you’re playing a crucial role in this economic cycle, helping to create opportunities and drive progress.

– Imagine the ripple effect of a stone thrown into a pond. Each small business represents a stone, and their success creates ripples that spread throughout the community, fostering economic growth and development. Your support amplifies these ripples, creating a positive impact on the broader economy.

3. Unique, Quality Products

One of the joys of shopping small is discovering unique, high-quality products that you won’t find anywhere else (literally). Whether it’s a handcrafted necklace, a one-of-a-kind painting, or a bespoke piece of furniture, small businesses offer a treasure trove of distinctive items that stand out in a world of uniformity. Small businesses are hidden gems. Just as a gemstone catches the light and reveals its beauty, small businesses offer products that reflect the creativity and craftsmanship of their makers. By shopping small, you’re choosing quality and individuality over mass-produced, cookie-cutter items.

4. Environmental and Social Impact

Small businesses often have a smaller environmental footprint compared to large corporations. They tend to source materials locally, produce in smaller batches, and prioritize sustainable practices. By choosing to shop small, you’re making a more environmentally conscious choice, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

– Think of it like a pebble in a pond. Each small business represents a pebble, and their collective efforts create ripples that spread far and wide, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. Your support amplifies these efforts, creating a positive impact on the environment. Many small African businesses are owned and operated by women and individuals from marginalized communities.

– By supporting these businesses, you’re helping to empower these entrepreneurs, providing them with opportunities for economic independence and social mobility. Consider the analogy of a bridge. Small businesses create pathways for women and marginalized groups to achieve their goals and improve their lives. By shopping small, you’re helping to build these bridges, fostering inclusivity and equality.

5. Reconnecting the Diaspora

For members of the African diaspora, supporting small African businesses is a powerful way to stay connected to their roots and heritage. It provides a tangible link to the culture and traditions of their homeland, creating a sense of belonging and pride. Think of it like a thread that ties you to your ancestry. Each purchase from a small African business strengthens this connection, allowing you to weave a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and identity. By supporting these businesses, you’re not only embracing your roots but also helping to keep these traditions alive for future generations. 

6. Building a Better Future

Ultimately, shopping small is about building a better future for ourselves, our communities, and the world. By supporting small African businesses, you’re helping to create a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable economy. You’re fostering creativity and innovation, preserving cultural heritage, and empowering individuals to achieve their dreams. Think of it like planting a tree. Each small business represents a seed, and your support helps it to grow and flourish. Over time, these businesses will create a forest of opportunity, providing shade, shelter, and sustenance for generations to come.

In conclusion: The Power of your choice in a world where convenience often trumps quality, choosing to shop small is a powerful act of defiance. It’s a statement that you value creativity, craftsmanship, and community over mass production and uniformity. By supporting small African businesses, you’re making a difference. You’re becoming part of a larger narrative, helping to create a brighter, more inclusive, and sustainable future. So, the next time you’re looking for a unique gift, a high-quality product, or a way to reconnect with your heritage, consider shopping small. The magic of these businesses is waiting to be discovered, and your support can help to keep this magic alive.


If, for some weird reason, you’ve missed hearing about Bellafricana before now, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a thriving community of African creatives dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the arts & crafts, fashion, beauty, and home & living industries. Led by our visionary CEO, Bukky Asehinde, we’ve been championing African creativity for over a decade, providing the right business support and structure for our members to thrive in a global market. Essentially, we want to see African creative entrepreneurs win internationally.

At Bellafricana, our mission is clear: to be the premier destination for buyers worldwide seeking quality African-made/inspired products. We uphold the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in every interaction with our members, customers, partners, and employees. Through our dedication to excellence, we not only drive economic progress in Africa but also inspire others to contribute to the continent’s development and social advancement.

We understand the importance of business management in creative enterprises, which is why we provide valuable resources and insights on how to stay on track and achieve your goals. Most importantly, we chronicle African creative culture through the distinctive perspective of Africans for a global target audience. 

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the world, starting with Africa. 

Summary: Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where African creativity flourishes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a buyer, or simply passionate about African culture, there’s a place for you here. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to empower African creatives and showcase the beauty of our continent to the world.


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Thanks for reading, till next time.

Google SEO Course With Bukky Asehinde

Google SEO

Getting noticed online might feel like a challenge, but The Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course with Bukky Asehinde is here to make it easier. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this course helps people and businesses step into the spotlight on the first page of Google search results.

