It’s Wellness & Style week for Exquisite Magazine as they turn 18!

Exquisite Magazine commemorates its 18th year anniversary with a Wellness and Style Week

It’s wellness & Style week for Exquisite Magazine as they turn 18!

About the Wellness and Style Week by Exquisite Magazine [EM]

The wellness and style week by EM is an online event being organised by Exquisite Magazine to commemorate 18 years of being in the media, fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle industry.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM is set to promote self care and stress management, keeping fit and healthy, looking good on the inside and outside to continue to empower confidence and style in women.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM

Exquisite Magazine Wellness and Style Week Challenge

Over the one week from the 20th of September to 26th of September 2021, there will be online speaking sessions by experts  in the industry on the mindset, fitness, nutrition, style, beauty and discount shopping with our partners.

There will also be 2 challenges where participants can win various gifts such as:

  • Different beauty products,
  • Spa vouchers,
  • Cinema vouchers,
  • Nutrition plan,
  • Personal development books and
  • Shopping vouchers.

The calendar shows all the activities online and offline. There will be access to discount shopping, whilst keeping fit, looking stylish and feeling confident.

Participants also get the chance to win a wardrobe worth N150k plus more goodies when they join in all the activities during the Wellness and Style Week 2021.

You can register online at

Wellness and Style Week by EM.

Eat well. Keep Fit. Dress Well. Feel Good. Live Well


For more information about this and EM, kindly visit

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The Rise Of Adire For Fashion Lovers

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Fashion lovers in Nigeria are definitely not new to Adire but if you have never heard of the fabric from Nigeria, you have been missing out on all the colorful items you could have in your wardrobe. To help you a better understanding of this, here is some history;

Adire, is a Yoruba (a tribe in Southwestern Nigeria) word for tie and dye. It was first made by Yoruba women of old by using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques.As the translation of the name suggests, the earliest pieces of Adire were probably simple tied designs on cotton cloth handspun and woven locally. 

I remember seeing a movie called “Odùduwà“, where the first wife of Oduduwa thought women how to tie and dye clothes. The ideology according to that movie’s story line was that before tie and dye textile came, clothes were only available in white colours. Continue reading here

Now we all are on the same page, let’s talk about the rise in the growth of adire. Gone are the days when there were limited styles for adire, now, you can you can use it for any style in mind. Check out some below;

With these latest styles, tell me who wouldn’t want to rock a piece?

Also, it’s easier to get now. With vendors such as Asologe, Sisi Aladire and more, you can easily place a call to get any of these. Click on pictures to shop any.

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Adire by Sisi Aladire

Adire by Sisi AladireSisi Aladire Adire Eleko Fabrics


Adire fabric by asologe

With fabric styles like this, do you still wonder why adire fabric is growing in the fashion sphere? Join the train today and shop some adire fabrics from bellafricana marketplace.

Fashion Tips For Women

I believe you have heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ and you probably believed it.

Well, that’s good but not in fashion. In the book of fashionistas, you must never be caught unfresh i.e not looking your best, because truth be told, everyone judges a book by it’s cover. Even you, lol!

Hold on, before you start thinking ‘Thank God I am not a fashionista’, allow me to remind you that no one is born fashionable but the desire to look good is within. At this point you are wondering the purpose of this long sermon, right? Ok, I will cut the chase.

I am here to give some fashion tips that will help you stand out at meetings, events, work, in fact, any where. Are you ready?

Organise  Your Closet

Start from the beginning, by this I mean things you have in your closet, which include your dresses, shoes, accessories and the likes. Take a moment to go through everything you own, decide on those to keep, sell or give away and do so accordingly. By doing this, you take note of what you have, what you need and how to match them. Before you rush on to the next thing, make sure to keep your items where you can assess them easily, use racks, shelves, boxes etc.

Find A Good Designers

Making your own clothes saves you some extra cash and still have you looking dope! Of course I realise that you might not be a fashion designer and that is ok, but, you can get yourself a good designer, who you work with to create amazing designs that suit your body frame. Some designers that can help you achieve this include; Eyiyemi Olivia of EoNL and more.

Invest In Timeless Pieces

There will always be a new fashion item to get. That said, do not carried away with all this, rather invest in things that are timeless, which means, regardless of when you wear them, they remain relevant and are not seasonal. examples of timeless pieces are,


fashion tips fashion tipsfashion tips

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

They might be little but they go a long way in transforming your entire look. Imagine dressing up for a meeting without your ear rings, the look on your face in that moment of realisation is enough to explain the strength of accessories. My point is, don’t forget to spice up your outfits no matter how simple with an accessory. Accessories vary, no need to limit yourself to just ear rings, here are few accessories to transform your look;

fashion tips

Fashion tips

fashion tips

Flaunt Your Outfits

This is where I say, do not be afraid to rock and re-rock your outfits, that is what they where made for.

So, these are a few tips to help you stay on top of your fashion game, hope you find them useful.

Found them useful? Leave me a comment and let’s get talking.

Just before you go, follow @bell_africana on instagram, bellafricana on facebook and bellafricana on twitter.

Bye for now!

Timeless Reverso Pieces By Neematai A Style For Centuries

I love looking good, don’t you? So I always come up with ways to add something simple to spice my outfit. I got so engrossed looking for reverso pieces (pieces that never go out of style and yet still standout) at one point that I almost had a nervous breakdown (just kidding). You know how you have that one shoe, blazer or pants that go with almost every clothing in your wardrobe right? *winks*. Now you get me.
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DIY: Turn Your Dress Into A Peplum Top Without Needles

I have always liked the idea of a DIY, helps to show my creative side. I discovered it back in high school.. honestly a lack in a desired urgent need births innovation from within. Thanks to impulsive buying at times, or overuse of some choice clothing, I end up having a pile of unused clothes neatly arranged for trashing.
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Art, Exhibition and Fashion: Highlights of GTBank Fashion Weekend

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Are you familiar with that feeling of pure delight that comes when you see so many creativity such as Arts, Exhibition, Fashion etc. going on in one location? It’s spectacular!
This was the amazing feeling I got to experience at the GTBank Fashion Weekend. If you missed the event, here is a little recap to share the lovely experience with you…. [/dropcap]
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