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Stella Byll is simple and elegant with a bias for the African sense of dressing. Her style is typically African with a focus on comfort. Stella Byll is the founder of Afrocentric Bespoke clothing brand, Delavi Couture.
Stella Byll is Togolese by birth and a Nigerian by marriage. Her marriage is blessed with two amazing children, and an even more amazing husband.

Stella studied textile marketing at  Selford College of Technology in Manchester and did her  MBA degree at the University of Liverpool. She has been into  fashion designing since she was about 17. However, she decide to take a more grounded stance in the fashion industry in the year 1990, after 10 years of paid employment. She loved how African fabrics add so much color to a person’s look, and she decided to make beautiful pieces using African Fabrics.
Asides making elegant fashion pieces, Stella loves to swim, excercise every morning, spend time at the conservation park and at the beach. Although she spends most of her day working, she does know how to relax and live life fully.

Her brand Delavi Couture is particular about using fabrics that are 100% sourced in Nigeria. Some fabrics she uses include, Kente, Aso oke and  beautiful prints from Togo and  Benin Republic as well as  Batik from  Ghana and wax prints from Nigeria.
With Delavi Couture, you can find items for every body type or shape, as she makes pieces for Men, Women, and even Children. Delavi Couture as a brand has been in existence since the year 1995, and has since been catering to the fashion needs of individuals who are unapologetically African, helping them express their style in the most African way possible.
Here are a few products from Delavi Couture.


You can connect with Delavi Couture on instagram via @delavi_couture  or by email [email protected]
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