No Fabric, Zero Stress


No fabric on a weekend could give you zero reasons to be happy, and a lot of reasons to be stressed out especially in African countries. It would also seem like a horror movie to African ladies without having the fabric needed for an event.

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So it’s the weekend and the next thing that pops up in our minds are mostly; weddings, “owambe’s” and the likes, centered more around the ladies is how they need to slay and belong in their beautifully styled attires (things that happen in Africa). For those who have no where to go, we meander our way online and feed our eyes off different social happenings while munching, and getting sucked up into the different variety of wedding hashtags and pictures (ranging from the good, the bad and the ugly).

Meanwhile two weeks to a month before the wedding, you realized that the fabric you got is not appropriate for the style you want, or you maybe did not have the leisure of spending so much for the fabric. Hmmmn!! Here comes the stress, anxiety disorder, and a whole lot of worry.

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And for those who have weddings to attend, we start calling up our tailor’s if they are yet to deliver (typical of Nigerian/African tailors) or start getting ready and calling our entourage of ladies. As for the guys (no fabric is zero worry) they got little or nothing to worry about thanks to the all white/black fabric like a super hero that keeps saving the day “#YorubaDemons”.

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You get the drift yeah? So right now we would be going through a couple of ideas that could still help you look good, and be on your “A-game”, hence “no fabric, no stress”. Before we consider how to style or mix fabrics. we need to discover for ourselves and ask this vital question. Also note, regardless of being African or not, this cuts across everyone, when it comes to the African fabric. (Just to inform you; that you can get quality fabric or materials on at the best prizes too in Nigeria, Africa or diaspora)
What defines my style, trend or comfort? Honestly answering this question would help you realize a stress free way to go about it and own that day in your own way with zero problems.

  • For those of us who always like to look corporate, with about half or a quarter piece of the fabric, you can always mix-match with another piece of left-over fabric, or a plain material that goes with the fabric that we have. As seen below, you see the fabric sewn with a plain material for the ladies, and as a tie and pocket square  for the guys.

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  • Lets assume you already were able to sew a skirt or blouse with the fabric. No stress, like we do for our work clothes when color blocking, pick out a complementary or off color that boldly makes you glow.

  • For the African men, just wear a completely already sewn different fabric , and wrap around your neck the given fabric like a  scarve and viola!

  • As we can see below, feel free to play around with colors and patterns.

  • Or in the spirit of “wakanda” (Ze strength of Ze Black Panther shall now be stripped away) LOL!, add an additional material to that which you already have and make a big coat/suit out of it with complementary pants to match, thank me later.

(Photo credit,, @akinfaminu instagram)
So you see, we are Africans, we are creatives, no fabric, no cause for alarm or anxiety. Do you like this collection? Do you have other suggestions?, let me know your thoughts.
Don’t forget to go to our online store at to get an amazing selection of these cool fabrics, and innovate your own style.

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