DIY: Turn Your Dress Into A Peplum Top Without Needles


I have always liked the idea of a DIY, helps to show my creative side. I discovered it back in high school.. honestly a lack in a desired urgent need births innovation from within. Thanks to impulsive buying at times, or overuse of some choice clothing, I end up having a pile of unused clothes neatly arranged for trashing.

From knitting mismatched materials nicely to creating shorts from old pants or jeans. And thanks to my ever ready tailor, I have never really had anything to worry about.  I realized that just like the big manufacturing companies and developed countries that recycle, rather than trashing/burning old clothing, they can actually be cut and styled to make you look trendy. Simple, DIY!
Today I’ll be showing you “how to turn a normal length dress into a peplum top”, and it’s not just for the ladies. Guys you if you have made it this far, stick around and you might just discover a thing or two (lol). You might have seen or read articles where peplum have been made but perhaps with the use of sewing machines or a thread and needle. But this is a good idea for you if you really can’t get to a tailor pronto, or your needle skills are’t so clinical.
Lets get started.

What You’ll Need

  1. A dress of course
  2. Sharp scissors
  3. A good durable/quality glue
  4. A pressing iron
  5. Pins (to hold down the pleated edges so the glue can dry out properly)

Now you need to know the exact length that you want for your peplum top from the dress. After figuring it out, remember to cut an extra inch of material just below your desired length for the hem.
Then after successfully cutting across the unwanted part of the dress with your scissors, make sure to iron the hem (i.e the bottom of the dress to enable you have an easy journey when gluing).
Draw a line of glue across the inner part of the hem and glue together in pleats all around.
Now use your pins to hold it in place till it dries up.
Your Peplum top is ready.

You’re welcome.
(Images via google images)

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