Google SEO Course With Bukky Asehinde

Google SEO

Getting noticed online might feel like a challenge, but The Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course with Bukky Asehinde is here to make it easier. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this course helps people and businesses step into the spotlight on the first page of Google search results.

Google SEO

Finding Your Way Online:

Navigating the internet can be confusing, especially if you’re invisible to Google search engines. The Invisible To Page One Google SEO Course will be your guide, showing you the ropes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to get noticed.

Understanding SEO:

SEO might sound like a techy term, but this course breaks it down. You’ll learn the secrets of SEO and gain practical skills to boost your online content and climb up the Google search engine ladder.

Creating Content that Works:

Content is crucial, but not all content is created equal. The course teaches you effective content strategies, so you can create engaging, relevant, and search-friendly content that speaks to your audience.

Mastering Keywords:

Keywords are like the secret codes for Google search engines. The course teaches you how to find and use keywords effectively, making sure your content matches what people are looking for.

Understanding Analytics:

Success is measurable, and the course emphasizes the importance of analytics. You’ll learn how to read data, track your progress, and make smart decisions to keep improving.

Community and Friendship:

   It’s more fun to share the journey. The Page One Course creates a community where you can connect, share your experiences, and learn from others who’ve faced similar challenges.

Setting You Up for Future Success:

   This course isn’t just about today; it’s an investment in your future online success. By giving you the skills to navigate the digital world, The Invisible To Page One (IPO) Google SEO Course empowers you to stay visible and relevant in the years to come.

Google SEO

Going from invisible to the first page of Google search results is a big deal. The Invisible To Page (IPO) One Google SEO Course is like a friendly guide, helping individuals and businesses not just be online but stand out in the vast digital world. And also become top and trusted in your industry.

How to Avoid Burnout as a Creative Entrepreneur


Being a creative entrepreneur is exciting, but it can be overwhelming. This blog post shares easy tips to help you protect your well-being and avoid burnout as you navigate the world of creative business.

Staying healthy

1. Set Clear Work and Life Limits:

Decide when work starts and ends, and create a space just for work. This way, you keep your creative energy safe and find a balance between your job and personal life.


2. Make Time for Yourself:

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Sleep well, eat good food, and move your body. Doing things that make you happy and relaxed is crucial for a healthy mind.


3. Break Big Tasks into Small Steps:

Don’t let big projects stress you out. Break them into smaller tasks that are easier to handle. Achieving small goals feels great and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.


4. Ask for Help When Needed:

You don’t have to do everything alone. If things get too much, share tasks with others. This could mean hiring someone or teaming up with fellow creatives.


5. Plan Relaxing Time:

Schedule breaks for yourself. Whether it’s a short break during the day or a day off, taking time to relax prevents burnout and keeps your creativity alive.


6. Find Inspiration Outside of Work:

Look for inspiration beyond your business. Explore different arts, try new hobbies, and appreciate the simple things. This variety can spark new ideas and keep you excited about your work.


7. Connect with Other Creatives:

Don’t be alone in your creative journey. Connect with other creatives, online or offline. Sharing experiences with people who understand can make you feel supported and less stressed.

Staying healthy

8. Don’t Overcommit:

It’s okay to say no. You can’t do everything. Focus on what matters most to you and say no to things that might make you too busy or stressed.

Staying healthy

9. Take Time to Look Back and Celebrate:

Think about your journey and celebrate your achievements, big or small. This helps you feel good about your progress and motivates you to keep going.

Staying healthy


Being a creative entrepreneur should be fun, not exhausting. By taking small steps to care for yourself and your work, you can enjoy your creative journey without burning out. Remember, your well-being is the key to your creativity and success.

Bounce Back December Bootcamp 2022

Bellafricana Bounce Back December Bootcamp Day 1

Bellafricana is set to hold the third edition of the Bounce Back December Bootcamp. You are specially invited to the bounce back December bootcamp 2022. A 2-day virtual bootcamp which is scheduled to hold on the 25th and 26th of November, 2022.  This bootcamp promises to be engaging, incisive, detailed, seasoned and profitable to every creative business owner.

This year has been somewhat interesting with highs and lows for many businesses and there is need for guidance, support and reorientation to put these budding businesses on the path of profitability.

