6 Beautiful Modern Craft Ideas

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Craft has been in existence for over centuries, and has no intention of going into extinction. Modern Craft is here to stay and has been handed over to us since our forefather’s days, has been revamped, renewed, and reshaped to fit our technological world.

Places like Egypt, Babylon, and other ancient cities are well known to be Pioneers of Craftsmanship. The word craft itself signifies strength and skills, skill in planning, making, and execution.

Modern craft has evolved over the years as lot of people are diving into it to make honest living. Here is a list of 6 Beautiful Modern Craft ideas that we use in our everyday life.

1. Tissue Box

This tissue box isn’t just the conventional one that uses papers. This is a woven Hyacinth tissue box made from waste fibre and recycled tyres. Yes, remember I said craft is revamped, reused and reshaped. Apart from the innovation that comes with this, its adds glamour, beauty and color to any space. Most people use it as well in their cars. This craft idea is designed by Mitimeth, and this brand has been known for being exceptional in repurposing waste items into usable form.

Tissue Box by mitimeth on Bellafricana Marketplace

2. Hand Woven Bags

Another wonder our craft making is this raffia woven bag. well, this really no surprise at all to the modern craft, since it was actually borrowed way back, it would be crafted into woven hunter’s bag even storage bags for the house. it has be refurbished to serve as outting bags, party bags and even official bags. However, this elegant handmade bag is crafted by Yasmin crafts and its is indeed a beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe.

Handbags by Yasmin Craft on Bellafricana Marketplace

3. Cushion Box

This beautiful cushion box is a great piece to have in any space. It can also serve as a storage basket and a corner stool. This box is well sequenced with wonderful patterns and covered up with a touch of African Fabric. Unlike the traditional boxes that looked boring, this box adds accent and edge to any space it finds itself. This is the great mind of Apoti Lagos. A furniture design company.

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4. Woven Wall Clock

Well modern craft is taking its place in interior decoration. Most especially, public spaces such as a hospitality centre, resort and offices, are now fine tuning their interior decoration using African talented Arts designs. This wall clock here is another wonder of the well put together craft by Mitimeth. Craft has been infused to several items and this makes any space catchy, grabs attention and adds finesse.

Woven wall clock by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace

5. Resin Tables

If you have never watched how a resin table is made, I would Truly advise you do. The process is alluring and fun to watch. From a dead, wretched wood that should have been disposed, to this masterpiece you see here. Resin table are wonderful craft pieces that has been remade with earthy colors. The designs add a bit of natural feel and ectasy. Apoti Lagos using her resin craft to add glam in any space.

Resin Table By Apoti On Bellafricana Marketplace, modern craft


6. Laundry Basket

One fantastic thing about this modern craft laundry Basket is its well patterned and synchronized wood work. This design has a way of adding statement and flow to this piece of furniture. No longer will you have to put up clutter in easy to wear laundry basket, but you can hide it in the nice and pleasantly looking basket. Yasmin Crafts had wonderfully craft this with the intentions of storing in a more detailed and still put together way.

Vector pattern ankara ottoman by apoti lagos sold on bellafricana marketplaceVector pattern ankara ottoman by apoti lagos, modern craft sold on bellafricana marketplace


Craft has metamorphosed greatly over the years. As beauty, elegance and poise has been added to style up the usually boring and traditional arts we were left with.  Craft has gone interior decoration, fashion, music etc. These 6 Beautiful Modern Craft Ideas, are the one’s that are usable on a daily and are common to find. To get more on modern craft click here.




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Craftsmanship: Why Quality is Key

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Craftsmanship: Why Quality is Key

Craftsmanship has so many different definitions and many people give their own personal meaning to it too.

Although following standard definitions, we see that the Macmillan Dictionary defines craftsmanship as the beautiful or impressive quality of something that has been made using a lot of skill. Also, Oxford Dictionary says craftsmanship is the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry.

photo credit: CNN

You see, even the dictionaries are rooting for quality in craftsmanship.

Generally any product of low quality is as good as being a scam. It wets the appetite of the buyer and then disappoints them almost immediately.

When your work is of good quality, it speaks well for you and your business. The age old word of mouth referral comes to play too.

Now dear Bellas, like most of you already know, we at Bellafricana have always been about quality. Too much emphasis cannot be placed on how important it is for products to be of high quality. Listed below are some more benefits of having good quality craftsmanship.

Benefits of Good Quality in Craftsmanship

  • Trustworthiness: If your craft displays good quality. Your buyers will trust every type of product coming from your brand. Your brand will be respected wherever it is seen.
  • Increased Sales: More and more people will want to use what you make. Before you know it, you will become a household name.
  • Lower Refund Rate: You will record lower rate of refunds if your product is of high quality. There will be lesser occasions of customers returning their purchases due to defects or whatnot. This in addition to increased sales will bring you more profit at the end of the day.
  • Growth: With more sales you can begin to venture into expansion. Once you’re able to satisfy your immediate customers, your products can start making its way into the international markets. Plus to successfully make it into these international markets, you need to pass certain quality controls and checks and be verified to be fit for international trade.
  • Referral: When you’ve done your part in ensuring the quality of your craft and also have good customer service, your product becomes more marketable. Also, your customers will market for you.

What Can Be Done To Ensure Quality in My Craftsmanship?

Here are a few tips;

Craftsmanship | Do what is right not what is easy

  • Be Thorough: Having a highly respected brand doesn’t come by snapping your fingers. You have to be ready to put in good work. Select good materials for your work, use the right tools. Make sure everything goes where it’s supposed to, when it should. Make sure you have neat finishing also and then check it all again to be sure it is up to standard.
  • Consider Setting Up Quality Assurance Process: Quality assurance to me is just like when you proofread your write-ups to be sure there are no errors. It’s a follow up to being thorough, when you imbibe the same technique into your craft, there will be attention to details.
  • Be Passionate: When your love for your work exceeds the thought of the stress going into it, you’re halfway to producing quality crafts.
  • Get Verified: Many times we don’t notice our flaws or the flaws in our work until they are pointed out to us. At Bellafricana, we help our clients see the flaws that they’ve probably missed. Getting verified helps guaranty the quality of your craftsmanship and more buyers are assured they are buying quality products from you. To start your verification process, checkout our Get Verified page to see the steps to follow.

We hope to see more and more quality craftsmanship in Africa. Let us bring pride to our motherland.

Thank you for your time Bellas, remember to tell share with your friends and family.

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