Top 12 Clothing Brands You Should Definitely Follow On Instagram


Clothes! does anyone ever have enough clothes? In-fact if you are anything like me, you probably have three large boxes, and you always never have anything to wear to work, or school, or church or even to go out and get ice cream.

Don’t worry, you shouldn’t feel bad for yourself, because you are not alone in this. There’s me, and a long line of people, even celebrities too.

Speaking about celebrities, do you know that you too can slay like a celebrity on a good day? You do not have to be a famous On-Air-Personality to dress like you won a private jet. lol.

If you decide to keep on reading (which I hope you would) you will find a list of Uber amazing brands that produce quality apparel, that are very pocket friendly and stylish too.

1. Maison Loulabelle.

Maison Loulabelle is a children’s wear brand located in Abuja Nigeria. Maison Loulabelle not only makes children’s wear, but also creates timeless pieces fit for royals. Check them out on Instagram @maison_loulabelle

2. EONL.

Whatever your size, shape or structure, EONL has what you need to make that body pop! EONL creates pieced for the discerning African Woman, and helps to boost their confidence. @eo_nl

3. Adire Lounge   

Adire lounge creates beautiful hand dyed fabrics which are used by designers to create beautiful pieces of clothing that appeals to a wide audience. Adire lounge also boasts of a collection of scarves, t-shirts, dresses and lots more. Follow Adire Lounge on Instagram @adirelounge

4. Blingshiki 

Anywhere I see a Blingshiki piece I would always recognize it. Even in the dark. lol yes I’m badass like that. Blingshiki creates unique but versatile pieces, with rhinestone embellishments, distinguishing them from any other piece on the rack. Check out more on their Instagram page here @blingshiki 

5. Neematai

Neematai creates 100% silk scarves handmade, with customized indigenous prints. If you are a fashionista, then you definitely know how one scarf can switch up your whole look in less than a minute. If you are not a fashionista, then you should try adding a scarf to your outfit. Maybe as a necktie, or a snood, or maybe as a belt. Just go with the flow. Connect with Neematai on Instagram @neematai

6. Mmabon T-Shirts

I like to describe Mmabon as the customized clothing haven. With Mmabon, you can add a personal touch to almost anything. The best part is, you can also get your designs made for you in bulk. Follow Mmabon on Instagram @mmabontshirts

7. Mimiremi Textiles

Mimiremi uses fabrics as a canvas to express her love for art. This is amazing because, every fabric feels different and unique. They make you feel royal. Mimiremi also has a collection of colorful handpainted T-shirts, that tell stories of various parts of Africa. Check out some amazing designs on Instagram @mimiremitextiles

8. Always Me By Anne Li

My favorite Always Me pieces are the customized Onsies made for the little babies. They let you get creative with your kids outfits and make it as personalized as you want it to be. You can check them out on Instagram @alwaysmebyanneli

9. Afrikoncept

Just like the name, Afrikoncept helps you add a touch of Africa to every outfit. You should really see their baseball hats, and hoodies, and t-shirts etc. Check them out on Instagram here @afrikoncept 

10. R1Sixteen 

R1Sixteen creates timeless pieces with affirmations and scriptures. With R1Sixteen, you wear the word. You like a walking bible of some sort. I think you should check them out on Instagram here @r1sixteen

11. Melia By Jade 

Melia by Jade creates wearable art pieces, using Adire and Ankara fabrics. Her Nadu skirt is always a vibe anytime any day. The versatility of Melia pieces is just top notch. You definitely get value for your money. Check out Melia by Jade on Instagram @meliabyjade

12. Deere Lifestyle  

If you want to show up with your kids looking like Bosses, then you really need to be wearing Deere Lifestyle. They have a way of combining the most unconventional fabrics and making them into something amazing. Connect with Deere Lifestyle on Instagram @deerelifestyle


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