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Fashion Tips For Women

I believe you have heard the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' and you probably believed it. Well, that's

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How To Be Stylish On A Budget: A Guide For Women

Everyone loves being around good looking women, and every lady tries her best to always look good. The hair on flick, perfect match of colors, nice shoes, a bag to complement and her alluring, slow, long strides. Perfect! (more…)

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How To Still Stay Stylish On A Budget: Men's Fashion

We always want to look trendy but at times our budget and sense of style do not add up. I would be showcasing some form of men’s fashion guide that has worked for me over the years. Enjoy!

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Want To Look Like Royalty? Get These Glam Fascinators

Funny thing is, I never really knew its name till a few minutes ago while describing it to my colleague. Fascinators!!

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African Print And The Work-Place Fashion Wahala

African print materials are quite distinct and beautiful in its sense. And why we Africans seem to be so in love with it the formal corporate wears than the creators is quite interesting.
I have always wondered who invented the corporate dressing rule to offices. And the need to compulsorily put on a jacket and tie even when under the hot sun all in the name of being corporately dressed.
Oh my!
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From Our Backyards To The World Stage, "African" Tie Dye

Tie Dye, thought to be an African originated fabric was actually discovered at about 6,000 plus years ago in distant Asia. Most African kids at one point of their curriculum would have come across the tie-dyeing class, and honestly it was not my favorite, but I could not resist the outcome of my little experiment…Splendid! (more…)

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