The bootcamp aims to help businesses with the following:

1. Becoming more profitable.

2. Running sales campaigns in December.

3. Collaborating profitably with other business owners.

Bellafricana bounce back december bootcamp 2022

The purpose of this event is to awaken the minds of creative business owners, motivate and teach strategies to run a successful December campaign, and stay profitable in business.

This initiative was birthed during COVID to renew the minds of creative businesses who had been affected to give December their best shot literally and make sales.

The 2-day FREE event has been mapped out where;

Day 1 is to motivate you: We have put in place business owners who have made good success in the year to share some major tips and strategies they implemented to help others.

Day 2 is to teach you: We have put in place experts to talk to you about different aspects of “how to make sales.”

Click here to register for this bootcamp

Bellafricana bounce back december bootcamp 2022

Bounce back December Bootcamp Day 1

The first day of the event will host two great speakers, Mr. Adebayo Jones who is an award-winning fashion designer and  Mrs. Olusola Sowemimo, the founder of Ope farms. These speakers have done excellently in their line of profession and are ready to share their wins and milestones as well as their challenges and losses. click here to register.

Bellafricana bounce back december bootcamp 2022

Do you know you get a free e-book upon registration that guides you on the best campaigns to run this December for your business and the best marketing channels to leverage on?

This e-book is the complete guide that puts you through the types of campaigns to run in December for your business and what to consider while running these campaigns. It also details and explains how to leverage on market channels for your business and guides you on how to collaborate with brands this December.

Click here to register.

Bellafricana bounce back december bootcamp 2022

Bounce back December Bootcamp Day 2

On this day, creatives will be taught on how to make sales. This is an interesting time to meet with the founder and chairman of one of Nigeria’s best Digital marketing skill institutes, Mr. Tobi Asehinde (founder of Digital Marketing Skill Institute), whose business has extended beyond the shores of Nigeria. With his skills and expertise, he has helped lot of entrepreneurs build a good structure for their business.

What is business without the knowledge of copywriting. Day 2 will also feature a copywriting guru, who will give more depth and insight on strategies where you can make good sales copy to increase productivity. click here to register.

Bellafricana bounce back december bootcamp 2022


This year has been quite rough for businesses, with the incessant rise and fall in dollar rate, the numbers kept falling and things got worse before they got better. The economy is looking up for many businesses; sales are going up and the future looks bright. The question is: How can you take advantage of this opportunity and do even better in the next 12 months? If you haven’t registered for this boot camp, please do so, and see your sales bounce back by next sales years.

Bellafricana Bounce Back December Bootcamp Day 1Bellafricana Bounce Back December Bootcamp Day 2 Speakers.png

YES! you need to put together a strategic plan for the next year. Just think about it: If your sales dropped 50% this year, and you know they are going to increase 50% in your next year, you’re still going to make more money. And we’re not talking about a measly 10% increase here, we’re talking about 50%. That’s huge! How is that possible? It’s possible only if you take part in this bounce back December bootcamp!


Exclusive Interview with Aderonke, Founder of Mimiremi Textiles

Exclusive interview with Aderonke Jaiyeola, founder of Mimiremi Textiles on Bellafricana

She had worked in the fashion industry for 7 years before re-focusing on textile design and became the founder of Mimiremi Textiles. Her long term goal is to build a digital pattern gallery with thousands of African designs that can be used on different surfaces.

She is the founder of Mimiremi Textiles. Let’s meet her


Please introduce yourself and your background 

My name is Aderonke Jaiyeola, I am presently based in Lagos, Nigeria. I grew up in a family of Fine artists, my dad is a graphics designer and painter while my mum is a graphics designer with specialization in Calligraphy. I have always been surrounded by creatives and it greatly influenced my decision to become an artists too. I enjoy watching the sunrise and sunset daily, I enjoy reading and researching on healthy foods and recipe.

Tell us about your work. How did your company start?

Presently, I am the head of Design Team and founder of Mimiremi Textiles, where we transform plain fabrics into beautiful work of art using eco-friendly ink and rhinestones. All our fabrics are designed and hand printed by skilled women I have trained over the years. I studied Fine Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria and specialized in Textile Design.

