Want To Look Like Royalty? Get These Glam Fascinators


Funny thing is, I never really knew its name till a few minutes ago while describing it to my colleague. Fascinators!!

I became conversant with hats while growing up thanks to my church. Most women in African, and black American churches had really given me a numb, dull feeling towards them. Mostly on Sunday mornings, the elderly ladies always on point with these monochrome colour of bright purple or wine skirt and blouse, with a mostly black hat to match sitting like a crown above their heads.
Not up until I recently saw the beauty in these revamped accessories at the most recent ‘Royal Wedding’, involving Prince Harry And the popular actress Meghan Markle. It was to me, as if these revamped hats (fascinators) were a compulsory dress code to honor the day.

There were different types of colorful and stylish, but yet simple fashion that overwhelmed the world on that day. These beauties put the world on a stand-still-moment and instantly became a new rave. These royalties and dignitaries, not only walked gracefully but also conducted themselves orderly to the applause of viewers like myself.


Fascinators are the new school of hats at the top of the chart. And Chrsitines Atelier is a go-to brand for these. Check out her instagram page and make sure you patronize her today christinesatelier

Want to look like royalty at any social function, get one for yourself and see you circle change.

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