Google SEO

Finding Your Way Online:

Navigating the internet can be confusing, especially if you’re invisible to Google search engines. The Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course will be your guide, showing you the ropes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to get noticed.

Understanding SEO:

SEO might sound like a techy term, but this course breaks it down. You’ll learn the secrets of SEO and gain practical skills to boost your online content and climb up the Google search engine ladder.

Creating Content that Works:

Content is crucial, but not all content is created equal. The course teaches you effective content strategies, so you can create engaging, relevant, and search-friendly content that speaks to your audience.

Mastering Keywords:

Keywords are like the secret codes for Google search engines. The course teaches you how to find and use keywords effectively, making sure your content matches what people are looking for.

Understanding Analytics:

Success is measurable, and the course emphasizes the importance of analytics. You’ll learn how to read data, track your progress, and make smart decisions to keep improving.

Community and Friendship:

   It’s more fun to share the journey. The Page One Course creates a community where you can connect, share your experiences, and learn from others who’ve faced similar challenges.

Setting You Up for Future Success:

   This course isn’t just about today; it’s an investment in your future online success. By giving you the skills to navigate the digital world, The Invisible To Page One (IPO) Google SEO Course empowers you to stay visible and relevant in the years to come.

Google SEO

Going from invisible to the first page of Google search results is a big deal. The Invisible To Page (IPO) One Google SEO Course is like a friendly guide, helping individuals and businesses not just be online but stand out in the vast digital world. And also become top and trusted in your industry.

Why You Should Rank On The First Page of Google

Google Visibility

Ever wonder why everyone talks about being on Google’s first page? This blog post breaks it down into simple terms, explaining why you should rank on the first page of Google.

Google Visibility

Easy to Spot:

Imagine the first page of Google as a busy street. Being there means your business is right in front where everyone can see, making it easier for people to find you.

More Sales in Foreign Currency:

Being on top means users see you as a top choice. You also get more clicks, meaning more people visit your website. And this translates into more sales.

Trusted Brand:

People tend to trust businesses at the top. If your business is up there, it gives off a trustworthy vibe’, making users more likely to click and check out what you offer. Showing up on the first page again and again makes users remember your business. This trust often turns into more people becoming your customers.

Top in Your Industry:

Beating competitors to the top is a big win. Users see top results as the best, giving your business an edge. It’s like being the star in a crowded marketplace.


Users like things quick and easy. Being on the first page ensures they find what they need fast. This simplicity not only makes them happy but also boosts their engagement with your business.


Being on the first page of Google Is a smart move for any business wanting to stand out online. From easy visibility to trust-building and long-term success.

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Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course With Bukky Asehinde

Google SEO

Getting noticed online might feel like a challenge, but the Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course is here to make it easier. In this blog post, we’ll explore what members will get from this course and what the couse covers and how this course helps people and businesses step into the spotlight on the first page of Google search results.

Google SEO

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Why Join IPO Cohort 2:
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Pss: The IPO Course was made with Creative Entrepreneurs in mind but 30% of members who take the course are from diverse industries.

How to Avoid Burnout as a Creative Entrepreneur


Being a creative entrepreneur is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. This blog post shares easy tips to help you protect your well-being and avoid burnout as you navigate the world of creative business.

Staying healthy

1. Set Clear Work and Life Limits:

Decide when work starts and ends, and create a space just for work. This way, you keep your creative energy safe and find a balance between your job and personal life.


2. Make Time for Yourself:

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Sleep well, eat good food, and move your body. Doing things that make you happy and relaxed is crucial for a healthy mind.


3. Break Big Tasks into Small Steps:

Don’t let big projects stress you out. Break them into smaller tasks that are easier to handle. Achieving small goals feels great and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.


4. Ask for Help When Needed:

You don’t have to do everything alone. If things get too much, share tasks with others. This could mean hiring someone or teaming up with fellow creatives.


5. Plan Relaxing Time:

Schedule breaks for yourself. Whether it’s a short break during the day or a day off, taking time to relax prevents burnout and keeps your creativity alive.


6. Find Inspiration Outside of Work:

Look for inspiration beyond your business. Explore different arts, try new hobbies, and appreciate the simple things. This variety can spark new ideas and keep you excited about your work.


7. Connect with Other Creatives:

Don’t be alone in your creative journey. Connect with other creatives, online or offline. Sharing experiences with people who understand can make you feel supported and less stressed.

Staying healthy

8. Don’t Overcommit:

It’s okay to say no. You can’t do everything. Focus on what matters most to you and say no to things that might make you too busy or stressed.

