From Our Backyards To The World Stage, "African" Tie Dye


Tie Dye, thought to be an African originated fabric was actually discovered at about 6,000 plus years ago in distant Asia. Most African kids at one point of their curriculum would have come across the tie-dyeing class, and honestly it was not my favorite, but I could not resist the outcome of my little experiment…Splendid!

History has it that tie-dye actually existed back then as Shibori, a Japanese term that describes a wide variety of resist-dyeing techniques, which have been utilized by different cultures till date. Most often concluded to be an indigenous design by particular ethnic groups, is actually a way artist used to express themselves and cultures. This practice has also been existent in western Africa; Ghana, Gambia, northern Nigeria (Kano, Sokoto) etc.


Seen then as a cloth of the elderly (60’s and 70’s), or something drab we wear for family functions, tie-dye is now vast becoming a global trend being uniquely styled worldwide. Not just by Africans, but also being embraced by westerners, foreign designers and celebrities alike globally.
Michelle Obama

Courtesy AdireLounge

Most often known as “adire” in the modern society, it’s a design that involves tying in knots a material like the name implies, and dyeing with different chosen colors. These materials are then soaked for some time to absorb the dye, rinsed sightly and then sun dried. These artists have however mastered the art of expressing themselves through this mechanism, and hence thanks to globalization the world has become a runway to showcase these artistic materials.
Courtesy Melia by Jade

Courtesy Melia by Jade

Courtesy Melissa by Jade

Courtesy Melia by Jade

Join the train and do not be left behind, tie dye is being revamped not only in terms of clothing, but also as accessories and as far as your creativity can explore. It’s also become a means by which Africans in diaspora use to associate themselves with their motherland.

Courtesy Melia by Jade

To aid you out in your search for creative African Tie Dye fabrics, we have gone through a quality and rigorous process to offer you one of the very best from amongst our Bellafricana Verified Members Adirelounge , or MeliabyJade because only the best is good enough for you.
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