Love Eating And Drinking in Lagos? Try These Restaurants In Lagos Mainland

We’ve tried and tested some very good restaurants in Lagos mainland for the very best cuts of steak, snacks, continental and local dishes. Here are the results of some fine yummy eateries in the heart of Lagos.

Labule Restaurant

Labule-Restaurant-Ogudu Lagos

Labule means ‘in the village’ in Yoruba language. Have you ever been so tired to cook your native food? Labule Restaurant is the place to visit because they serve basically local dishes. The whole concept of this restaurant is for you to eat that Iya Basira food but in a traditional contemporary setting. On the menu you will see recipes ranging from Amala and Ewedu, Ewa Agoyin, Pap and Akara, Beans and Bread, Kunu and Zobo drink just to mention a few. It is the best place to get posh local food. They offer delivery services to neighboring areas such as Ogudu, Ojota, Anthony, Ilupeju, Maryland and Ikeja.

They are open every day from 9AM – 9PM

Labule Restaurant is located at 42a Ogudu Road, Ogudu GRA, Lagos.

Customers can call in for orders on 0809 142 4457. Their food is ON POINT! I have eaten there times without number.

Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar

Yellow Chilli Restaurant and Bar, Lagos

Yellow Chilli is a trendy restaurant in the heart of Ikeja. The restaurant offers Nigerian delicious and ethnic with an extensive range of gourmet meals and local spicy foods such as pepper soup, spicy stewed snails, seafood Okra and Prawn made with fresh ingredients with lots of herbs. Their Jollof Fiesta is a delectable dish to die for. Ordering is easy, as guests are given menus to order and there are waiters waiting to get your orders.

Visit: Yellow Chilli

Opens 12:00 pm to midnight  (Everyday).

Location: 35, Joel Ogunaike Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Browns Cafe & Restaurant


If you are looking for a reason why food scene in Lagos Mainland is one of the most exciting things in Lagos, you should visit Brown’s Café and Restaurant. The restaurant is popularly known as “Browns” and it is noted for its breakfast menu called ‘Naija Breakfast’ and Browns Platter. Browns foods and drinks are freshly prepared with flavourful ingredients. They serve a variety of Nigerian dishes and gourmet delight.

Visit: Browns Cafe and Restaurant

Opens 9.00am to 10.00pm everyday

Location: 15 Oduduwa Crescent, Ikeja GRA.



Dinning at Rhapsody’s is an event because of its beautiful setting, classic interior, comfortable atmosphere and thoughtfully prepared foods. The restaurant offers a la carte selections and you can unleash your appetite with a multi-course feast with salads and appetizers. You should try their signature dish – Chicken Espetada, grilled deboned chicken thighs skewered with spicy jalapenos and chilli sauce topped with garlic butter. This restaurant will sate your appetite with their delicious meals.

Visit: Rhapsody’s

Location: Address: Ikeja City Mall, 176/194 Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos


Bheerhugz, Lagos

Have you seen a cafe that is always lively at all time of the day? Bheerhugz Cafe it is. This cafe is always active with lots of happy people. At Bheerhugz Cafe you will find variety of tasty meals such as chicken soup, pork grills, peppered snails and Nigerian delicacies. They also store exotic list of imported wines and cocktails.

Bheerhugz is located at upper floor of Ikeja City Mall, Alausa.


rodizio restaurant and bar lagos

When you visit Rodizzio, you catch a glimpse of Nigerian food scene and how delicious they can be when you taste them. Rodizzio is known for their signature meals – Jambalaya rice, unlimited BBQ and platters. You can choose from a wide range of meals, including seafood and desserts. The buffet menu is simply the best of the bunch.

Visit: Rodizzio

Location: 29, Isaac John Street, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria OR Call: +234 701 000 8000 , +234 703 030 1548  +234 703 004 4414

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

Domino Pizza serves delicious pizza in Ikeja. The restaurant offers a broad dine-in menu as well as take-away menu, you can easily order for pizza and have it delivered in your home. Their menu is one of the great dinning deals you can ever find around Lagos mainland, featuring a variety or Pizzas with flavourable sauce. You can also order for their Garlic Bread Sticks, Chicken wings and spicy Chicken Kickers. The restaurant is always bubbling because people can not do without their Domino’s pizza.

Domino’s Pizza is location at Joel Ogunnaike Street, G.R.A., Ikeja

Opens Sun-Wed: 9am-10pm; Thur: 10am-12midnight; Fri & Sat: 9am-12midnight

 La Mango


La Mango takes pleasure in its various local and continental menu. On the menu you will see food from around the world from our indigenous delicacies, American burgers to Malaysian Fried Rice. Eat lunch or dinner at La Mango and you will always remember the experience . You get to enjoy delicious meal in a great serenity.

La Mango Restaurant and Bar is perfectly situated at 3a Adekunle Fajuyi Way, off (and very near to) Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way,  GRA,  Ikeja.

It has adequate parking both inside the premises and outside.