Staying healthy

9. Take Time to Look Back and Celebrate:

Think about your journey and celebrate your achievements, big or small. This helps you feel good about your progress and motivates you to keep going.

Staying healthy


Being a creative entrepreneur should be fun, not exhausting. By taking small steps to care for yourself and your work, you can enjoy your creative journey without burning out. Remember, your well-being is the key to your creativity and success.

DIfferences Between Google SEO and Google My Business

Google My Business

Google is a key player in helping businesses reach their target audience in the large and constantly changing world of online marketing. Google My Business (GMB) and Google SEO are two essential elements of a successful online presence. Even though they both increase a company’s online presence, they have different goals and employ various techniques.

The specifics of both will be examined in this blog post, and I will show you the differences between Google My Business and Google SEO.

Different Between Google My Business and Google SEO

Google My Business (GMB):

Google My Business is a powerful tool designed to enhance a business’s local online presence. It provides a platform for businesses to manage their online listings and appear on maps, making it easier for potential customers to find and connect with them.

Key Features of Google My Business:

Local Business Information: GMB allows businesses to display essential information, such as their name, address, phone number, website, and hours of operation, directly on Google.

Reviews and Ratings: Customers can leave reviews and ratings on a business’s GMB profile, influencing the reputation and credibility of the business.

Map Integration: GMB enables businesses to appear on Google Maps, making it convenient for local customers to locate them.

Business Insights: GMB provides valuable insights into customer interactions, allowing businesses to understand how users find and engage with their listings.

Different Between Google My Business and Google SEO

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Google SEO, on the other hand, is a broader strategy aimed at optimizing your brand or product’s visibility on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Unlike GMB, which focuses on local visibility, SEO encompasses a wider range of tactics to improve your brand’s overall ranking in organic search results.

Key Components of Google SEO:

On-Page Optimization: SEO uses special words to make your product stand out in global searches.

Website Friends: SEO gets other websites to talk about your product, making it more popular.

Technical SEO: SEO ensures your product website is fast, works well on phones, and looks good.

Content Marketing: SEO loves it when you create valuable content, making your product a trusted source. by using relevant keywords, creating high-quality content, and establishing a brand as an authoritative source in its industry.

Technical SEO: This involves optimizing the technical aspects of a website, such as site speed and mobile responsiveness.


In summary, both are integral components of a successful online marketing strategy. Understanding their differences and leveraging their unique benefits can significantly enhance a business’s visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately contribute to its growth.

A Letter of Encouragement To A “Dear Entrepreneur”

A letter of encouragement

I know, my dear entrepreneur, that sometimes the beginning of the year can stir a mix of emotions, including anxiety and fear.

I want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling this way. I’ve been there, standing at the intersection of aspirations and uncertainties. Two years ago, I, too, faced a crossroads that nearly led me to give up on my business. But here’s what pulled me through, and I believe it can be a guiding light for you as well. And that is why I decided to come up with A letter of encouragement to a “dear entrepreneur.”

1. Show Yourself Compassion:

In the pursuit of ambitious goals, we often forget the importance of self-compassion. It’s okay not to have everything figured out. Be gentle with yourself, change your perspective, celebrate your victories, and embrace the learning curves.

A Letter of Encouragement
2. Prayer and Divine Guidance:

Lean into your faith and seek guidance from God. Personally, prayer became an anchor during uncertain times. Trust in the divine plan for your life, and let it guide you through the uncharted waters.

Enter the year knowing that “God has worked all things for your good” not that He is still in the process of working it out!

Meaning: It’s not going to happen in your future, it is already DONE!

So renew your mindset to this FACT and OPEN your eyes to the opportunities around you.

A Letter of Encouragement

3. Show Up, Despite the Feelings:

There’s tremendous power in showing up, especially when the weight of anxiety tries to hold you back. Sometimes, the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other opens up new possibilities. Remember, courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.

A Letter of Encouragement

4. Stop Overthinking:

Overthinking is a silent thief of joy and progress. Break free from the shackles of overanalysis. Trust your instincts, make decisions with the information at hand, and allow room for spontaneity and creativity.

My dear entrepreneur, remember this; you possess a resilience that has carried you through challenges before, and it will continue to do so. The canvas of a new year is blank, awaiting the strokes of your creativity and the colors of your determination.

I encourage you to carry these lessons with you. Be kind to yourself, seek guidance, show up bravely, and release the burden of overthinking. Remember, you have the strength within you to turn the uncertainties of the future into opportunities for growth.

