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Top 12 Clothing Brands You Should Definitely Follow On Instagram

Clothes! does anyone ever have enough clothes? In-fact if you are anything like me, you probably have three large boxes, and you always never have anything to wear to work, or school, or church or even to go out and get ice cream. (more…)

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The Bellafricana Verified Tribe | Jadesola Rawa

Jadesola Rawa is a beautiful, hardworking and tenacious woman. She is the founder of ready-to-wear Afrocentric fashion brand, Melia by Jade. (more…)

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From Our Backyards To The World Stage, "African" Tie Dye

Tie Dye, thought to be an African originated fabric was actually discovered at about 6,000 plus years ago in distant Asia. Most African kids at one point of their curriculum would have come across the tie-dyeing class, and honestly it was not my favorite, but I could not resist the outcome of my little experiment…Splendid! (more…)

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Meet the Founder of Melia by Jade | Exclusive Interview

Melia by Jade is making great strides in the fashion industry in Nigeria. One of those brands that you just want to keep stocking in your closet and never get tired. Founded by a beautiful, hardworking and tenacious woman by the name Jadesola Rawa. Let’s meet her…

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