DIY Craft Series | How To Make Paper Flowers At Home


Paper flowers are a great form of creativity and bonding activity in the family. DIY (Do It Yourself) Crafts have definitely come to stay. This is why you see lots of series, pictures, tutorials and techniques on how to “Do It Yourself” with basically anything from fashion, home and office decor, arts (flowers) and basically almost any craft your imagination allows.
Its Friday! So we have some time on our hands to experiment and bring back our groove. You would agree with me that a weekend well spent brings a whole new week of content.

DIY crafts helps you bring out your creativity, helps to give a keen eye on costs, helps you re-invent your style or look, and is sustainable for adults, for kids, with paper, fabric, leather, and practically anything you can find in your immediate environment. Learning simple DIY crafts is very cost effective, and you get to have fun and unleash your creativity, while saving some money. 😉
For today we would be learning about how to make the “Glitter flowers”.
The glitter flower is very versatile, that it could be used as a piece of  home or office decoration, which would give new light and a breath of fresh air to your surroundings. I have noticed that decorating my space myself gives it a feel of home, because I am able to express my personality through the things I do. I believe it is great when someone walks into my space and immediately has a feeling of the kind of person I am.
Decorating your space makes it really comfortable and homely. DIY crafts can be used as fashion accessories. They (glitter flowers) can be made as lapels, brooches or hairpins for yourself, and for the kids too.

For making the paper flower today, we will be using a craft kit specially put together by My Creative Safari. This kit consists of;

  1. Glitter papers
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. A pencil

So let’s begin!

Follow these simple steps to making sure your home or wardrobe glitters in an amazing way with these beautiful flowers;

  1. Cut out the details
  2. Trace 3 petals per sheet
  3. Cut them out
  4. Cut a slit on each petal base
  5. Trace a circle
  6. Cut out
  7. Shape petals with glue/stapler
  8. put glue at the base of each petal
  9. Start assembling; first layer, then move on to the second layer
  10. Glue center circle
  11. Glue base on circle and a hanging loop

For a pictorial understanding of the Glitter Flowers, watch the video below and do share your thoughts;

(Photo & video credit; @my.creative.safari on instagram) 

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