May this year be a canvas painted with success, joy, and fulfillment.

With unwavering support and belief in your journey,

Ps: click here to listen to this message from me

Rooting for you always,

Bukky Asehinde (aka Creatives Mother Hen),

Founder at Bellafricana.

Bellafricana Expands To Support Creative Entrepreneurs Across Africa

Community of African Creatives

We are filled with a sense of gratitude and passion for what we have built together. When Bellafricana started, it was borne out of a deep-seated desire to create what we describe as a sanctuary which would not only give creative entrepreneurs the visibility they deserved but also help them build the business structures and support system they need to grow.

We have been a driving force behind the growth of thousands of creative businesses in Africa, providing unparalleled support to the entire African creative community and connecting their products to local and international customers.

Bellafricana is a tech-enabled community that provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs in the fashion, arts & craft, beauty, home & living, food produce & snacks industry, to increase their visibility and have the right business support and structure that gives them the capacity to grow their business. Currently, we are the leading community for African-Owned creative businesses with a growing network of over 20,000 creative entrepreneurs.

In addition, our members have saved a whopping ₦20 million (over $40,000) off their marketing training expenses and bagged sponsorship from the prestigious Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), valued at a staggering ₦63.5 million (over $141,000).

Bellafricana Ace awards

Through our extensive brand exposure, our members have been featured on highly acclaimed TV stations such as Hip TV and Silverbird TV – cementing their position as industry leaders. Some of our members has also been featured in international screen like CCN. Further, our members have secured various grants including the illustrious Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) grant, worth a hefty $5,000.

Also, some of our members have been shortlisted for the Jack Ma Prize (African Business Heros Award), a testament to their innovative drive and ingenuity. Our community is not just about recognition and accolades, our members have also achieved tangible business growth – expanding their customer base and boosting their sales.

Similarly, our commitment to promoting African creativity led us to create the ACE Awards, an initiative that lauds the creative works of Nigerians and Africans, making open competition affordable and accessible. The ACE Awards continue to encourage more businesses to look inwards and create more globally acceptable brands.


Over the years, Bellafricana has evolved into something much more than we ever could have imagined. We have become a family, a community that not only supports and encourages each other but also inspires and motivates us to strive for excellence every day. As business owners ourselves, we know firsthand the struggles that come with trying to turn your passion into a viable business. The sleepless nights, the self-doubt, the endless setbacks – these are all part of the journey. But with the right support system, we can overcome these challenges and achieve our dreams.

At Bellafricana, we are not just building a community, we are building a movement. A movement that is focused on promoting African creativity, empowering local businesses, and showcasing the best of what Africa has to offer.

Bellafricana community

That is why we are thrilled to announce that we are opening up our doors  to even more creative entrepreneurs to come in for free. It is our hope that this will allow us to continue to serve more people, grow the community and provide the support and resources they need to succeed. We have created a tech-enabled community which will bring together experts and mentors to offer business support and structure that gives our members  the capacity to grow their businesses. This community will be powered by our rich network of individuals who are passionate about promoting African creativity and are committed to supporting local businesses.

Our team has been working tirelessly to ensure that we provide a seamless experience for all our members and those who would be coming in and prepare them for better engagement and networking opportunities. With this platform, we can accommodate more members and provide a wider range of resources and support, and deliver on our mandate to serve the creative community.

But this is just the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to build the largest network of African creative Entrepreneurs and a platform that would host their creative products, and with your help, we will achieve more as we keep moving several steps forward in the right direction. By supporting each other, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and collaborating on new projects, we can create globally acceptable brands for African creative works and make a real difference in the world.

Commuity of African creatives


We are filled with a sense of purpose and passion when we think about the impact that we have made together. The Bellafricana community is more than just a business; it is a movement, a force for good that is changing lives and inspiring the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Your support and dedication to our community inspires us every day. Join us on this journey, together, we will build a home for creative entrepreneurs, a place where creative passions can thrive, and our dreams can become a reality. You too can become a member of the bellafricana community, click here to join.  

9 Tips For Vendors And Exhibitors at Exhibitions

Every so often after an exhibition, you hear vendors say “I didn’t sell at that exhibition, I wont go back next year” And they state this fact as though the organizers of the exhibition were supposed to lead attendees to each vendor one after the other. In the same vein you hear other vendors talk about how they sold out all their products and you wonder how that is even possible. 
Exhibitions can be so much fun for both attendees and vendors. You look around, get inspired, network and get contacts for future projects among other things. Sometimes vendors don’t get to partake in all the fun because they are busy, too busy trying to make sales, but they struggle with that because they were unprepared.