I worked in the fashion industry for 7 years before re-focusing on textile design and print. While still working in the fashion industry, I got a brief to design a collection of fabrics for a top fashion brand in Lagos, Nigeria. Excitedly I took up the challenge even though we were not taught how to create seamless patterns with corel draw, illustrator and other design soft wares, I spent hours learning on YouTube after I got the brief.

In school, we were taught batik, tie and dye , screen printing etc. The challenge propelled me to learn online and apply all I learnt to successfully implement the project. The fabrics became a bestseller for the brand and was featured on runways both local and international, in top magazines and worn by international models. The success story gave me the confidence to rebrand the business from a fashion brand to a textile design brand in 2016. Since then, Mimiremi Textiles has evolved with many best selling fabric prints and patterns.

Also Read: Meet The Founder of Aso Ibile Mi [Exclusive Interview]

How did you come about the brand name and what does it mean?

‘Mimiremi’ is from the Yoruba intonation on my name ‘Aderonke ‘ translated remimiremi. I decided to remove the first ‘re’ and use the Mimiremi only. I love it and chose it because it sounds fun, African and Artistic.

What is your niche and how did you know it was a market to get into?

In market segmentation, there is a place for research. For many years I researched on how to create a niche for Mimiremi Textiles, I asked questions and worked on solving the problem raised. For example, fashion designers really wanted to have their own ideas printed on fabric instead of using fabrics found in the Local market, a fabric design that is 100%t theirs. I decided to focus on helping designers solve this problem and we started out by creating designs locally but printing them on different fabrics with our partners in Asia. We ran this model for 2 years till it became unsustainable because of the constantly rising exchange rate.

We decided to start researching into how to print our designs on fabric locally and came up with 2 solutions- screen printing and stencil printing, it became an instant hit and we were able to create art work on clothings and fabrics using eco-friendly ink. The beauty of the technique is that we can print on as low as half a yard, we can print on fabrics and keep reprinting as many times as possible even if the designer comes back in 6 months or one year. I was also able to train women in my community to print and work in the studio

Where do you get the inspiration for your products

I love Africa and it reflects in my designs, most of my designs are influenced by the rich African culture that I love so much. My work is also influenced by nature’s beauty- flowers, sunset, butterflies and so much more.

Can you remember one of the first products you made? What makes it memorable?

I stumbled on a notebook/journal I made for my dad while in school, I used Batik on it and wrote ‘I love you Dad’ with acrylic paint. The day I saw it on my Dads table last year, I was amazed about how good it still looked after more than 16years. It was indeed memorable because that was my first line of business, using my batik designs as book cover and the fact that my dad kept it in his library for so many years.

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

There are so many challenges facing small businesses in Africa especially Nigeria. One of the major challenge we faced is the unstable and rising exchange rate coupled with unfriendly government policies, it has made it very difficult to print our digital designs from Asia and also made it difficult to ship in our eco-friendly ink. The unstable power supply has also made it difficult for us to automate our printing process. The beauty of challenges anyway is that they make you think of a way around the problems and make you invent new ways of achieving results. We have been considering new ways of transferring our designs on fabric and clothing using a material we can easily source for locally, something that will appeal to our customers and which can also open up other markets for us. We are presently introducing our rhinestone designs to the market and the response has been great.

Do you have any regrets venturing into this line of business?

Not at all, it’s been challenging but a great learning experience.

What is your most popular product?

Our most popular product is our hand painted fabric but with the new product,(RHINESTONE on clothing and fabrics)we are introducing to the market, we foresee it will become a major best seller in the next one year.

To what extent do you draw upon your Nigerian (African) heritage for your work?

My African(Nigerian) heritage is rubber stamped in almost all my designs.

What are some of your short term goals and long term goals, both in your business and life in general

My short term goal is to build an interactive e-commerce store and pattern gallery that will incorporate at least 50 patterns and all our other products and services so as increase daily sales and annual turn over.

My long term goal is to build a Digital pattern gallery with thousands of African designs that can be used on different surfaces. I also want to go back to school for my PhD and also lecture in one of the top Art schools in the world.

What would people be surprised to learn about you

I hardly watch TV, I prefer reading and drawing.

