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DIY Craft Series: How To Make A Tote Bag From An Old T-Shirt

It’s true that lack births genius, and that’s what led to me to discovering about this craft tote bag. Having had a shortage of plastic bags to use for grocery shopping I went on the internet and viola.

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DIY Craft Series: How To Make A Footmat From Old Clothes

Before discovering this DIY, I honestly cannot count the number of times we changed our footmat while growing up.  And thanks to dad being a lover of new brands and innovation, we stayed on track with every new release.

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DIY Craft Series | How To Make Paper Flowers At Home

Paper flowers are a great form of creativity and bonding activity in the family. DIY (Do It Yourself) Crafts have definitely come to stay. This is why you see lots of series, pictures, tutorials and techniques on how to “Do It Yourself” with basically anything from fashion, home and office decor, arts (flowers) and basically almost any craft your imagination allows. (more…)

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