Vendors show up to exhibitions, set up nice looking displays and think that is all there is to it. “Bring products, customers will come” However, that is a strategy that stopped working with the rise of more innovative and creative businesses. To be ahead, you need to think ahead and know all the hacks to nailing an exhibition. Below are 9 ways to make sales at your next trade show.


I tell vendors all the time to be friendly and smile; And No, I don’t mean that phony smile that you plaster on your face when there’s a potential customer in view, but a genuine warm and welcoming smile. That would undoubtedly attract attendees to check out your products. No one likes a snob… or do you?

Imagine walking down a long crowded street and someone just flashed you a random bright smile, by default you would be drawn to approach the person.

You want your products to remain top of mind so even if they aren’t going to purchase there and then; they remember you when they do need what you’re selling.

Also Read: http://digest.bellafricana.com/13-signs-meant-entrepreneur/


Some people will only approach you when you acknowledge their presence. It can be something as simple as “good morning”. Also with the hustle and bustle and elbow jabbing that comes with trade shows and exhibitions, some people may honestly walk past your stand without actually seeing your products.

Approach attendees; call out a greeting, a compliment or something like that. Just acknowledge that you see them there, because when you really think about it, this is not a boyfriend/girlfriend matter where one is posing for the other. You’re trying to make some money (duh) best leave all ego, shyness and their kissing cousins at home.


Do not start with a sales pitch once you have the attention of a potential buyer. Tell a story. People don’t buy what you’re doing; they buy why you’re doing it. Most new businesses are so desperate to generate revenue they forget value. For once I would love to hear a vendor say something like “do you know you can get rid of shoe odour with baking soda? As opposed to “You should buy these shoes they would suit you”  

You absolutely cannot keep asking people to come and buy, come and buy. It causes some sort of real life spam, besides that’s what everyone does so why not bring something different and let your approach make you unforgettable.


Yes, approach and engage attendees as you must, but try not to be too pushy. Most vendors literally want to shove their products down your throat. There’s a thin line between assertive and aggressive, try not to cross it.


It’s always better to have too many people than too little people helping you at your stand. You can’t afford to be short on staff. I have walked away from many stalls because I was just left standing there unattended to. Recruit friends and family to help if you can’t hire extra hands. It is important that while you’re talking to one customer, someone else is engaging the other and calling out to a potential.


At a recent event I attended called the Lagos leather fair, while everyone was handing out complimentary cards, there was this one business -ForFori (makers of leather shoes, belts, wallets and bags) who were giving customers note pads with all their details at the back and product images inside.

I thought that to be very smart, because whether we like it or not, they have imprinted themselves in my mind and made sure they weren’t forgotten soon after the exhibition, because if you make sales at an event what is guarantee that you will get them to come back? Keepsakes. Always have complimentary cards and a freebie. It can be a key ring, a hand band or even a pen. Trust me, it doesn’t have to be anything major. Just be sure to leave something that people will remember you by months after they’ve forgotten about the event.


You’re the brand ambassador of your business, so leave your poker face at home and have fun. Crack jokes, don’t be static or rigid. You may not be an overtly social person but you know someone who is, get them to come with you. I had a blast at Oeclats stand at the Lagos leather fair. The head designer Gbemmy and her friends made m e laugh so much. I was still hanging around their stand long after I had bought one of their products.


Attendees are always on their feet at exhibitions, to make your stall one to go to, invest in foldable chairs and keep them within your perimeter. People will appreciate the thought. Offer them water to drink, something to munch on. Making attendees comfortable serves for good future relationships with them.


This particularly grinds my gears. Some exhibitors will stare you down because someone somewhere told them to make eye contact with customers. They act like predators and will stare till they see a chance to pounce on you with their products. Kindly review this modus operandi; it will chase your customers away.

Trade show Marketing genius Steve Miller advises exhibitors to avoid the following behaviours during exhibitions.

  • Sitting
  • Reading
  • Texting
  • Receiving calls
  • Standing in the aisle
  • Clustering with members of staff
  • Chewing

Exhibitions are all about being noticed, so create unique experiences and always remember the trick is to staying on top of your game.

Having said all the above, it is also important as an organiser of an exhibition/trade show to attract the right kind of traffic to come and patronise or notice the exhibitors.

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