What profession would you be in if you weren’t in this Industry?

Nutrition and healthy living therapist or a Teacher.

 If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business in your industry, what would it be?
Never be afraid to ask your potential customers questions so as to be able to create a solution they will love to buy. Also keep researching on new updates in your industry and how to apply it to scale up your business.
Mimiremi Textiles handmade in Nigeria
Mimiremi Textiles handmade in Nigeria, bellafricana member

To connect with the foundrr of Mimiremi, you can follow and contact her via:

Instagram: Mimiremi

Whatsapp: 08034898474

ACE Awards 2021 Official Post Event Press Release


Bellafricana held its 3rd edition of The African Creative Exhibition and Awards, [ACE Awards], on Friday, the 29th of October, 2021 to laud the works of African creatives and celebrate their contributions to their respective industries/sectors.

The event attracted a host of notable personalities, such as Mr Olusegun Awolowo [Executive Director of Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) & President ECOWAS TPO Network], Mr Tobi Asehinde [CEO/Founder Digital Marketing Skills Institute], Mrs Yetunde Aina [CEO of Jadeas Trust], Mr Lanre Basamta [Group Head, Mobile Financial Services, Interswitch Group], Mr Lanre Adisa [CEO Noah’s Ark Communications].

We also had in attendance, Prince & Mrs Adefulu, Ms Lerato Lekena-Okoro [Real Estate Advisor], Mr Oluwaseyi Adegoke-Adeyemo (Vice-Chair, Events committee) of Nigerian-Britain Association [NBA], Mrs Eyiyemi Olivia [Compere, OAP & Dress maker], and Mrs Nnena Fakoya-Smith [Tourism Promoter & Visibility Coach].

Representatives of Access Bank and W-Community – Mrs Abiodun Olubitan [Group Head, Women Banking team at Access Bank Plc], Noah’s Ark, Inside Watch Africa, Cybertron Ads, Pride magazine, Jordan FM, Exquisite magazine, Arise Television were present to cover the event and of course, the reason for the event, the 45 nominees for the 15 different categories, their guests and a host of others.

The 3-phased event: The Creatives Connect, Exhibitions [and shopping for attendees] and The ACE Awards Dinner which garnered a lot of attention pulled a crowd of 1,000 Attendees, 20 Exhibitors, 15 Awardees and over 2million Social Media Reach just for the event.

Creatives Connect & Exhibition 2021

Everyone was held spellbound as the hosts for each event expertly took us on a journey of fun, intrigue and surprises.

For the creatives connect & Exhibitions, we had experts address attendees, business support basket raffle, exhibitors from different industries display their beautiful and unique items, while shoppers eagerly shopped to their satisfaction. And of course, connecting, conversing, networking, and item 7. It was fun, enlightening and everyone left with smiles on their faces.

Exhibitions is ongoing - ACE Awards 2021
Shoppers buying at the Exhibition

The ACE awards dinner, which was themed: A touch of Africa, was a spectacular one. With everyone glammed up as they sauntered in, making their way to their seats, ready to be thrilled and entertained. The entertainment was nothing short of mesmerizing. There were musical performances by Blue Note – The Saxophonist, spoken poetry by Ms Shola Amaraibi and a host of others. Roars of applause filled the air as the winners were called and endless speeches and pictures ensued – as it should.


Spoken words @ ACE Awards 2021
Spoken Words by Shola Amaraibi
Music @ ACE AWARDS 2021
musical performances by Blue Note – The Saxophonist
ACE Awards 2021 Winners
See the full list below:
  • Best Indigenous Textile Designer – Afrikstabel
  • Best Beauty Brand – Jaga Beauty
  • Best Fashion Brand (Clothing, Shoes) – Aspen
  • Best Startup of the Year – Just Journal
  • Best Accessories Brand (Jewelry, Bags) – AABOUX
  • Best Eco-friendly Product Innovation – Trash2Wealth
  • Best Innovative Product of the Year – Clay world by Marienne
  • Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years) – Raule Royal
  • Best Food Produce Innovation – Klay Foods
  • Best Creative Child Entrepreneur – Zees Shea Hub
  • Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year – Solar Sister
  • Best Creative Children’s Brand – 9ijakids
  • Best Arts & Crafts Person – Hooked by Lade
  • Best Home & Lifestyle Brand – Yasmin Crafts
  • Best emerging African Brand – Kua Designs

