Ever Thought About The Gender Roles In High Class Fashion?


Ever stopped to ponder on why it seems befitting for men to wear trousers? or ladies skirts and blouse? Gender roles. How about, why carrying your hair/walking in a particular fashion is seen as more suitable to a particular sex than the other? Then I can say, that you and I both reason alike.

Tradition, culture and people’s personal beliefs have shaped the way we view things and what we see as acceptable. Trying to think from a philosopher’s point of view on why, ‘2+2 = 4’.. would be inaccurate because in the first instance what makes you think that the figure ‘2’ isn’t meant to be called four, and what made it acceptable to be called two in the first place?
This same ideology has been recognized by the fashion industry, and it has been seen that societal standards should not be the determinant of your actions or sense of style. In particular tribes  across Africa we have people wearing traditional attire of both sex, which is seen as androgynous by the outside world but acceptable. This seems to have inspired a wide range of authentic indigenous designs, which have since become a trend in recent years. Gender roles, yes determined by your body anatomy and physical attributes should not defer you from being comfortable in your choice of clothing. 
You would agree with me that some designs our traditional attires make us feel heavy, disturbed and uncomfortable whereas if you were allowed to wear a clothing of the opposite sex tweaked to sooth your body physique and personal taste in style would boost your moral, make you ooze of confidence and enable you to be yourself.

Seeing a lady wearing an agbada or kaftan for example as recent as the 90’s, was seen as awkward and in some places a bad behavior, but more recently is being seen as a ‘headliner’and very trendy. What about men wearing floral prints, tying wrappers or bright colors? We see them do it at events… And guess what, it started from just one person. The point is, your taste in fashion should be determined by your person and sense of style, I would never wear what I am not comfortable with, and I would suggest the same. Gender roles act as a sense of guide, but should not limit you from discovering you.
Talking about tasty, trendy fashion, feast your eyes and feel free to patronize these great brands with their mouth-watering designs. I am also proud to let you know that they are members of the Bellafricana Verified Member tribe.

Images via Blingshiki on instagram (www.blingshiki.com)

Images via JZO fashion on instagram (jzofashion.com)

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