It’s true that lack births genius, and that’s what led to me to discovering about this craft tote bag. Having had a shortage of plastic bags to use for grocery shopping I went on the internet and viola.

For these easy craft, all you would be needing are a pair of sharp scissors, a thread and needle, and a t-shirt (new/old).

  • Spread out your shirt
  • Mark out the sleeves and neckline carefully
  • Cut off with your scissors marked out points
  • Turn shirt inside out
  • Β Use the thread and needle to sew the bottom part of the shirt


  • Slit the sides of the bottom part of the shirt
  • And cut in equal length strips
  • Knot the strips firmly

Either step you decide to use should not be more than 10/15 minutes maximum.
And this durable bag can be used for as many grocery shopping as you can imagine until it tears (lol).
Recycle, reuse, be creative.

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