How To Still Stay Stylish On A Budget: Men's Fashion


We always want to look trendy but at times our budget and sense of style do not add up. I would be showcasing some form of men’s fashion guide that has worked for me over the years. Enjoy!

Define your style
Discovering your style is a ‘light bulb’ moment for every guy, most especially your wardrobe. It doesn’t just depend on your personal taste in fabric, but also a combination of your professional necessity.
Find a way to incorporate your personal style to align with your your day-to-day activities and this would really help to decide what type of clothes you stock your wardrobe with.

Look Out For Clothes That Can Be Easily Adjusted
At times you see clothes that are really really good, and we sometimes wait to grow into it, or shed some weight to fit into it. This ought not be a problem, as we should always have a go-to tailor to help us amend these. But what happens when you get a nice blazer that just doesn’t fit? or how do you extend the length of that bright cozy shirt?
In other to avoid this and save you both stress and time, when getting clothes do get clothes that can be easily adjusted.

Build Your Own Look
This solves all puzzles perfectly, dotting the ‘i’ and crossing the ‘t’. When you brand yourself, it helps you even become a men’s fashion guide in the physical that people look up to. Forget about the trends, our acquiring the latest designers for once and focus on what kind of look you want to portray.
In deciding this, it’s also best to pick that outfit you’re most comfortable in that still keeps you looking decent wherever.

Invest In Timeless Pieces
When shopping go all out to get those rare but forever-ever-after pieces. It could be a shoe, belt, shirt, pants or whatever may be your taste in style. Be futuristic in shopping, don’t join the band wagon try standing out.
Shop With A Friend
Well… ‘two heads are better than one’ a saying goes, and when it comes to shopping especially men’s fashion it is vital. Some clothes you feel would be nice on you, and might be cajoled by the shop keeper to buy might not just be the best fit for you, and that equals money wasted.
A good friend who tags along with you would be able to help you make the best choice for you, and i’m talking from personal experience too. You can also check out our instagram page for some classy but affordable brands bellafricana
Always remember though to look inwards (into your wardrobe) before heading out to shop. When shopping try to get clothing or accessory that can be combined with multiple items within your closet.
Follow these steps and you would do yourself a lot of good 😉

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