See their pitch videos at ACE Winners 2021 – ACE Awards Africa

Winners - ACE Awards 2021 Official Post Event Press Release
Winners of the ACE Awards 2021 alongside Mr & Mrs Asehinde

Mrs Bukky Asehinde, Founder of Bellafricana and the ACE Awards initiative, gave a compelling and heartfelt speech. Speaking on the journey thus far and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Bukky Asehinde - ACE AWARDS 2021
Mrs Bukky Asehinde, Founder of Bellafricana and the ACE Awards initiative

What is arguably the best part of the evening, was the surprise announcement from the Executive Director of NEPC & President ECOWAS TPO Network, Mr Olusegun Awolowo, who awarded the winners the Export Expansion Facility Programme [EEFP] Grant. An unexpected but wonderful gift, that got the room erupting in applause, shouts of joy and a few tears shed. He did not stop there. He then proceeded to call on stage the Founder of Bellafricana – Mrs Bukky Asehinde, in what seemed to be commending all her efforts and this initiative, he then, right there, inducted her as the Zero Oil Ambassador for Nigeria. It was nothing short of a night filled with wonder.

Inducting Mrs. Bukky an Ambassador at the ACE Awards 2021
Mr. Olusegun Awolowo & Mrs. Bukky Asehinde

Newly inducted Ambassador

With this riveting third edition, Bellafricana’s African Creative Exhibition and Awards continue to be the most prestigious gathering of Enterprising Creative Afrocentric Brands in Nigeria (Africa). This leaves us looking forward to the next edition of the ACE Awards.


Head on to @ace_awards to see more pictures from the event. Until next time, be good and be safe!

6 Business Lessons Business Owners Learn From Crocs

Business lessons from Crocs


The shoe above must look very familiar.

It is called the “Clogs” by Crocs. The design is modeled after a crocodile. The company was started in 2002 and the shoes were initially made for boating use.

The company has had a roller coaster movement in the past decade and there is so much we can learn from them.


Stick around, and let’s explore them!

In 2008, investors wrote the company off as a passing fad. Crocs lost over 185 million dollars within this time.

However, after a decade, they were able to bounce back and sell over 700 million shoes. What lessson can we learn from this?

Lesson 1:

Always stay true to your dream. Never give up, crisis are temporary.



Crocs were able to infuse their shoes into fashion shows/runways.

This drove huge acceptance for the product, which was formerly one of the most hated shoes.

Lesson 2:

Look for new channels to create acceptance for your products


bieber_crocs_05Crocs created limited editions in partnership with celebrities/top brands like Post Malone, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber,etc.

They also invested heavily in influencer marketing.

Lesson 3:


Partnerships always create more exposure and sales opportunities. No matter how good your product is, if you don’t make noise about it, no one will.

Crocs contextualized their product as consumer preferences varied. They manufactured clogs with different colours, designs and shapes.

Lesson 4:

It is always good to listen to the true wants of customers and re-adjust your products as their needs evolve.



Get Full Case Study and more, on the Bellafricana Membership Platform.

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The Bellafricana Official Launch Party | New Membership Platform Unveiled

Hi There! Did you hear about the Bellafricana Official Launch Party? The one where we unveiled the membership platform? Yes, on May 11, we hosted a virtual party. And like the previous one (the creatives’virtual meetup), it was so much fun.

It was basically a reunion of people who have supported the Bellafricana vision to impact creatives across Africa! We had a turnout of over Hundred participants altogether at the Party. Mentors and friends of the brand (even past the shores of Africa) were in attendance as well.

The evening was a fun one, with our DJ giving us some cool music to vibe to. Beatrice Miangogo, the compere for the evening did an amazing job as the program glided so smoothly till the end.

