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Ty Bello Transforms an Agege Bread Seller into a Beautiful Model

This story is so inspiring! The most amazing thing about this trending story is that I follow Ty Bello on Instagram and I watched in silence as it was unfolding. It all started during the shoot of the ‘Disturbing Lagos’ editorial for ThisDay Style featuring British-Nigerian entertainer and style icon Tinie Tempah. I had to share with you.

One of the photos randomly features a young beautiful bread seller who the photographer said she met on the streets (photo bombed Tinie Tempah) while they were shooting, and ended up being the perfect addition to the shoot (talk about divine location).
Olajumoke-ThisDay-Style-2In fact, I couldn’t help but join in the conversation because I thought she was actually modelling in the shoot along side Tinie Tempah (phew), not until I read Ty mention “It wasn’t planned at all”…
Ms Bello shared the photo on her page again, asking her fans to help her find the young woman. “Every one has been asking if this lady is a model,” TY Bello said, “It was just perfect coincidence. She just happened to be walking by while I photographed. It happened so fast. She definitely SHOULD be a model. I’m happy to help her build a portfolio if she’s interested.”
And so the search for the mysterious beautiful Miss X, as Ty called her began. I was watching, praying and checking back hoping they find her knowing what was in stuck for her.

Not long after, they found Miss X (dancing), and her name is Olajumoke Orisaguna. A 27 year old mother of 2.
“Jumoke the ‘model’ the Internet had been searching for speaks almost no English. She explained how she had worn the exact outfit in our photograph the day before and someone showed her her own photograph on his phone from facebook. A mallam led her to my studio that morning. She narrated her journey to lagos …An hair stylist from Ire in Osun state but not making enough profit between she and her husband , a sliding door installer in from same village ,to care for their two young children .
“At the invitation of a distant relative who knew someone operating a bakery , she relocated lagos with her 14 month old daughter to give bread hawking a try , leaving her husband and older 5 year old behind . As I listened to her I wandered if the beauty I had seen on my screen as I edited my image was a fluke ..well until she smiled ., I realized that I was wrong ., I had in fact ,underestimated the beauty of this 27 year old woman.

Olajumoke soon got transformed by Ty Bello along with Bimpe Onakoya and Zubby Definition and have made the 27 year old mother of 2 over for the shoot on This Day Style.


Olajumoke-ThisDay-Style-3OlajumokeOlajumoke-Two things I can say happened to Olajumoke. First, she was at the right place at the right time (divine location). Secondly, her divine helper Ty Bello located her, because Ty didn’t have to go ahead with her in the shoot, she could have easily cut her off.
I pray that you draw inspiration from this story, because I have. This year, is truly going to be an amazing year for me (for you) and God can use anybody to help you achieve that goal/dream you have been praying for. There’s absolutely nothing too hard for the Lord!
Don’t give up, and do business with God this year!
Congrats to Olajumoke, I thank God for your life..
Remain blessed!

Photography: TY Bello & ThisDay


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