The Cost Of Shipping To Nigeria Is One Reason To Buy Made In Nigeria


Shipping goods to Nigeria by sea from the United States can leave a big hole in your pocket.

Analysis on overseas cargo and freight costs by MoverDB, an online resource for international shipping, shows that the cost of shipping both 20-foot and 40-foot containers to Lagos ports from New York is the most expensive globally. The report covers the shipping costs from New York and Los Angeles to 47 port cities globally.

The high costs of shipping to Nigeria do not correlate with distance. For instance, shipping from New York to Nigeria is nearly double the cost of shipping to South Africa even though Nigeria is closer, by nautical miles, to New York compared to South Africa.

Below is MoverDB’s shipping price report.

Port city 20-foot container (from New York) 40-foot container (from New York)
Zayed (United Arab Emirates) $1,723 $2,572
Haifa (Israel) 1729 2581
Montevideo (Uruguay) 1816 2711
Beirut (Lebanon) 1943 2900
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 1993 2975
Cape Town (South Africa) 2542 3795
Auckland (New Zealand) 2645 3949
Sydney (Australia) 2797 4175
Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 3086 4606
Apapa, Lagos (Nigeria) 4982 7436

My question now is, why go through the stress of importing clothes, shoes, bags, etc from the US and pay such huge amounts of money to take the same goods from the port to your house?

The Nigerian manufacturing industry is thriving and Nigerians are creating unique high quality clothes, shoes, accessories, home furniture and so much more! The best part is, the cost of delivery of these items is very pocket friendly.

I believe that if we all focus inwards, rather than look outwards, we will grow stronger than we already are, our industries will thrive, and most of all, our people will be richer!

I am challenging you to support an Afrocentric brand today. Come to think of it, depending on where you are in Nigeria, delivery costs may be about three thousand Naira only (₦3,000) compare that to the cost of importing a US manufactured product.

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