7 Unique Gift Items For Women

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio bracelet grey sold on bellafricana marketplace unique gift items for women

Are you thinking of the best unique gift items for women in your life? This could be your wife, mother, godmother, grandmother, or daughter.

Gifting women could be very delicate as wants and needs vary. So let me take you on the different gift items that will send good memories, serve long-lasting emotions and feelings in ways words wouldn’t.

Here are 7 Unique Gift Items For Women;


You can never underestimate the value of a small purse or clutch bag for ladies, this nicely designed leather clutch is suitable for all kinds of occasions and gatherings.

Clutches were intended to add to, rather than detract from, the look of an over all outfit. A clutch purse comes in handy for women because instead of having one handbag that was meant to go with everything, women would want clutches to match the gown or cocktail dress they’d be wearing.

This O’Eclat black leather bag is a wonderful unique gift item for women.



You know how well women adorn fabrics like this, it can be used as skirts, flowing gowns, and other nice dress styles. Adire fabrics are very versatile and could be worn and sewn differently and stylishly.

Adire Fabric is a durable, classy Nigerian fabric that should be promoted, protected, and sustained as a cultural heritage especially as our youths are fast losing their cultural identities best reason why our mothers will cherish this as a generous gift idea.

Asologe is a special adire designer, who skill-fully and aptly applies her craft beauty sense.



Are you looking for the best way to convey your emotions and feeling in words for that special woman, of course, who else can be a special woman if not your mother or a mother figure in your life? Not just pulp creates memories and nostalgia with the way she conveys feelings in a very subtle and ecstatic manner.



Morin O classic bags do a lot to add style, class, poise, and elegance. Just don’t get too worked up wanting to get designer bags like Doir, dolce and Gabbana, or Prada, when our local indigenous brand bags makes, are making waves in the fashion industry too.

This brand also has global and international standards as its products are being sold globally. So look no further for good, durable, and high-standard bags for that wonderful woman and add radiance, confidence, and beauty.


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Aside from making beautiful handmade bags, Morin O also produces premium leather sandals, suitable for any occasion and very comfortable for the feet. long-lasting and very stylish. Don’t forget women love to dress well and yet find comfort in what they wear too.



Like the saying, jewelry is like the perfect spice-it always complements what’s already there. Jewelry balances a woman; outfit and completes her style that’s whys it’s ideal for a gift item. it’s versatile as it doesn’t select seasons and body times and is suitable for women of all ages. Zivanora jewelry collections are elegant, chic, and edgy, and it tells a story about the person wearing them. it simply tells CLASS AND POISE. Just because accessories are small yet a significant part of an outfit, then it is a sure gift package.




This skincare combo will get the excitement of any lady. Women feel real comfortable with clean and clear skin and Modara Naturals helps that process. This gift package is a combination of three skincare products that total replenishes and heals skin issues. suitable for all skin types and it also uses natural ingredients. so let’s hop on this beauty product for our loved ones.


After carefully going through all these beautiful and enticing gift items. I hope your choice has been made, just if you need more gift items ideas for that distinguished lady in your life, click here to search for other best options.

ELOY Conference and Awards 2021 – Everything you need to know

ELOY Conference And Awards 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

The ELOY Conference and Awards 2021 is here and I’m here to give you the scoop on everything you need to know.

Tewa Onasanya, Founder of The ELOY Awards Foundation wants people to know and understand the hidden fact that when one woman wins, it increases the chances of other women winning and serves as inspiration for other women to win. She says “we are not in competition with one another, we should be collaborating to lift one another up”.

That is why the theme for the ELOY Conference and Awards 2021 is Collaboration For Sustainable Empowerment. #whenshewinsyouwin.

The ELOY Foundation has moved the needle from just conversations about Sustaining Women Empowerment to taking action in providing a platform for Women in MSMEs to thrive and sustain their businesses through access to mentoring, training, affordable finance, grants and networking opportunities.

What to expect?

Come November 26th, the ELOY Conference will host speakers and participants to presentations and panel discussions focusing on the theme of the ELOYs 2021. The keynote speaker is Hon Cecilia Bolajoko Dada, the Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. The special address on the day will be given by Owen Omogiafo, President Transcorp PLC.

ELOY Conference and Awards 2021 – Everything you need to know

The 13th ELOYs promises to be informative, inspiring and will encourage collaborative efforts to sustain women empowerment. Other speakers at this year’s conference include Eno Essien, CEO Rheytrak, Sonnia Agu, CEO Sapio Club, Nonye Francic Madu, Psychotherapist, Lotana Ezeogu, Founder Skills Tribe, Ife Durosinmi-Eti, CEO Herconomy, Yetty Ogunnubi, Founder / Lead Publicist The YD Company, Tale Alimi, CEO Owoafara, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, CEO Zaphaire Events and Mabel Aladenusi, Head, Corporate Communications, PR and Digital TVC Communications.

The day will end with the Awards Ceremony in the evening. The prestigious ELOY Awards will be presented to 20 women who have been voted for by the public and have fulfilled the criteria of selection of the ELOY Governing Body.


Free Registration has begun for the ELOY Conference on the 26th of November 2021 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/195002817677. More information about the ELOYs can be found on www.eloyawards.com.

There are opportunities to sponsor a category and exhibit at the 13th ELOY Awards and Conference 2021. For sponsorship enquires and more information, please contact Hannah on 08098886184 or email [email protected]

ELOY Conference And Awards 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

About the ELOYs

The aim of the ELOY awards is to recognize Nigerian outstanding women and their achievements and roles in society. To increase the economic visibility of women in Nigeria, to create a platform for networking hence enhancing communication links to encourage women into businesses and to support the work being done by Nigerian women to improve themselves and Nigeria. This event is also being used as a platform to continue to increase awareness for cervical cancer which kills one woman every hour in Nigeria.

Impact of the ELOY Awards so far;
  • The ELOYs have been awarded to 205 women to date, who have gone on to be better at what they do.
  • We have been able to enrol 40 women in MSME’s onto the ELOY Foundation Sustainable Empowerment Program (SEP) that started in 2020, these small business owners were mentored for a period of six months and they had access to entrepreneurial training every month. 10 of them were awarded a grant.
  • It has increased motivation in all women as everyone wants to be nominated for an ELOY at one point during their career or business.
  • Improved self-development in awardees and nominees, that have gone on to make a huge impact on their sector.
  • A platform that has helped identify excellence in the creative and business sectors. They have gone on to become household names (Eno Essien, Sisi Yemmie, Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay, Olamide, Korede Bello to mention a few)
  • ELOY recognizes categories and identifies industries where people think women are not active or striving in.

The ELOYs has become a permanent fixture on people’s calendars, as everyone in Nigeria looks forward to these prestigious awards every year with great expectations and trust.

Article culled from Exquisite Magazine

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