What was the highlight of the evening? The official Launch of the membership platform! Let me quickly walk you through:

1. We started with a countdown video

We had everyone unmute their Mics and countdown in Unison from 10 down to 1, after which we unveiled the platform. It was such Watch it here:

2. After unveiling the video, we also shared an explainer video that broke down what the platform was about.

Watch video here:

The membership platform is tout to bring a solution to the lack of resources that creative business owners have today

In this platform, you’ll find expert-led masterclasses, a wide variety of tools, Directories (of Creative brands, Suppliers, Retailers, Wholesalers, and Associations). See what I’m talking about below:


Welcome Page
Welcome Page


Webinar with Chioma Ogbudimkpa
Masterclass Recordings: Watch Expert-led sessions


Bellafricana Directories
Bellafricana Directories: Access Suppliers, Associations, Wholesalers, etc


TOOLS PAGE for bellafricana membership platform


Can you see how rich this platform is? The best part is that this learning is self-paced, and you can learn at your convenience. Another interesting feature of this platform? Let me show you:

Business stage for Bellafricana Members

So you don’t get too overwhelmed with information, once you log on to the dashboard, you can find information based on your business stage.

Are you in:

The starter stage: You are in this category if you haven’t generated up-to 6-figures in profit yet or not gotten up to 50 customers.

The Scaler stage: You are in this category if you have generated over 6-figures in profit but not up to 7-figures. Your customer base is not up to 100 customers yet.

The Player stage: You are in this category if you have generated over 7-figures in profit and have gotten over 100 customers.

Now, once you’ve identified your business stage, you will then be guided to the list of information that you will be needing to scale your business.

We have already received mind-blowing feedback from users about how wonderful the user-experience is. You can also enjoy these benefits and more a member of the Bellafricana community.

Why not click on the link below:

You can also check out the affordable pricing for subscription on this platform:

If you have further enquiries, don’t hestate to reach out to me on 08086363970 or reply this post.

Kenyan Company Green Nettle Textile won a major fashion award for making fabric from nettles

Organic fibers made from nettles has bagged a Kenyan company one of the world’s top sustainable fashion prizes.

Green Nettle Textile was this year awarded almost $170,000 as part of the $1.1 million Global Change Award, a fashion innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation in collaboration with management consulting firm Accenture and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Described by some as the Nobel Prize for sustainable fashion, the award seeks to disrupt the fashion industry by choosing early stage ideas and incubating them towards the goal of an environmentally-conscious, circular fashion instead of a wasteful, linear model.

This year, the competition received 6,640 entries from 182 countries, with a tremendous increase in entrances from emerging markets. Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa were among the top 10 nations that submitted entries for the award.

Green Nettle won the award along with four other firms that made expanding children’s clothes (United Kingdom), a biodegradable vegan leather (Peru), a digital system that helps make garments recyclable from sketch to scrap (Germany) besides a toxic-free membrane for outdoor wear (Switzerland). Besides financial support, the winners will also get access to a mentorship program that will take them to markets including Sweden, Hong Kong, and the United States.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”zsUfKXHienc” description=”off” effects=”video_box=ytef-grow”]

Using nettles in producing fabric was astute given that the plant grows in Kenya and is used for nutritional and medicinal purposes. After the Kenya Bureau of Standards certified the plant in 2009, farmers in Kenya started betting on its newfound commercial capabilities. Green Nettle Textile is now proving an extension of that dynamism, hoping to grow the stinging plant in barren areas to make an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional fabric and create income for farmers.

As clothes become cheaper and more disposable, the fashion industry has explored how to create clothes for rapidly growing populations while protecting the planet. The overproduction and overconsumption of fast fashion have especially come under criticism—including how eco-friendly is clothing from the chief GCA award sponsor H&M. There have also been concerns about how much energy and water clothing production consumes, besides how much industrial waste factories release into oceans, rivers and natural habitats. Environmental groups like Greenpeace have, for instance, advocated for companies to change their customers’ mindsets and to design clothes for long life.

In Africa, where there’s a nascent manufacturing and fashion industry, local designers are not just challenging reductive ideas of what makes up “African” fashion but also where to source materials from. Last year, Rwanda raised tariffs on used clothing and footwear from the US as it positions itself to become a significant exporter of clothes. Yet funding has proved critical for these designers and manufacturers, an issue creative funds like HEVA want to change.

To further support companies like Green Nettle, H&M Foundation this year partnered with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to not only get more people to back the winners but also raise awareness about sustainable fashion worldwide.

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