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Art, art work, these words could mean so many different things. Art tells of so many untold feelings, expressions, or desires, and Lagos is a center of creativity for all and sundry.

(Photo credit; @polyalakija instagram)
Art could be expressed musically, through spoken words or poetry, or by theatricals then again through sculptures, most significant of all are the paintings and then drawings. Most times taken for granted, but what we fail to realize are the untold stories that lie deep within each strike of the brush (in drawings), or alignment of colors in these abstract works. Lagos known as the center of excellence, hosts some of the biggest names in this creative industry, with the likes of; Polly Alakija, Osa Seven, Tola Wewe, just to mention a few have over time created a niche for themselves and brought prime recognition with a display of their skills and talents.

Poly Alakija

Osa Seven

(Photo credit; @polyalakija, @osa_seven instagram)
Polly Alakija of particular interest draws her art inspiration from the current happenings in Nigeria, having spent a couple of years in Lagos. She is the brain behind the art work beautification of the under-bridge at falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos. She took it upon herself to forever engrave the untold stories of the Chibok girls, capturing their pains, despair, anguish, hopes and thoughts. This art work depicts the global campaigns, the names of these precious children, and helps to rekindle our humanity as a nation, to continually put them in our prayers and work towards their release.

(Photo credit; @polyalakija instagram)
Also worthy of note in Lagos, is the renown Osa Seven, who on commission by the Lagos state government, helps to use his art work at strategic points to remind us as a state and nation from where we are coming from. At hot spots in Lagos (Under the Ojueleba Bridge, the national stadium, Maryland and Ikeja) showcases popular faces in different industries that have helped to shape our economy. From sports, to entertainment, be it political and cultural. Past or present, within Lagos or Nigeria, or in diaspora.  Tells of popular gestures which help to express our daily struggles and experiences as individual citizens in Lagos.

(Photo credit; @osa_seven instagram)
Also worthy of note is the art work at the descent beneath the obalende bridge at Lagos island, kudos should also be given to the government and credit to the artists for this platform of both beautification and culture combined through their art work.
So you see, telling a story could be fully expressed through art work, and if you doubt it, look through your windows when moving around Lagos.
Your story does not need to remain untold. Agree or disagree, leave a reply in the comment section.

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