DIY Craft Series: How To Make A Footmat From Old Clothes


Before discovering this DIY, I honestly cannot count the number of times we changed our footmat while growing up.  And thanks to dad being a lover of new brands and innovation, we stayed on track with every new release.

With every long-term holiday, there was always a new footmat to welcome me back home… lets say biannually (lol)
Hilarious right? But that was my reality. I probably was too naive and scared to tamper with my old clothing’s or anything at all, because African parents as we all know are really good disciplinarians.
Today I would be be giving you a few tips to recycling your old shirts/clothes into fancy footmats.
Things You Need;
Old Clothes (of course)
Hot glue gun/thread and needle
A ruler
A marker

  1. Measure with your ruler the desired size to cut out of the old shirt, and mark out carefully with your marker
  2. Lay it diagonally and roll into a pencil-like stick, then roll it spirally into in a circular direction
  3. Before the final roll, apply your glue at the tip and press firmly together
  4. For the base of the footmat; spread out the other portion of the shirt, measure the edges with a ruler and apply glue at the edges to hem it (P.S. you can also sew in place of the glue)
  5. You have your base, apply the gum in sequence and and style the rolled up pieces in whatever pattern you like

It’s that easy to make a footmat!
When next you want to burn or trash those old clothes, remember that you can always recycle.
Feel free to watch the video below for practical steps

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