Timeless Reverso Pieces By Neematai A Style For Centuries


I love looking good, don’t you? So I always come up with ways to add something simple to spice my outfit. I got so engrossed looking for reverso pieces (pieces that never go out of style and yet still standout) at one point that I almost had a nervous breakdown (just kidding). You know how you have that one shoe, blazer or pants that go with almost every clothing in your wardrobe right? *winks*. Now you get me.

Because at times, I don’t always have the time or cash to go shopping thanks to our daily busy schedules or maybe laziness (lol). So the search began and ideas began to spin, the more I searched the more frustrated I became. And just at the point of giving up, I stumbled across a timeless silky scarf, not just an ordinary reverso scarf but a Neematai handmade scarf.
The most alluring fact of this, is that these lovely darlings come in different shades and prints. And its unisex, depending on the style these pieces can be used by both gender. In fact, rumor has it that she was low-key in charge of the prints supplied for the Black panther movie. If you doubt me peep below.

Just kidding please, but her pieces go really great with that look man or woman. Check out these timeless beauties below and tell me you don’t agree that I hit the jackpot on our behalf.
Young at heart or mature in person, whatever style you choose to display Neematai has got you covered. You can check out her page on instagram for more pieces and purchase yours today (@neematai). or you can send an email to [email protected]
If you do happen to see any fine boy in shades on the billboards rocking a trendy silk scarf… It’s me, Just living another typical day of ‘Stevie‘ being a ‘Wonder

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