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The Cost Of Shipping To Nigeria Is One Reason To Buy Made In Nigeria

Shipping goods to Nigeria by sea from the United States can leave a big hole in your pocket.

Analysis on overseas cargo and freight costs by MoverDB, an online resource for international shipping, shows that the cost of shipping (more…)

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Resource Library | How To Create Instagram Story Highlights

Ready to take your Instagram aesthetic to the next level? Creating your own Instagram Stories Highlights covers is a great way to keep your Instagram profile on brand.
Instagram Stories Highlights are an awesome way to share important information about your brand directly on your Instagram profile.

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Bellafricana At The French Spring Bazaar Lagos

The French Spring Bazaar charity sale held on the 21st of May at Total Staff Club, 28B Rumens Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria from 10 am till 4pm. Some Bellafricana verified brands and other creative brands were present to showcase their beautiful Afrocentric products. We saved you some pictures. 


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