You can mail them at  [email protected] or [email protected] or Call 0808 264 6670

Pool Terrace

Pool Terrace

The beauty of this restaurant can make you get filled. Pool Terrace Restaurant and Bar gives you this blend of music, food and fun. They deliver excellent food in a sparkling environment. All you need do to enjoy a yummy delicacies, is to sit and order from the menu a la carte. I bet you will surely have a nice time with their live music.

Pool Terrace  is located at Sheraton Lagos Hotel, 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Airport Rd · Ikeja, Lagos  ·

Telephone : (+234) (1) 28100100
Do you agree with the choices? Lets hear your experience. Tell us about those cool restaurants in Lagos, email [email protected]

Have You Supported A Local Business in Nigeria Today? (Part 1)

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Hi there, have you supported a Local Business in Nigeria today?! You know, there’s a lot of misconception surrounding local products in terms of its meeting up to International standards in terms of creativity and quality.

I am here to correct that misconception. Made in Africa products are beautiful, creative, and top quality. I’m not just saying this because I’m African. I’m saying this because I have proof. And I’ll share this proof with you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these amazing products made in Nigeria (Africa):

  1. Food produce

a. Proudly Made-in-Nigeria Coffee

Happy Coffee pack on bellafricana

Presenting to you, tasty, rich made-in-Nigeria coffee by Happy Coffee Nigeria. Explore more here

b. Nourishing Meals for Babies

August-Secrets Meals on bellafricana

AugustSecrets is evolving to be the company from Africa, leading the cause for child nutrition with wholesome solutions. Explore more Here

c. Healthy Snacking Options

Lami-chinchin-choco on bellafricana

Lami Foods, the company that produces healthy snacks in a variety of  flavors is proudly made-in-Nigeria too. Check out more here

d. Tasty Pap Paste Pap on bellafricana

Have you ever had pap that tastes and looks like yoghurt? Ologi pap is tasty and proudly made-in-Nigeria. Explore more here

e. Dried Beans Flour

adarexfoods-product-bean on bellafricana

Dried Beans Flour for the win, proudly made-in-Nigeria by AdarexFoods. Explore more here

f. Dried Fruit snacks and Powders

Lim lim dried fruits and powder on bellafricana blog


There is barely anything this Nigerian company cannot transform into powder. The powder alternatives contain the same amount of nutrients as the normal ones, and even last longer. Limlim Dried Fruits is the name. Explore more here

g. Quality herbs and teas

Kiolar-Honey on bellafricana

Kiolar Foods is your go-to for quality spices, herbs, and teas. Need to get more? Check them out here

See article: 7 Unique Gift Items For Women

Toks foods cassava flour on bellafricana blog

Toks foods is out to promote healthy meals all over Africa through our healthy foods. With their nutritious processed flours and grains (such as cassava flour, Ofada rice, etcetera), you’re guaranteed of top quality.

i. Processed food spices

Ady's Food Mart spices on bellafricana

From Crayfish to Chilli pepper, and lots more, Ady’s Food Mart provides cooking, shopping and delivery services to a wide clientele across Nigeria and the world where African dishes are appreciated.  Get the best of Ady’s food mart here

2. Hand Printed Fabric and Ready-to-wear pieces

  a.Hand-dyed Fabric

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Presenting to you, hand dyed fabric pieces in several patterns and colors, courtesy Asologe Fashion House. Explore more here

b. Hand Painted fabric

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Look very closely at these piece. Do you know they’re handpainted? Yes, Mimiremi Textiles makes the hand painted pieces with the a variety of patterns and styles. Explore more here

c. Children’s African Wear by Little Weavers

Little weavers Nigeria Bellafricana member

Little Weavers makes beautiful ready-to-wear pieces for kids and teenagers with African Fabric. Pretty isn’t it? Explore more here

d. Adire Tees

Dhoney-Adire oversized tees on bellafricana as a member

These Tees are pretty, aren’t they? Well, courtesy of Dhoney Nigeria, these oversized unisex tees are yours to keep, (and even gift that special one). Check out more beautiful Adire pieces here

e. Adire and Batik fabric

Adire by Teeny on bellafricana


Adire by Teeny specializes in handcrafted Adire and Batik. They also produce fabric souvenirs from their products. You should check them out. You’ll love what you see!

f. Batik Fabric 

House of bolts adire on bellafricana

The Bellafricana family has one of the best Batik fabric in Nigeria, and even beyond. That’s House of Bolt. Need some more convincing? Check them out here

Aren’t these creative local business in Nigeria all lovely? Yes! Made-in-Africa products are here to stay! And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We will be showcasing so many products from creative Indigenous brands which also happen to be Bellafricana Members too! Bellafricana marketplace is doing her part to promote and empower these local businesses. Will you also do your part by supporting and patronizing them too?


Discover Some Healthy Snacks And Food For You

This blog post is dedicated to showing you healthy snacks and food for yourself, family, friends and loved ones. Simply because, your health and that of those around you is of concern to Bellafricana. You are probably thinking to yourself why is that a concern?

Well, if you are reading this, you are definitely a Bellafricana community member and we care.

Now let’s go back to the post, shall we? This blog post ‘healthy snacks and food was inspired by my conversation with my mum. So, my mum clocked 40 not too long ago and oh my, every time she is given a snack or food she considers ‘unhealthy’, she reminds me of her age.

