Fruits Fusion Safe Haven For A Cholesterol Free Heart


While I’m not about to bore you with a lecture of the harmful and beneficial effects of cholesterol. You also need to know that it is found in most of our core traditional African meals.

The best way to stay safe, is to watch our food portions although the liver produces naturally at a controlled rate… but then again that doesn’t do all the cleansing does it?
Cholesterol on an increase is one of the major causes of heart related diseases, and a major cause of heart attacks in particular. But to every villain, there’s always a hero to save the day.. and in this case our “Fruits & Vegetables” have it.
These are good for your heart because of what they may or may not contain. Fruits and vegetables are already low in fat, calories and sodium which have no cholesterol. They contain antioxidants, vitamins, water, minerals and fiber that help keep your heart healthy.
The goal is to pile up your plate with these variety, because the more you eat the healthier you become.

Fruits Fusion, have made it their business to ensure you stay healthy always. They produce fresh, delicious and healthy drinks, smoothies and mixtures to keep your heart pumping health always.
Did you know that a continuous consumption of; apples, kiwi, tomatoes, bananas, apricots, berries, papaya, peaches etc.. helps in keeping you healthy, and with the right body max index?
Remember “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, now imagine a combination of fruits….
Fruits Fusion has got you covered, for a delicious treat of goodness and wellness.
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