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EONL's New Work Wear Collection Is Definitely A Stunner

Make way! Eyiyemi Olivia Nigeria Limited (EONL) is coming through with some banging work wear pieces for our

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Ever Thought About The Gender Roles In High Class Fashion?

Ever stopped to ponder on why it seems befitting for men to wear trousers? or ladies skirts and blouse? Gender roles. How about, why carrying your hair/walking in a particular fashion is seen as more suitable to a particular sex than the other? Then I can say, that you and I both reason alike.

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The Bellafricana Verified Tribe | Stella Essi Byll Duncan

Stella Byll is simple and elegant with a bias for the African sense of dressing. Her style is typically African with a focus on comfort. Stella Byll is the founder of Afrocentric Bespoke clothing brand, Delavi Couture. (more…)

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