God help me when she is 50 and above. This my dear reader has not been the easiest. Now, I am all about healthy snacks, food, and the likes. As you can relate, it is not the easiest, and your girl has been all up researching for healthy snacks to save the day.

If you are not 40 yet, lucky you but then, health is wealth. So, here I am with some well-researched snacks and food to save you the hustle.

Keep scrolling to see some;

Healthy snacks and food 

Bounties Honey;

The next question in your mind is, ‘is honey a food?’ Well, according to nutritionists, Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees and some related insects. Also, honey is used as a substitute of sugar to sweeten meals. That as well makes it a consumable and a very important one.

And like every other thing that goes into the body weather as food or drink, it should of good quality. This is why I trust Bounties Honey. Bounties honey is 100% organic honey for a healthy living. Click here for more details;


Healthy snacks and food


A little different from the every day fruit but gives the same nutrient and easier for you to pack as lunch for school or work. Dried fruit is made by taking the water out of the fruit by sun drying or using a special machine called a dehydrator. Since the water is removed during drying, this also means that the natural sugars in the fruit are concentrated. For this, SacFruit is Bellafricana verified, check them out here.Healthy food and snacks

Happy Coffee;

Before you go about how coffee is not a food or snacks, allow me explain that for most people, coffee makes up the first meal of the day . This is because it helps the brain and mind stay alert and ready for the day. So, it is important that our coffee is healthy, hence it is included in our healthy snacks and food for you. To stay healthy on this, I recommend Happy Coffee for your everyday coffee needs. To read up on its importance, click here.

Healthy food and snacks

Shaun’s  Pops;

This is a personal favorite. You know when the need to satisfy your sweet tooth comes in. Well, you should try Shaun’s Pops. It is a handcrafted gourmet delicious ice pops using seasonal fresh fruits sourced locally. All Natural. No Sugar added, No water added, Just fruits and Vegetables, Suitable for kids and adults of all ages. For more on this, click here.

healthy snacks and food

There you go, some healthy snacks to keep you and your loved ones fit always.

What really is this Bellafricana about? Bellafricana is the leading platform that empowers, supports and provides creative Indigenous Businesses with a platform to showcase their business and connect to their global consumers looking to patronise and trade with them.

Need quality creative products, think bellafricana!

What is your Mission: To Make Finding Quality Indigenous Businesses Easier.

But Why: We noticed a vast increase in the number of unique quality creative products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local creative Indigenous Entrepreneurs and consumers.

Hence, we created this platform to bridge that gap. What better way than through online, which gives it a global opportunity.

Click here to Learn more about how to grow Your Unique Indigenous Business with Bellafricana

What if I just want to advertise on bellafricana website/newsletter? : That’s totally possible, just email [email protected], cc [email protected] or call 08086363970

GTBank Food And Drink Fair Is Back!!!

Are you wondering why I am so excited?

Just imagine yourself surrounded by deliciously looking cuisines and delicacies from all around the world. You will definitely be spoiled for choice. Just imagine looking through and seeing some sizzling hot afang soup, efo riro, ewa agotin and agege bread, some lasagne, tacos and so much more staring at you in the face! Ah! Heavenly right?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, because GTBank food and drink fair promises a whole lot more! If you are hearing abou this fair for the first time here, here’s a brief explanation below. (You can find out more here)

GTBank Food & Drink Fair is GTBank’s annual food exhibition and sales event that aims to project the diverse angles of the food industry by connecting various businesses involved in the production and sale of food-related items to a cosmopolitan audience of food enthusiasts.

This year’s edition will take place on 28th, 29th, 30th of April and on May 1st, 2019 at the GT Centre – Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos.

GTBank’s annual Food & Drink Fair is an annual exhibition and sales event that aims to project the diverse angles of the food industry by connecting various businesses involved in the production and sale of food related items to a cosmopolitan audience of food enthusiasts.

There will be a wide variety of food exhibitors showcasing and selling food products ranging from fresh organic groceries to dry foods, confectionary and pastries, ready to eat consumables, top quality crockery and wine & champagnes.

In addition to the exhibition and sales, the GTBank Food & Drink event will also offer culinary experiences such as food and wine tastings, cooking master classes with renowned International and Nigerian chefs, outdoor grills and thrilling entertainment.

The exhibition will host more than 70 food exhibitors across 2,400m2 of exhibition space within the Food & Drink Centre at Plot 1, Water Corporation drive, Oniru, Victoria-Island, Lagos. The best part is attendance is free!

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Yuletide Bazaar: The Lagos Yard Sale Returns

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The Yuletide Bazaar wil be holding on Sunday, 18th December 2016 at The Fountain School, Alhaji Animashaun Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. The bazaar opens from 12pm and will run till 7pm…. [/dropcap]
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Modest Market Place – Anniversary Edition

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MMP is a community of like-minded individuals whose beliefs on the ethics of business has fostered a relationship beyond the retail events. The marketplace which is now popularly called by its acronym MMP, has promoted many micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) over the course of one year… [/dropcap]
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