Smart Health Tips To Living Your Best Life Yet

Health is wealth, and these health tips would keep you looking great and living your best life everyday.
Half of all women will break a bone because of a weakened skeleton caused by osteoporosis.
A vitamin D supplement helps promote calcium absorption and bone health.
Weight-bearing exercises such as working out three times a week with light weights can strengthen bones too.
Stress contributes to every disease, directly or indirectly. It shrinks the brain and increases the waistline.
So find a way to deal with it. The best option is to try meditation.
However even a few minutes of relaxed deep breathing several times a day can be a big help.

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Top 10 Chemicals to Avoid on Natural Hair and Skin by Rachel Asakome

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] If you have plans to take good care of your natural hair and skin, here are some top 10 chemicals to avoid. I get so many emails from people asking me what chemicals are safe for their hair etc, well below is a list of a few chemicals that are a definite NEVER for black hair! Remember, whatever you use on your hair is absorbed into your body through your scalp. This is why I advocate the use of 100% natural or Organic products, it’s easier than trying to dodge chemicals. That being said, I still advice that you read the ingredients of every product before you purchase it, just because something says it’s natural or organic on the face doesn’t mean it’s safe! [/dropcap]
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