Ty Bello, Somkele Iyamah-Idhalamah, And The Nigerian Queens Of Fro


Natural hair growth seems to be a bold step most Nigerian ladies are beginning to adhere to. It is so amazing how like wild fire it has spread, and the popular faces seem to be leading the charge. Yes I’m a dude, but nothing speaks natural beauty more like a lady who grooms and wears her natural hair.
While I’m not trying to talk down on the use of relaxers and weaves, I would just want to highlight a few proven reasons why natural hair is the way to go.

Esther Tom

It’s Healthy for your body
Now you and I both know that the use of relaxers and other creams we use, in trying to tweak our hair to look a certain way damages it right? That’s exactly my point. It might take a while to grow a natural healthy hair, but it really is worth it. Helps you have a healthy hair root, devoid of damaged or burnt scalps thanks to relaxers and such.
Ty Bello

Gives you an hedge over other ladies, you could do a different hair style every other day of the week, and still step out looking gorgeous every single time. Common, isn’t this just amazing? *winks*
Somkele Iyamah

Cuts down your budget
Hehehe, my country people, you already know how much we both love money and like to save cost. Staying natural keeps you on a low budget, and cuts down by 70% your expenses on weaves, relaxers, etc. that help us stylishly reduce our money in the bank.
Chika Ike

Boost your confidence
Just like we see on television adverts, you become the center of attraction and attention. Like celebrities, everyone wants to know the secret to your amazing hair game and this is a huge confidence and morale booster anywhere.
Chimamanda Adichie

I don’t know about other African countries, but Nigerian women are the most beautiful women ever on the surface of the earth. LOL! (Please don’t chase me)
It brings out your inner beauty in an aura unexplained, such that it gives you a classy personality and esteem. Makes you stand out and feel good about yourself, you also have this sense of accomplishment being able to achieve this feat.
Why not go natural today?
Chioma Akpotha


Nse Ikpe Etim

Yemi Alade

Mo Abudu

Omoni Oboli

Kate Henshaw

And like a loyal partner, you know you can always count on me for the best of these natural hair care products, which have been verified and tried over the years. Feel free to patronize any of these brands and come back to share your natural hair growth experience.

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Go natural and glow.

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