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Eyiyemi Olivia is a fashion designer and the brain behind Bellafricana Verified brand, Eyiyemi Olivia Nigeria Limited (EONL).
Eyiyemi Olivia Nigeria Limited Was officially launched in 2000 by Eyiyemi Olivia Rogbinyin. Set to change the standard of modern fashion, she created a niche in tailoring Ankara and aso Oke and making them look cosmopolitan.
With a keen eye for detail, EONL has a ready to wear line made for the real African woman, to supersede her expectations in terms of quality, price, comfort and aesthetic. The mission of EONL is to promote, wear and invest in Africa.

Olivia’s story didn’t begin at fashion design. She first studied Architecture at the university of Jos, became a model, moved to broadcasting and now she is an Entrepreneur, Actress and Fashion Designer.
As a broadcaster, she worked with the dynamic duo, Kenny and D1 of Primetime Entertainment where she learnt a lot about broadcasting and life in general. She also worked at Promise World Radio, and DAAR Communications.

As an actress Eyiyemi Olivia has worked with Bunmi Davies of Afrotainment, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Ego Boyo and has worked in some TV series that have been aired.
Eyiyemi Olivia is warm, thoughtful, with a very cheerful personality that is very contagious when you come in contact with her. Her personality is so captivating that you would literally purchase her products without a second thought.

Olivia believes that as Entrepreneurs, we are a much more formidable force when we are all under one umbrella than when we are scattered. She also urges Entrepreneurs to stop thinking that if they help upcoming business owners, they become less of themselves. She believes that the more you give, the better you are.

You can call her a foodie, as she loves food (both eating and cooking) music, singing, baking and tailoring. Her love for God is something she is very proud of and passionate about. 
Earlier I stated that Eyiyemi Olivia was a model, but going through her business page on social media and seeing the way she personally represents the clothes she makes, I don’t believe the model in her went anywhere. You would agree with me when you checkout EONL

EONL also makes fashionable hair accessories that help you whip your hair in shape in minutes, even on bad hair days. View some of them below.
You can connect with Eyiyemi Olivia on Instagram @eo_nl or send an email to [email protected]

The Bellafricana Verified Tribe is a segment on the Bellafricana digest focused on celebrating entrepreneurs and business owners who’s businesses are listed on the Bellafricana Verified Network of Afrocentric Businesses. 
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